I have moved some fruit bushes from my late fathers garden and transplanted to my own the following day. I think gooseberry and raspberry and blackcurrant from what I can remember. I cut them back to about 4 feet. Do you think they will survive as I am unsure how much of the root I … read more

I get a small crop of blackcurrants by removing the big buds now. Is there any cure other than destroying the plants ?

When is the best time to move blackcurrant and raspberry bush they are too close together?

I have gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes which have grown out. Can I cut them both back to the stump now and will this kill them?

My blackcurrant bushes are looking very sick. The leaves have been discolouring and dying off for some weeks, and some fruiting shoots are now dead. The bushes cropped reasonably well, but they’re under attack from something. The question is, what?

I’ve inherited some blackcurrant bushes which had a very poor yield this year. The branches are 5-6 feet long & very mature. How do I get control of the bushes & increase yield & still have a crop next year?

I have 4 Blackcurrant bushes that have yet to produce either flowers or fruit ever. They look extremly healthy!

Blackcurrant bushes are in a bad state with leaves holed and bad colour almost from the start. I bought them at a farmer’s market early in the year and planted them with care. Close by are raspberry bushes which are also showing signs of stress with withered greying leaves already – these are late raspberries. … read more

What Black Currants variety would you recommend for this area?

I would like to know what do i do with blackcurrant bushes after picking fruit ?

ihave black currant bushes growing in 10 liter containers which i intend planting out in authumn they are now berrys on them some of the leaves have a reddish rough blistery effect mostly near the top of the plant also some yellowing of of leaves lower down also some red and white currents show same … read more

I just bought a few bare root fruit bushes that I put into pots. A few of the buds are opening, what should I do? should I put the pots into my garage over winter to protect them? (there is no light)

when should i plant blackcurrants, blueberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, apples, plums and cherries? where is a good place to buy?

My Dad has Blackcurrant bushes which for the third year in succession have flowered and before fruits form they fall to the ground, any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

slugs are eating my blackcurrant buds i dont want to use chemicals what can i do?

My blackcuurant and gooseberry bushes have red spots/spores, (not sure what they are ) all up along the stems. any idea what it might be, and do I need to get rid of them, Its only thier second year in my garden.

I have a well established blackcurrant schrub which has a disease on the leaves. I was told it is “rust” and have started to treat it with a copper treatment which i use every forthnight. My question is, are the fruit safe to eat? long term will it rid the schrub of the disease or … read more