Can I prune or cut back blueberry bushes and a fig tree ? They are getting very untidy.

This plant is about 5ft high and I think it has white bell-shaped flowers in spring but not 100% on that; I hope the photo is evidence enough! It’s also now being squeezed on both sides.

I have two blueberry bushes, same variety, planted in large containers in ericaceous compost. Most of the leaves on both plants have turned yellow and some have gone brown at tips. I was wondering if problem was the windy weather we’d had or could it be soil or watered related?

The flowers on my blueberry plant have all fallen off,will this mean that they will not fruit.

Could you recommend fruit trees to put into an orchard, other than Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, which are already growing?

I bought Bluberry..and later i read that for this plant need acid my area is more lime soil I think ..Will be good to buy bigger pot and plant in acid soil?

I have blueberries in pots. I plan to put them in the ground in november. the soil is ph 6. should i use your polyhene lined trench method? or should i use an acidic mulch? basically i dont want to dig a trench but if it would affect my blueberries i will.

what type of Blueberry do I require to make a hedge between my plots on the allotment, and what Blueberry have the largerst berry.

I think I may have lost a lovely blueberry bush, it may have been damaged by very windy weather in May. it was in full bloom, but alas now looks all shrivelled up. I have other b’berry plants also in containers and they look ok. I water with rain water.If I cut off the damaged … read more

how can i make a bed suitable for the above?

Thanks for your very prompt reply. …You say to plant in polythene lined trench 30cm deep. What diameter of hole if i am digging separate holes for my three plants…I have three holes dug already over 20inches diameter and well over 30 cm deep…. .Would Tippland Irish Mosspeat do on its own or would i … read more

You advise people in limey areas to plant bluberries in polythene lined trenches. Can you spell this out a bit more eg size width and depth and material to use. I have composted a lot of Leylandi clippings could i use this compost. Do i need to line the bottom of the trench as well … read more