My Dahlias and Rudbeckia have all been knocked to the ground. I will have to cut them all back now as I would have done after 1st frost. Will this have adverse effect on next year’s blooms. Also should I lift and store the dahlia tubers now or leave them until frost arrives?. I’m sure … read more

When should i divide my enormous clump of crocosmia lucifer which has finished flowering?

I unknowingly put in spreading/creeping bamboo into my garden. I now want to completely eradicate it! Last spring I removed it but it came back . I then used round up, the old strong stuff. It killed the leaves but not the roots and now I have more regrowth again. Through this soil there are … read more

This is the plant I’m trying to identify

Should I cut day lilies back after they flower?

I have a peony rose in my garden for a good few years and it always flowered until last year and this year when I had plenty of leaves but no flowers what is the reason for this I include photo.

I downsized to a smaller house 4 years ago. My garden is a raised bed going fully around end house. One side just gets morning sun. Other side then gets sun later in day, I am so disappointed this year. All my clematis have wilted and gone rotten. I seem to have no colour.. Can … read more

Is it possible to transplant foxgloves into my hedge row? It would be similar environment. They are just starting to lose their flowers now. The same applies for some beautiful ferns and primroses?

Foxglove not looking too good, but I can’t find what’s eating it. Anything I can do now to improve things?

I put quite a lot of unidentified plants in my garden and while doing a bit of weeding today I found this plant. Can you tell me what it is please?

I had a new tree fern planted in January. Unfortunately I was away for 2 weeks during recent dry spell & all the ferns wilted! I have watered well & new ferns are growing Should I cut away old ferns & should I feed now?

How should i be watering my peonies now they are starting to flower?

Please could you help me identify this seedling.. The pot’s label lost its print !! Jane,

I appreciate if you could let me know as what kind of flowers is possible to grow in Dublin/Ireland?I am looking to grow more exotic flowers such as Gladiola, birds of Paradise, Calla Lilly, Lilly of the valley rather than the more common one in Ireland I have no experience in Gardening or growing flowers … read more

Crocosmia has taken over my garden. Pulling up the bulbs seems to encourage it. Has it become another invasive species in the west of Ireland? What”s the best way to get rid of it? I use old carpets to smother weeds but would need acres of it to get rid of this pest.

I live in mid Kerry. I have a huge Gunnera manicata in my garden. It soaks up a lot of moisture and is an ‘architectural’ feature. However I spotted two samples growing in a neighbour’s drain last year. I have removed the seedheads from my specimen this year. I’M WONDERING SHOULD I remove my plant … read more

I have peonies growing in pots and they make buds however then they dont flower just wondering whether its insufficient feed or something else?

I left dahlias in ground this winter, covered with bark. I can see they are still there but when will they start to sprout. In Mayo.

I bought Emerutus Brutus (fox Lily) and planted them in October but I have three left over which I didn’t get to plant yet.Can I plant them now or not? Thanks Gerry

Moved into new house about two years ago….,the attached plant was growing vigorously in the border,can you identify please ?see image attached . Large leaves / no flower … Is it a weed?

What is wrong with this bamboo the leaves have fallen off and it just doesn’t look like it is doing to well

I want to move a large clump of helleborus, the Lenten rose, which is currently in bloom. I am getting conflicting information on when best to do this.Could you advise please?

I have a raised flower bed, backed by a high wall. Its about 12ft long and would be in a South facing garden, it would be located to the South East. The sun would hit that section of the garden from about 1pm until 5pm.I want to plant it up with colours and some trailing … read more

When should Turtlehead be planted?

I have an agapanthus in fat bud for the last month! Is this unusual.

I have a one year old garden that has grown tremendously. Is it too late to prune back the lavender, cone flowers, jasmine etc. or should I wait to the spring? I live in Sutton, Dublin so we don’t get so much frost.

Here in Kildare my Dahlias and Rudbeckias are still flowering away abundantly. I’m just wondering when I should cut them down and take them undercover given how mild it has been this Autumn.

I have an Euphorbia amy. Purpurea planted April 2014 and am unsure what to do. I’m told it should be cut to ground level now but it looks so good now. However I did not cut it last year and it did not look good earlier on. Also should I divide it next spring?

Can you tell me what this plant is and how do I thin out? When is best time to thin out?

I transplanted Arum lilies 7 years ago and they flowered OK. In recent years they have flowered less and less and this year only a few flowers. Plenty of green leaves. They are in a south-facing, slightly slopping bed with clay soil. What can be done and what are the ideal conditions for Arum lilies?

can I leave Geranium , dahlia , Japanese laural, and camellia bonovana plants outside in pots in winter , if not until what month they can keep outside , if I bring them inside room temp is 19-20degree Celcius. Will that be ok for them or bring them in shed where there is no heating.

My hollyhocks are doing well this year. This is their first year. When they finish flowering, how will I deal with them during the winter? will I cut them to the butt and cover them up?

Campanula “Elizabeth” was recommended in The Irish Garden June 2014 issue. I cannot find it anywhere, perhaps you know of a supplier?

I don’t know what kind of lily if it is lily.

Flowering heads on my dahlias are drooping …not dried out or sickly…just looped over…is there a reason / remedy please.

When is the best time and how do you sow seeds to obtain the best germination success of tropelium speciousm

I recently bought some mint seeds online. I planted them in composted seed trays about a month ago with no sign of life!The package advises to sow in March but would this just be to avoid potential frosts? The variety I bought were ‘Tagetus Minuta Muster John Henry Peruvian Black Mint’ (a bit of a … read more

I have blue and white Canterbury bells they are currently hidden by shrubs would it be ok for me to dig them up and replant them and would they be more suited to a shady part shady or sunny location?

Have ferns in garden that have ticks on them. What can be used to get rid of them from the plants?

I planted bamboo at the end of my back garden 6/7 years ago and am now worried that is seems to be spreading to neighbours sites. if i dug a trench and laid paving slabs on their side would it halt spread or how deep do the roots go.

Can you please identify this plant which I think is found growing along the edge of the road leading into Enniskerry ( from N11 Bray)?

This appeared in my flowerbed. I think from researching it may be Bindweed I am not sure and I would like to make sure before I try to remove it. If it is Bindweed, what is the best way to kill it?

Why are some of the flowers on my Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ going bad before the flower opens? Not all the flowers on the plant are like this, but some are.

I am looking for some genuine advice from an expert. I have new garden and have new grass growing. I have an area at back around 70 foot long were I would like to grow wild flowers, see photo. Looking for advise as tho where I should purchase, what do I have to do to … read more

Would you kindly tell me what’s the name of the plant fro the photo attached

I’ve bought a house with a mature beautiful garden that is over grown. I had to cut back alot of plants/trees and I have a hygranea that has the leaf attached growing kinda on top of it. I actually only noticed today that there were 2 kinds of leaves and that it seems it is … read more

I am not an expert in gardening and I need your help. I have a corner area in my front lawn that is full of weeds, they are now attached to the black landscape fabric sheet underneath and when I try to pull the weeds I tear the fabric, I feel like I’m not getting … read more

I took a snip last summer (pic attached ) and i potted it and it has bloomed but I’ve no idea what it is. Would you have any idea? There are 7 stems with only 1 little flower head.Also should I wait till May to plant out and lastly should I divide it now before … read more

I was pruning yesterday and a stem from one of my plants hit against another one. The sap inside blew out and into my eye resulting in a chemicial burn in my cornea, I have been in the er dept of Beaumont most of the night and in the mater eye clinic today. They have … read more

My front flower bed is shaded and sheltered by a tall hedge. The front yard is north-facing. What can I plant for some colour and coverage that will populate the bed nicely for the summer and maybe next year too? Would a clematis climb up the hedge with very little sun?

Like everyone , my garden is very wet and soggy. I thought I had good colour in a bed I see from kitchen window, but Primula viallii and pasque flower have disappeared. Winter heathers? Perennial wallflowers? Mini daffs doing well. Primulas struggling

I have a Phygelius African Queen I believe. Planted in 2002 by now it has invaded the decking, grass and the rest of the bed, neighbour’s garden. Cutting it comes back stronger and spreading more than ever. I need to remove or eradicate it somehow, but there is a lot of it. Really need your … read more

I have two types of Agapanthus blue and white the White one is growing down to the ground while the blue is upright. They are in a south west facing bed what can I do?

I would be delighted if you could identify this flower please

Can I dig up wild orchids in my garden and move them?

I plan to work on my daughter’s garden this coming weekend, and would like your advice on how to get rid of the moss that has taken over the flower beds. Also what can we do to improve the soil. There is a box hedge surrounding the bed which is doing ok but the plants … read more

I need a ground cover solution for under Dogwood shrubs (large area) as grass and tall weeds are visable even when dogwood is in full flower.

I have a ditch at the end of my garden with whitethorn trees growing along it. The slope of the ditch is very bare (apart from some rocks) and I want to fill the space and add some colour. What are the best types of plants to set in an area like this?

Do you know what kind of weed this is? It is growing near the roots of one of the shrubs in my garden and I am reluctant to put week killer on it in case I damage the shrubs. I have dug it out before and put wood chip down. Any other suggestions would be … read more

I can’t find a supplier of Nymphaea candida (for our small pond) in Ireland: any suggestions please?

Just re-designed garden in formal style, buxus pyramids & balls. Would like to plant slow growing, compact evergreens with colour between. Any suggestions please ?

Every spring my perennials start growing like this. Any advice on cure please?

Can you name this plant? They are sprouting out of the ground in my son’s garden

My wife and I visited your beautiful country, last fall. I took a picture of a plant near the Ring of Kerry and want to know if, you can identify it. See attached photo.

When is the best time to sow foxglove seeds?

Can you please tell me the name of this shrub and any tips on care?

I’m looking for advice on what type of plants I should plant in my border. It’s facing the sea, about 100 meters away! and Easterly in direction, so exposed to all manner of breezes and gales. I am thinking about heather, saxifraga, aubretia at the very edge and at the back some erysimum, hoping to … read more

I have 2 dozen lupins from this year’s seeds, in a cool greenhouse, about 12 inches tall, should I place them outside, or leave them where they are?

Hi Gerry, see enclosed flower yellow and orange Can you let me know if u know the name of it Thanks Francis

Can you tell me what this flower is? It look like a shamrock 3 leaf with yellow flowers. Not sure if it a real flower or a weed

Should a lupin plant which I have had for a number of years have started to sprout by now or is is likely to be dead. There are no shoots visible.

I bought 2 Agapanthus plants at a garden centre 4 years ago and I planted them in garden and had 1 flower on each the 1st year but only had green leaves and no flowers since,could you tell me reason for this and what I should do to get flowers on them as they are … read more

I have a number of Erysimum (Bowles Mauve) plants. Should these be trimmed back to ground level or just pruned and will they grow back again?

I have 2 agapanthus plants growing with 3 years but have no flowers on them, I had 1 flower the first year but nothing since only green leaves,what is the reason for this.

About 3 to 4 years ago I planted Flame Creeper at the base of a Japonica shrub growing against a north facing wall. Thought it would give colour when the Japonica finished flowering. The creeper has now started to spread deep in the soil and I am afraid it is going to ‘take over’. I … read more

Could you please suggest a shrub for a large terracotta container on an elevated exposed site facing west close to the sea in the west of Ireland?

Is Phyllostachys nigra a runner or clumper and what to do with it all brown leaves falling off?

When is the best time to take out the sweet william out of the pots to plant in the ground as this is their 2nd year in pots. the pots are outside my house in Sandymount?

Agapanthus in south facing bed didn’t flower last year – should I put restrict their roots within the bed to encourage flowering?

What is the best tropical plants/trees to use in sheltered sunny garden, taking into account our cold frosty winters?

Are everlasting wallflowers too late to grow from seed for this year? Can’t find them in any of the usual outlets

I am looking for a perennial flowering plant that I can plant in mass that will look good against calamagrostis Karl foreseter. Have used rudbeckia in other parts of garden so do not want to use it again.

My problem is a plant identification. In the attached photo is a small border perennial plant that has continued to survive every winter since I bought it about 4 years ago. I want to get some more, but nobody knows or has seen it before.(Secateurs indicates scale)

Can you please reccomend a container or product that would make it easier for me to create a raised bed around my garden?

A new canna in pot in garden over summer did v well now in cold greenhouse do i cut back ? or just leave dry ?

I have some perennials that were bought for me in the last month but because of a bad back was unable to plant them as yet. Is it too late to plant them now? or could i plant them and give them a good mulch? or should i just cut them back and leave them … read more

I have a Verbascum densiflorum and a friend wants some seeds. I have crumbled some dried flowers from one of the spikes (that grew to about 10 feet!) but I can’t identify anything as a seed. How can I identify the seed or is it possible that there is none?

I sowed hardy perennials in late Sept/early oct. some have germinated and are tightly packed in the pot. I think it is too late to prick them out. Will they survive in my plastic greenhouse? I have each pot in a ziplock freezer bag which is open now, but I can close over the winter. … read more

Can I divide Oriental Poppies and Astilbe now?

I’ve noticed some damage on the leayes of lupins. What could be the problem, i.e. what pests are common to these flowers?

Should I deadhead my jasione as the old flowers look very dull? how far down the stem should i cut?

I am getting rid of a flower bed which has alot of Geranium Endressii in it. I was just wondering if I sprayed them with a weed killer would it kill the roots also as there are too many of them to dig up.

I planted out my Everlasting Sweet Pea earlier this year. At that time I had very little in my new garden. My Verbena was very small then. Since then I have spotted these sweet pea in other gardens and they seem to be very bushy and strong. I am afraid for my Verbena which gives … read more

I got a gift of this beautiful shrub. It hasn’t thrived at all. I started gardening in April of this year. The flowers are beside a beautiful wall of an old walled garden. I am aware that years ago this area had glass houses and in places there may be old foundations. I have cared … read more

This monarda we bought last year was helathy and flowering but seems to be struggling; I’ve given it plenty of water and it’s in a courtyard which gets afternoon sun; anything I can do for it?

I have some poppies growing that I planted, as opposed to wild ones. They have finished flowering now and look a bit straggly. Should I cut back parts of them or should I leave them alone?

I am looking for a plant called the Pride of Maderia (Echium candicans), can I buy some of them from you?

I want to move my agapanthus from the front garden into the rear garden. When is the best time to move them also can I divide them up as they are in a big clump?

I have an Arum Lily that I separated and moved two years ago. Since then it has not flowered but looks quite healthy otherwise. Do you have any suggestions what I could do with it for next year?

Border Plants along a back wall – Lavender, climbing sweet pea & other evergreen climber were thriving but now have stopped growing completely and leaves are eaten (not from edged but more lace like). I had replanted a rhododendron from other end of border closer to the affected side – would this have caused a … read more

I planted everlasting sweetpea seeds in March indoors. Planted them out in early July. Some of them are twelve inches tall attached to some trellis. I am aware that they do not flower the first year but my question is what do I do with them when the frost comes. Do I cut them closer … read more

This lovely plant is growing wild at the bottom of the garden and I’m wondering if I can move it into the garden proper.

this plant suddenly appeared; I think it may have hitch-hiked in on the Stipa it’s right beside. It’s about 3-4 ft tall, with sparse, lance-like leaves. Thank you!

I have two different types of stipa – feathertail and golden oats – can i divide these and when? also do they need feeding and when?

I am interested in growing medicinal herbs and of course ginseng is the holy grail of these. I am aware that the root can only be harvested after 10 years and that it tends to grow naturally in shady woody elevated areas, so my question(s) are can i buy the plant here and would it … read more

Can I divide primulas in August?

Setting up a small wildflower patch in my city garden….thought it was pink cow parsley but might be pink hogweed. Very pretty…should I encourage it in my wildflower garden or get rid of ? How can I be sure it is hogweed ?

i have a large bed full of perennials that as they’ve grown i’ve realised are not in the correct positions i.e. taller ones in the front and colour combinations not working.. when could i take them all out and reposition them? i would also like to divide some of them while i have them out … read more

The second-last plant to identify in this garden, can you help?

We have been growing Hollyhocks for a number of years and they are a sight to behold , however, every year they get this horrible rust on the leaves – starting lower down and moving up, we usually remove the bad leaves, but can you tell us what we should do to get rid of … read more

I have a herbaceous paeonia that does not flower. It is planted in a sunny well drained spot. The leaves are shrivelled with brown spots. Can you advise me please?

can hosta be divided in autumn?

My peony has finished blooming – its early August- and i wonder if it should be tidied up/pruned or should i leave it?

Can you id this plant for me please! I didn’t plant it, but we got top soil from a garden centre last year and presume there was a seed there that’s settled in well! It’s about 4 ft tall now and popping seeds all over the place!

I planted a Phlox paniculata ‘White Admiral’ not so long ago, it looked healthy and started to flower lovely white flowers but then gradually and suddenly the flowers shriveled up and fell off. Some of the leaves also started to get a lot of black spots around their edge. Not all the flowers have died,…yet, … read more

I am in the process of taking cuttings from perennials but am unsure how to care for them during the winter, especially as I live in Carlow which gets just about the coldest weather.

I have a little patch of lawn at the side of my drive that i would love just to grow ground cover plants in. do i need to take up the existing lawn or can i sow the plants on top of it or will the grass just grow up through the plants.

My delphinium flowers are currently dying off and small green shoots are coming out of the fading flowers. It isn’t the most attractive look but I am unsure whether it needs to be left alone or cut back, should i be expecting more flowers?

I’ve collected some seed from geranium/cranesbill plants – how would you recommend I go about getting plants from these: should I sow them now in trays/pods and leave them outside; should I germinate them indoors on a sill; should I hold off and sow them next spring.

I have planted these Heucheras in 3s and it seems that one or two in each group fade away to one or two tiny leaves. Soil is well drained and limey. Have recently fed the garden with good compost. What else can I do to revive them?

We have put a pond in our garden. I want to plant primulas around the pond ,do i need to dig out the soil and line with polythene or just plant them around the pond?

Very excited that I’ve just dug up 4 old tree stumps and removed all old roots in my front garden. I’m putting down some new mixed compost now today. What can I plant at this time of year in terms of flowers or fruits/ veg? and if i want roses when can I do that. … read more

Searching for phlomis russelliana seeds,with no luck,would you know where i can get them from?

I was just wondering if you would be able to identify the plant in the photo attachment. It has been around for years but I could never find out a name for it. At the start of spring it flowers with pink and purple flowers. During the rest of the year the green leaves are … read more

I have prepared a flower bed just at the front of the house, underneath a window. The flower bed’s position can be quite cold. It does get full sun until about 2 0 clock approx but the wind from that easterly north-easterly direction can be very cold. The bed is 7 feet by 18 feet … read more

I have had a hosta for years that is usually a fasbulous, full and healthy plant each year. However this year I noticed the leaves were drooping and the edges of the leaves were a yellow colour. Some of the leaves had holes eaten in them. So I spent days & evenings popping out and … read more

Is it okay to divide and transplant perennials e.g Geranium Johnson Blue/ lady’s mantle etc.during months May/June/July August?

We have recently laid a patio. Along one side is a fence where we have made room for a flower bed. I would like to plant Phyllostachys Aurea – Golden Bamboo. Can you please advise if this is a hardy bamboo, if roots will travel and how far apart should I plant them?

I have 5 free range hens in a town garden. They tend to eat my flowers as I plant them but I still want them to be kept totally loose. Would there be any way I could still have a colourful garden at ground level? Can you recommend any plant they wouldn’t touch?

Fern Tree. After severe winter only one frond has developed into branch. Is it possible that tree will recover fully. I am feeding it with tomato fertiliser.

i would like to enquire if peonies can be split,and if so, when is the best time to do it?

I sowed foxglove seeds last year. They have just flowered within the last few weeks. However the flower at the top of the plant in photo is very different to the other flowers which are thimble-like. Is this an accident of nature ? is it worth saving the seed ?

Tall poker like purple flower with a yellow ring around the top(within the purple). Dark green low set leaves which are very rough to the touch.

I have bamboo planted at the end of my garden border, which I planted 2 years ago when my knowledge of gardening was zero, although it looks great, I am hearing lots of horror stories about running bamboo destroying gardens. It is around 2 metres tall at this time and it’s spread is quite compact. … read more

I have an area of approx 1m X 4m in my garden that i want to place a flower bed. The area of that section of garden does suffer from bad drainage, the grass is very patchy and muddy to walk on when wet weather and the area is fully shaded. For my flower bed … read more

My three year old tree fern is not producing fronds. The crown is not mushy or black and I am keeping it moist. how can I tell if it is dead and is there anything I can do to help it recover?

The stalks of my paeonia rose have split ,would you have any idea why this has happened?

I have dug two flower beds in my front lawn and im wondering what would be the best low maintanence flowers that give some colour both in summer and winter to plant, i have dug the flower beds this week and mixed some compost through the soil,but still need to raise the beds a bit,and … read more

My garden is a small one – gets plenty of sun, good drainage. I would like to have a couple of perennials that provide some colour outside of the summer bedding plants – any suggestions?

I planted a peony rose about 4 years ago and last year It flowered with I rose, this year I had one bud developing and unfortunatly something has eaten half the bud away, any ideas. I did find a small green worm/caterpillar on a leaf and I also put some slug pellets down.

We lost approx 5 mature shrubs (planted approx 10 years) in last years bad weather, I am looking to replace them with hardy low growing (approx 2ft hight) perenials that will flower this year. We took out the old shrubs and need to fill the gaps.

I have 4 Physalis shrubs which were damaged by the frost. Growth has started at the base.Should I cut them down to the base now?

Can I lift and divide a papaver now?

I have a Leylandii hedge that has a very unkempt look underneath, prone to nettles, and bare stumps etc. Can you recommend how I might make a viable flower border under it given the roots, shade etc?

I planted a bamboo tree about 7 years ago and it is taking over a portion of my garden. is their anyway to get to the roots so I can stop it form spreading any further!

Our potted Phormium is looking sad and brown, possibly as a result of a very hard winter. I’m sure its pot is large enough. Should I cut it right down, or prune the brown leaves (most of them are brown), or do you think it might have died?

Can I still transplant my geraniums or have I left it too late? They are sprouting vigorously at present.

How soon after spraying with Round Up could dogs be let out in the garden?

I have a large and very beautiful euphorbia that is flowering right now. unfortunately it is encroaching on my coronet apple tree and it has green fly and i need to spray it so i’ve concluded i need to move it. when can i do this? i’ve heard they are difficult to move and i … read more

How do i know what type of soil is in my garden and what type of plants suit it? i’m new to gardening and am definitely not green fingered

My phormiums look very sick- what should I do?

I’ve bought an angelica plant. i’ve had conflicting instructions on where to plant it.. tag says moist shady area and RHS book says full sun.. i have both a north and south facing wall where i could put it.

I have sown ERIGERON karvinskianus profusion seeds about three weeks ago in two pots and placed them in a dark cupboard in the kitchen. They have just germinated. What do I do next?

I want to get rid of an old phformium -just plain green one- its too big and it would be impossible to cut it down. I usually trim them with a sharp knife but for this one I would spend a week to get rid of it. I want to replant the spot with something … read more

when and how do I plant seeds saved from the above.

Planted 3 phyllostachys aurea shrubs last September and noticed now that the leafs have yellow/brown tips and very tiny black vertical lines on them. Is this the symptom of something they need or disease? Added a picture taken today.

i photographed this orchid in a bog near me during the summer and would like to know if its a rare one ? its beautiful to look at and i’d hate to see anything happen to it as machinery is going in and out all day they have recently put up 18 to20 wind turbines … read more

Do you know where I can buy the sleeping beauty or pink shamrock.

I have recently lifted a large amount of turf from my garden to create a new flowerbed. I have stacked the turf in a corner of the garden not seen from the house. How do I get this to break down quicker to produce the “loam” I often read about?

Can you please advise most suitable bamboo to grow in a semi shade spot, non invasive / clump forming types only and will also act as a screen. Also bamboo needs to be hardy to cope with recent winters.

My solidago was covered with black flies last year and year before. any idea what they are and is there any solution I can spray them with to eradicate the same problem this year. Breda from Camross, Wexford.

I am a beginner gardener. I have lots of bulbs growing, which I planted deep (6″).I would like to leave them there permanently. Could you please tell me if I could plant something over the top so that when they are finished, the weeds don’t take over? I was thinking of some ground cover. Would … read more

We have a wet area in our garden and we are looking to plant some reeds there. Could you tell me where i could source them in ireland please ?

I have a five year old variegated phormium which has outgrown its position very considerably. How can I move or remove it. The root is very tough. Any advice would be much appreciated. I never expected it would grow so big so soon.

i’ve a large and flourishing bamboo plant in the wrong position in my garden. I want to put it into trough style planters and it should divide up into 4-6 plants. when should i divide it and what sort of compost / soil should i use in the pots that i’m putting the divided plants … read more

How and when should i divide and transfer arum lily. The lily seems to have been transfered with a weed so how to destroy weed and not lily. This is my grannys lily which i don’t want to kill.

I bought a largish potted outdoor plant in Lidl last summer that produced daisy looking flowers during summer and early autumn.Sorry, I don’t know the name of it! It now appears to be dead, all the branches brown and crunchy, no green on it whatsoever. Should I chuck it out or do you think it … read more

I have two Stipa gigantea (Golden oats)grasses in my garden that have very large dry, straw-like tufts. They are about 15 years old and right now look a bit like hay stacks. I have tried to pull the old dry stuff away but it’s proving a very hard job… as I imagine removing it altogether … read more

My large blue/puple iris rhizomes are now almost fully exposed over ground. I noticed last year that they didn’t bloom well and subsequent greenery didn’t seem to last. Should I cover them completely with soil?

I want to move a few things around in the garden to group things together.. can you tell me the best time of year to move perenials?

Should I now cut off the leaves of my Hellibores ? or should I wait until frost is gone ( or likely to be gone )

I have a beautiful white lupin and I saved a lot of seeds last year. When should I try to germinate them and how?

I would like to divide and transplant a very large fern (Dryopteris wallichiana) as it has got too big for where I planted it. Could you please advise me as to how and when I should attempt this?

Dicentra Spectabilis died back in Autumn – will it return this spring/summer? Also, do you think it would have survived the snow/frost in recent weeks?

I have a 3 person graveyard plot with a headstone(causes shade)surrounded by a kerbstones. The plots designed with paving slabs & 2 cross shapes left for planting, the shrubs have got too big for the space & the headstone cannot be seen anymore. I have japanese anemones(now invasive),hebes , variegeted shrub, which I trim & … read more

Does my Bamboo “phyllostachys” which was planted in September, some in pots and others in raised beds, need to be protected from snow and ice?

When is the best time to transplant Persicaria “Red dragon”?

Im trying to turn sloped garden into a cottage garden. Up to a few years ago it had cattle grazing on it and the ground is very wet. Planted lots of plants during summer (most done well) but did not remove all of the grass or weeds. Plan on hand weeding until plants take over. … read more

I’d like to know if I can dig out my peony rose from the border and put it into a pot. Is this a good time to do it?It is in the wrong spot.

Can you tell me please, where can I purchase a catmint plant and is it easy to grow?

I need help my peony rose. do i cut it back to ground level some of the folage is very dead looking.

I have bought a sedum-ice plant and i want to take cuttings is it best divided by cuttings or seeds? And can i do it now .

How does one divide the ice plant, Sedum spectabile,Mine is 10yrs old and I’d like to share it.

I have a lovely echium in a fairly sheltered part of my garden; Being a tender plant should i cover it with fleece during the winter -also there is a Japanese tree peony-will this need to be covered also.

I have what I think is MYOB in my flower beds, I see from other answers Lawn Sand & Sulphate of Iron can clear it out of lawns, but what can I use in flower beds. There are apple trees, roses, a selection of flowers & heathers in the beds. Are Lawn Sand or sulphate … read more

Is it possible to create a natural woodland floor – e.g. wood anemone, bluebells, wild garlic, primrose etc etc – in an (acidic?) site that was pure bracken and understorey of mature larches? If so, how? I guess the thick layer of larch needles + dead bracken leaves makes it very hard for anything else … read more

this is a low growing bushy pink flower ,throws out stalks on the ground to muliply,not herbaceous , leaves go spotty and discoloured in winter.

Can you please advise on the plant Pennisetum setaceum … can this be planted into a very large pot?

Prospect of moving before next spring, can i now divide sweet william and snapdragon and such and keep in pots for the move? they still are in flower.can most garden perennials be divided now?i had a present of a red currant bush last spring, can i cut it to base when leaves are gone?How does … read more

You mentioned a type of plant called an american prairie plant. i would like to find out more as i feel it is the type of plant we could use in our ‘garden’. could you give some examples, approximate cost, suppliers, lifespan and anything else about them.

I have 2 varieties of Phormium. 1 giant, 3 pink flushed leaves. all doing very well but no flowers! Acid soil. What do they need please?

My carnations didn’t flower at all. The buds died before they opened. I had some in the shade and some of them in the sun and had no sucess with either. Any ideas what went wrong?Also my miniature rose trees had no leaves on them at all and had a few flowers for a very … read more

I want to move penstemon, catmint & cistus, to a different space in the same bed. When is the best time to do this, also is it possible to grow any of these plants from cuttings?

I lost all my agapanthus plants last winter so this year I will move the pots indoors if we get a lot of frost. I think they will need very little watering indoors – am I right?

what is the name of the sweet pea that comes back year after year?

I have a woodland area in the garden (about 25 metres long by 4 metres wide) which is under deciduous trees with very little light getting in during Summer.I want to have a Pathway and on edges some colour Will Grass grow under the trees (as the pathway) and what would you recommend for planting … read more

I need advice of how to get rid of a chinese type bamboo(reed) that is spreading through the garden from two clumps. The bed is covered with a membrane with pebbles on top of the membrane. the runners are under the membrane with the shoots coming through, that makes it impossible to pull out by … read more

My Dierrama which is about 5 years old, was flowering very well until last year, when it had fewer flowers than usual. This year there were a lot of dead leaves , most of which I pulled. It now looks rather scrawny, and one third its former size. It is planted in clay soil, facing … read more

we have three whiskey barrell pots and need recommendations for what to put in them that will survive all year round and winter. each one will be left in front of a pillar beside 12 foot wide entrance gates.

In Sep 2008,i planted a paeonia mlokosewitschii and also a trillium grandiflorum. In spring 2009,the trillium flowered and the paeonia made some growth but this year there wasnt sight nor trace of either of them. Im wondering are they taking a rest and will they reappear next year. I know that may be likely for … read more

Can i divide the angel fishing rod plant and how?

I recently bought a plant in a local garden centre and im not sure what the plant is. The gardener said it was a black lily but ive looked it up on the internet and it doesn’t look like one. I would like to know what the plant is and how to look after it.Thanks … read more

When is best time to move and divide a large hosta?

Which flowers should and should not be dead headed?

We have two triangular shaped flower beds (approx 6 msq) as part of a new house build which are located in crevices between the house and footpath. That side of house is north facing. As a soil depth of more than 8 inches won’t be possible (due to house foundation, etc), can you suggest suitable … read more

I have a large clump of Arum Lillies, I would like to move them. When should I lift them, and could I grow them from the seed heads.

My asters are blooming at the moment, but the leaves have a white film of them. What is the problem?

I bought a Dicksonia Antarctica in a pot of about 30cm diameter in late April. When I bought it, it had a few baby fronds emerging but these have since disappeared with the exception of one which hasn’t really grown beyond 4 inches and is brown at the edges. I have kept in the pot … read more

Could you please tell what the disease on this Phygelius aequalis “Sensation” might be. I haven’t seen any pests on plant so have sprayed it with fungicide and tried cutting it back but it returns every year. Another phygelius – capensis – has it to a lesser extent while a third one “Moonraker” is disease … read more

I posted this picture on the Garden Club but we cannot agree on what this pretty flower is – the flower is very like both Malva and Sidalcea but the leaves are not like either. It is about 40cm high. The stems are hairy and the leaves are sort of furry. I don’t remember buying … read more

This year I lost a lot of lupins but the ones that did survive had deformed flowers / tips. Also now that they have gone off they have not formed any seed pods.

What is the best way to deal with a very overgrown pampas I cut back some every year but it is out of control ?

My mam has bamboo growing against a fence north facing with not too much sunlight, She is wondering how often should it be watered?

Please can you tell me when I should cut back the foliage on large bearded irises. I continue to remove the spent blooms but should I leave the foliage to die back throughout the summer?

I am looking for advice on what to plant on my 4th floor apartment balcony it is a very small space, gets a lot of wind and strong sun through a glass panel. Nothing seems to survive.

What can i grow in a flower bed which has a nighbours tree hanging over it, it can cause shade and can also drip water onto the bed, having no luck with some flowers

I have four Agapanthus plants which have been in the same spots for more than 10 years. They were all huge. They appeared to be completely dead up to recently but now 2 of them have sprouted, but only one or two sprouts per clump. Will the others recover and was it the frost did … read more

My daughter is getting married in marquee in October what is the best natural things to decorate it with, or are there flowers i can plant now for the occasion.

I have what I think is bamboo alongside a butyl lined stream in the garden. The rhisomes from this plant are extremely sharp and I feel that they may already have penetrated the liner.They spread very fast. Please advise how to kill and dispose of this plant.

I have valerian growing absolutely everywhere destroying the dash on my walls by huge roots growing behind, its a weed to me although bees love it and colour is lovely. Is there any way to keep this plant in check? I’ve found it impossible to kill the roots. i don’t want to kill it all … read more

I am attaching a picture of a plant which appears each year in my garden – my husband says it is a weed, but it doesnt appear to be invasive and the flowers it produces are very nice. I would love to know what it is called.

Just would like to enquire about planting trilliums, i have got some rhizomes as gifts, but was unsure on how to plant them,do you plant them like bearded iris lengthways,or do you plant them like a bulb?

My garden is being over run by this flower what is it?

Good to see you featuring lily of the valley, Convallaria, in your plant of the day. I have a clump of lovely leaves, but no flowers. How do I persuade them to flower?

Planted a Dicentra Spectablis last month. It is growing profusely. Can I prune it back? If so, how and when.

I have one lot of bamboos which are about fifty years old and there are a few hundred in that area. They don’t look too healthy. They are growing in a shady area but yet would get plenty of rain. The bamboo stalk is brown and the leaves are brown/black colour before eventually turning green. … read more

we had healthy african liilys growing in the garden up to the bad winter just gone.and im thinking the cold spell has killed them.there is no sign of any growth as yet and leaves are brown and dropey,will they flower again and how can i encorage them to grow

Pampas grass is about 4 ft wide x 7 ft spikes. It’s looking very worse for wear at the moment and is very big. I was wondering whether it is okay to cut it right back. I think there are mice or rats living in it. I can send a photo later if you need … read more

A neighbour was clearing agapanthus plants from her garden (Blackrock Dublin). She kindly offered me some as I had always admired her garden and them in particular. I goggled to check best place to plant in my garden. A remark on one website confirmed they could be poisonous to humans – mouth ulcerations. Should I … read more

I have three agapanthus plants and leaves are not brown but dont seem to have life either. Frost has probably done the damage…is there any way to revive them. Another plant in the same location is thriving and already has signs of flowering

Could you please give me the names of the plants to grow around the soakpit to help remove the nutrients from the water and if possible where to buy them. I have heard them discussed on the radio by no names were given.

I will have your head melted identifying flowersplants but the a-z on is not a large selection. can you please identify this for me, i photgraphed it at Emo House Co. Laois.. T

How do I get rid of Arum italicum pictum, it has infested several beds and I think a spray would be best as there are hundreds of tiny bulbs all seem to be viable unfortunately.

I’m not sure this question is within your remit but I said I’d chance it. My neighbours and I have noticed an inordinate amount of small bees of late in our gardens. They often land on the wall of the house (that has been warmed by the sun) and stay there for hours making it … read more

This is the time of year that I cut back my pampas grass as invariably, it has increased in size since this time last year. I normally keep trimming around the edges until its approx 50% of its original size. However, I saw somewhere that you could reduce the size of the pampas grass by … read more

I have a North facing front garden & one border is backed by a wall. The cold wind bounces off it and plants end up burnt. It was already planted with a Riberia, some holly and a Hydranga, which seem to survive. A hebe has succumbed to the prolonged frost this Winter and some French … read more

I was thinking of putting a flower called hotlips and thought it might look nice in front of the tree, but maybe not just wondering what you think. I would like something that flowers all summer and maybe into autumn.

I have bought topsoil from a farmer, while digging it over i have found rotten potatoes and stalks in it. Is this soil good enough for growing plants.

Please advise about soil required by fisherman’s rod. I have a few in pots which need to be planted out. Any special aftercare requirements?

Can you recommend any types of wild long grasses to can be set on a south facing bank. I am thinking of a natural looking grass as the garden/bank is located in the countryside next to woodland/ meadows and would like the grass to look like blending into the local vegeatation.

I would like to know is it good to cut Pampas grass down to 2 feet now in April, given the winter we had last year.

I have really cut back all leaves on African Lilies and there are only small shoots on plants. They are my joy. Will I see flowers this year and whats best treatment to get lots of flowers?

I want to create a small border, but the area i have is exsposed and damp, can you sugest what plants i should use.

I had two phormiums that both looked frazzled by the cold of winter. i phoned my local garden centre who told me to cut them back to ground level. i have done so but am worried what the outcome will be and how long to rejuvenate??

I have approx 150 ft of a narrow bank approx 3 Ft wide approx 45 degree slant south facing . As I can’t mow it, it gets quite unsightly in summer I have just started this year to keep Bees and I was wondering what would you recommend that I sow that would give me … read more

When should I cut back Stipa gigantea and other grasses?

Have garden bed in semi-shade, backed up by Pyracantha Firethorn (30-40 years old). Put down weed suppressant & slate mulch 2 years ago and now almost all of my new shade-tolerant plants are dead (except Phormium). Is the mulch preventing proper drainage and not allowing the plants to grow? The soil is heavy/clay and never … read more

I have large Phormiums. Last year for the first time the plants had flowers. The number of dead and damaged leaves is growing.The plants look rather messy at the moment. Should I cut out the dead leafs, leave them and hope for improvement, or are the plants over their top and should be removed (heaven … read more

Had beautiful lillies in my garden for the past 3 years but discovered after the winter frost they are gone from my garden all i found was a burnt heap on the ground will they come back or have they completely died?

I had my garden planted up professionally last Summer. It’s small and mostly container/sleeper beds. The attached photos show an exotic cactus like plant that has struggled over the last few freezing months. The leaves have now gone mushy. Can you advise if it’s dead or if there’s anything that I can do now to … read more

Could you recommend a phormium that does not get too tall (or wide!) The ones that I have in my garden have become too big for the bed they are in but I love their architectural shape. Is there a variety that is just green, without any variegation?

I am trying to figure out the name of a plant I have seen recently. It is a bright orange ornamental grass. I think it may be Phormium ‘Jester’ but not quite sure. Could this be right? I know there are many other species and cultivars. It seems to be a very popular plant.

Can you suggest a tree or shrub that might survive in a pot on an apartment balcony which gets very little sun and a lot of wind?

can rheum palmatum be divided? my plant is about 3 years old and its now got some very small re buds. the base of the plant is like 2 soda breads side by side

I have a small fern area with 2 year old plants.They had been doing very well.3 of them were severely damaged during the freeze and at least one of them looks dead.Will they come back of their own accord?What can I do to help them? Do you need more information? John Cullen

I have x2 yellow bamboo trees planted – they are down approx. x5 years and had been doing really well. Up until last year, they had grown to a height of approx. 10 – 12 ft tall, really full and green in summer but last Summer, they barely had any leaves at all. This happened … read more

I woiuld like suggestions for two fast growing bamboo species. I have a small patio with an adequate raised bed at end. at one end of this i wish to put a reed screen in a semi-circle and two fast growing bamboos contained, in front, i wish to half secretly bury a beautiful contemplative buddha … read more

Just before winter you identified my beast of bamboo and suggested saving it from root rot, i lifted it from planter put in black bin bag, made holes and lifted it onto raised bed tying it at its survived very well indeed, thank GOD, will i now plant to its new quarter barrel home, … read more

I bought a large potted bamboo last summer and it was thriving untill i noticed today its dried out on most its shoots and lost its leaves. i removed it from the pot and planted it in the open soil. the compost from its pot seemed very moist. Am i doing the right thing to … read more

I have several New Zealand Flax which after the recent severe weather are now lying flat. Do you think they will recover?

I planted two Geum Mrs Bradshaw plants last summer (the red flowering ones). I got very few flowers but a lot of foliage. The foliage is still strong and vibrant in spite of snow ice etc. Do I cut it back soon and how can I encourage flowers?

I bought in garden centre peony..roots..they are in plastic bag and has very little start to grow ..When is best time to put them outside in to garden? On the pack they said January -May.. At the moment is a little bit low temperature I right?

I am a beginner gardener and I have a grass which I think may be a Stipa Gigantea. The clump of leaves is very untidy and has spread so that it is now covering neighbouring plants. How can I prevent this spread and is it possible to thin out the clump.? Also should I cut … read more

How can I get rid of ivy that is trailing into my flowerbed. It is on a stone wall that runs along the back of the bed.

After the recent cold weather, my phormiuns have gone all limp and floppy. Will they come back?I also have a large phormium. It is about 6ft tall and wide. It is completely overgrown and needs to be cut back. How much can I cut off it?Also is it possible for blight to affect a well … read more

This bamboo is called for me ‘the beast’ and i love it, but i do not know what type it is, where can i discover this info! i will try and add the photos now. the leaves are large about six inches long, the dark part of the stem is a very deep green, large … read more

I dug a large bamboo from a garden, it became waterlogged in a planter so put it into a bin bag, holes for drainage and placed on top of a raised bed, also tied bin bag round middle. still very wet and sodden, can i plant it into a wooden quarter barrel now with plenty … read more

I bought an amazing canna plant this year which thrived all summer. It’s in a large pot, in potting compost, sunny position. In the last couple of weeks the leaves are turning brown/black. The compost is dry to the touch. Is this normal for them in winter? Do I need to put fleece around them? … read more

My friend is getting married in Sicily next year and is having calla lillies in her bouquet. As the bridesmaid dresses will be in green can you advise what green flowers we could use with the lilies?

I went out today to cut back my Echinacea purpurea and I couldn’t believe what I saw…. the seeds in the seed head have germinated! I very carefully planted them into potting compost will they survive? Have you ever came across this before ? I have attached 2 photographs though they aren’t great.

I am planning my wedding which is next June and really like the pink/purple daisies. I was planning to grow these myself to bring down cost and wondering what the flower is called, where to purchase them online, where is the best place to grow them and when and when do they bloom.

The lower leaves of my chryanths have turned yellow with red veins is this diseases, deficiency or virus?

I have some mallows of approximately 2 years in my garden and I would like to move them. Would it be appropriate to move them now. If now is the right time, should I first cut them back, as they are currently flowering.

I have been given two Chinese lantern plants, physalis, about 12″ high. Can I plant them outside in the garden please?Any tips for taking care of them much appreciated

I have recently obtained a load of newly cut bark chip. How long do I need to wait before spreading it on planted areas? Six months?

What is the best time of year to move tall grasses like miscanthus please?

I want to move a New Zealand flax, its about 4ft and I was hoping to put it in a large container. Will it survive in a container and what is the best time of year to move it?

Create flower bed in lawn. Should I use Roundup or just dig over ?

why would Agapanthus not flower? it is the blue flowered one. they are growing in a corner with high walls. they have always flowered before.

Ihave gathered seeds from Sweet William, Aquagila, Pansys and other flowers I just don’t know the name of, now I want to know when and how to plant them. I have a polytunnel and a glass room in our house but I was wondering would it be best to plant them out in a clean … read more

I planted some flowers in a bed & threw on some multipurpose plant food (grey granules) & after a week the bed was covered in little two-leaf green shoot things. Nicer looking than weeds & very easy to pull up as their roots were just below the surface but I suspect weeds none the less. … read more

bought a few pots of cyclamen today. all in beautiful colours and a surprisingly beautiful scent.i’m new to them and vice versa…will they come back year after yeardo they need anything in particular at plantingas its a corm do they need to be planted deeper than pot level

Any idea what plant this is? It stands about 30cm high and was discovered hidden in among a growth of nettles.

How far back do you cut long stemmed flowers that have finished flowering?

I had quite a few Cannas for the past couple of years. They produced a lot of new bulbs, which I potted up in the greenhouse, and later moved most of them out, but kept a couple in the greenhouse. They were well watered and fed. Not a single one has flowered this year, although … read more

I have 2 healthy pampas grass which now have weeds (bindweed?) growing up the middle of them. it is very hard to get as due to the sharp leaves of the pampas. is there any easy solution to removing the weeds?

I have tried spraying the leaves with diluted washing up liquid before spraying with Roundup to no avail. How can I get rid of it or stop it invading other plants in a small bed.

have 3 calla lilies about 5 years. this year only one produced lilies, My neighbours is covered in lilies all year..should I cut off the old lilies or leave them?Same with “red hot poker ” should i cut away dead flower?I put chicken pellets mixed with compost on them last spring.

I recently bought three garden mums which i planted in containers. I am deadheading now to allow the new blooms underneath to grow. I am wondering how i should care for these over the winter please.Do i leave in containers or plant into the ground? Thank you

I bought a ginger plant at Farmleight plant fair yesterday thinking i could grow it outside in my “tropical plant style” bed but have found it hard to find any information on the plant and what little i have found seems to indicate that it IS a tropical plant that likes warmth and humidity which … read more

Both the montbretia and peonie roses in the past two years have produced very few flowers. Previously they were very prolific. Foliage in both cases is plentiful and healthy. What do they need?

Was going to keep some honey-bees next year but not sure of the flowers that i sould i start growing this yaer im a 🙂 ECO planter 🙂 where i go around planding up along the road side where ever i can do so.

I’ve just cut the dead flowers of some Arum Lilies as seed was forming. Can I sow these seeds to produce more lillies next year?

when sowing seed of monkshood do i sow them in pots or in the open ground? if in pots do i keep the pot indoors during winter

I bought my plant a 2 weekends ago and within a week the leaves started to wilt. I thought it might be because it wasn’t getting sufficient water on our porch so I moved it so it would get plenty of the rain we are getting this Summer. Tonight I cut off the flowers which … read more

Tall Dahlia leaves on the bottom half are yellow round the edges plant otherwise looks very healthy what could be the cause

Can you tell me what this plant is, I don’t remember buying it and I now have it in my garden and I love it.

I purchased this plant about a year and a half ago and have it growing in a shady, humus-type soil. However, everytime it seems to begin to thrive, some of it’s leaves get a brown die-back at their base. Is there anything I can do to stop this as it is a beautiful plant with … read more

During the last week my Dahlias shoots are turning yellow. To date I have been very sucessfull growing Dahlias.

I am new to gardening and recenty planted two campanula bernice under a red robin standard tree in our back garden which is east west facing. I planted them on the sunnier side of the gaden. I’ve been giving them a liquid feed once a week but they don’t look very happy! The flowers seem … read more

The plant is growing strongly but in the last couple of weeks the leaves from the ground up the stem for about twelve inches are dying ,what can be done to rectify this

For the second year, my eryngiums are not flowering. They are planted 4 years and are variety Blue Star.

In container fern fronds dying going brown after this winter

have a dahalia (Kendra Valentine)growing vigourously about two foot tall but as yet no side shoots should I pinch out the growing tip?

advise re suitable planting. Area 12ft x 20 ft in lawn and shrubs @ back wall (spotted laurel berberris, skimmia,) background and low planting around sign required to dress it up. sign size 4 ft high x 3 ft wide approx

can hellebore leaves be cut right back at this time of year-june?

Is there any way at all of banishing bamboo from my garden forever without using Roundup or any other weedkiller?

have attached a photo of my wonderful Crambe. Planted last year and only produced leaves which the caterpillars promptly razed to the ground! Loads of horse manure and garlic spray produced this beautiful plant – but its in the wrong place. Didn’t plan for the size. it hids the lupins and whorlflower and aconite and … read more

Gerry, Do you have any idea what variety of geranium this is? Michael

Should I cut the tops sedums.what is meant by the ‘Chelsea chop’?

i NEED A LISTING OF PERENNIALS SHRUBS TREES and roses which are particularly resistent to slugs and snails at the same time suitable for this high mountain area of Roundwood Co.wicklow

I live in a detached house in an estate, and either side of the house (in the back garden), there is a narrow strip of grass which I want to plant up. This area is partly shaded as there are houses on both sides.The area is about 12ft by 1.5ft.In 2007 I gravelled one side … read more

I have a verbena bonarensis for the past two yrs and dont know how i should prune it if at all? the new seasons flowers are beginning to emerge now but the old ones are there since last yr. should it be cut down after flowering or what i am afraid to go near it … read more

I love hostas but when I plant them they’re always eaten by slugs or snails. Any advice, other than slug pellets? Are there any similar plants that don’t attract slugs?

The soil in my garden is composed of very heavy stiff clay. I want to plant a border and have the area dug. I’m going to dig in well rotted horse manure to try to improve the soil. I have a load of bark mulch that has been on a different part of the garden … read more

can I transplant bamboo from ground to pot it is a year in ground new shoots have appeared height about 6 ft.

My acanthus spinosa has some sort of leaf mould. It looks as though someone has sprinked a greyish talcum powder on to the leaves. One of the plants is about to flower so can’t be too unhealthy; but another doesn’t look so good. What do you recommend?

Need to know the name of the old fashioned trailing osteospermum with light green non glossy leaves, pink with dark purple centre. Can’t find it anywhwere only the modern shrubby glossy variety. Unfortunately it died out in my garden and wondering if you could recommend a supplier

I got a present of a libertia pereg Gold Leaf and am having trouble finding some info on it . I really wanted to know if it grows slowly or will it be tall its about a foot tall now. I havnt planted it out yet.

What has happened to the bees,I have noticed a complete lack of them on all the flowers.

Could you tell me what perennial plants that like limy soil and are low maintenance?

In its third year my paeonia has 1 bud, but no more. It does not seem to be opening and the bud is covered with ants. it is in a south facing raised bed, but would not have much shelter. soil is slightly limey and fairly rich. plant is about 2 feet high. any suggestion

I’m looking for Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ to plant in front of a purple Cordyline (Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ behind). At what time of year are Dahlias generally available to buy from garden centres?

I’m looking for something to plant under a green Cordyline for a bit of spring/early-summer interest. There’s a yellow-green Euonymus to the left of it, Hypericum Hidcote behind, spring-flowering Spirea to the right. I thought something low with a blue flower might fit in nicely. Any suggestions for what might fit the bill?

Can I use Elodium and Bullrush detritus from pond for my compost heap?

Could you suggest perennial plants that like lime soil and are low maintenance as I am at school all week!

I have a lovely white Camassia coming into bloom soon.It has about 14 flower stems.Should I divide it after flowering or when. Am I right in thinking that there are tuberous/bulbs?

I have a new border in which I have planted a mixture of spring and summer flowering bulbs and shrubs. The bulbs include lilies, tritelia, tulips, and Ixias. I have also sown some annuals, including california poppies, calendula and nasturtiums. In order to keep down the perrenial weeds which include creeping buttercup I would like … read more

Could you suggest a cream double peony that i could plant alongside sarah bernhardt variety that i have already planted in the garden. Want a cream not a pure white colour.

I planted a black bamboo last year and due to lack of water it now looks like it may be dying. The majority of the leaves are yellowy-brown in colour. Is there anything I can do to save it now? Should I feed it with anything in particular or trim it maybe?

I’m a beginner at gardening and I have quite a big garden or best put, lawns of grass. I would like to start planting flowers, shrubs etc but the soil is very limy. Can you advise on how best to deal with this and what plants etc would best suit the ground?

What would you advise to start planting to get myself up and running as a new gardiner? I have a small back and front garden. south facing.paved in the back with plenty of room for plants on the edge or in pots and all grass in front. I bought and planted sunflower seeds in a … read more

I just need some information regarding the best way to propagate my Iris plants.

Is there any spray i can put on the soil in a flower bed to kill weeds,and be able to plant in it soon after. i have grass roots i think is switch grass, they are yellow/white. and some other hard to get rid of weeds. that have come up after cleaning out before. an … read more

.I’m trying to get rid of two bamboo plants. I’ve dug up one, root and all, (I didn’t spray)but the other is a bigger plant and and has spread further. Help please. It has spread to an area of about 18sq metres up against a beautiful Wisteria. What do I do?

My Iris unguicularis is very untidy after flowering. Can I cut the leaves back. If so, when? Thanks !

How do I trim 9ft high bamboo out-door plants,and when is the best time to do this?

I have some self seeded young ivy plants growing in a bed planted with cottage garden style perennials. Can I leave them be and let them be ground cover, or will they be too vigorous and choke my perennials? (e.g. lavender; hellebore; crocosmia emily mcKenzie; alchemilla mollis; spring bulbs)

Hello Gerry, Could you tell me the name of this flower in the plant pot, usually purply blue in colour?- please see attached photo.When is the best time to plant this flower and where can i buy it? Thank you for your help!

This appears every spring in a shady woody area and is bright red and orange.

Gerry, I planted Penstemon late last summer but neglected to cut off the stems in Autumn. They are about 450mm high now with straggley stems and leaves! Should I cut them down now or leave them to get through the summer.

Hello Gerry, can plants be sent to Ireland from me in the UK? one of my ‘friends’ has asked for some seeds when my poppies flower which I guess is ok but I would like to send her a few hellebore plants as a present. Thank you

Hi Gerry,could you pleases advise me on how and when is the best time to divide a long time established old paeonia.It may be 40 years old or so.Thanks.

I have a 10 ft yellow stemmed bamboo. It appears to be clump forming and is happy in the position it is in. I would like to move it but don’t want to kill it. Is moving advisable? If so at what time of year would be best?

I have bought some packets of dry root perennials from Lidl. They appear to be roots only in dry moss.How should I plant these? Or if I don’t want to plant immediately is it safe to keep them in the packets?

will i need to protect this shrub in winter here in Roundwood

I planted red hot poker bulbs in my front garden(west facing) 3 years ago. They took nearly a year to flower but the problem is when they do flower, the flowers only last approx. 1-2 weeks. I have noticed that they last a lot longer in other parts of the country. I am just wondering … read more

I have lupin in my glasshouse grown from seed which I never planted out as it was too late. What should I do with these for the autumn?

do I have to plant my Japanese Blood Grass in ericacious soil? Is it similar to the Rhododendron in it’s needs

HiI have a garden whitch has a circul in the middle and a borden round the edge,i want to put some srubs and things like that in my garden and am not sure what to use

the only time my pampas flowered was after i buried my deceased cat beside it! either it was the tear jerking ceremony and prayers or do i need blood and bone meal fertiliser?

My dahlias have been destroyed by slugs probably as the weather favoured slugs. I ahve used slug pellets but they still got destroyed. What could i do for next year as it is too late to save this this year.

Grass like shrub with beautiful orange flower, seen roadside @ dingle peninsula. How and when do I propogate?

Hello,The former owners of our house planted Bamboo in the center of a formal lawn. As it was sprouting up everywhere we cut it down – now how do we get rid of the roots and shoots? We’ve tried by constantly cutting the shoots as they appear but that’s not working. Thanks ,Eidin.

I have a Hellebores Orientalis that done well all last winter under the canopy of a sycamore. This summer it’s health has declined rapidly. I’ve read it should have been kept from Mid day sunlight….its position did leave it open to this.Many leaves appeared scorched and then some blackened and died off. I have acidic … read more

I’ve 4 water lilies in a sunny pond they flowered the first year but have not flowered since although they are growing bigger and seem healthy. please help thanks

have very small patch 12×6 foot north facing with shallow wet soil, need suggestions about what ground cover plants i could use as an alternative to grass, preferably with year-round leaves/cover. thanks.

I have a gunnera growing which dies back in the winter. Is there any way of protecting it in the winter?

Gerry, I am at present growing lupins from seed when is it safe to remove to plant in the garden?

Gerry, I have a good quantity of (old) stable manure. My beds are pretty mature, now, with plants growing into/against each other, leaving no space for manure to be put in between. Is there a handy way of getting manure to the plants (perhaps mixing with water to make a slurry and pour it out)?

I use Gypsophila in my flower arrangements, can you grow it in Ireland,also can it be bought in garden centres, I have never seen it,thanks

would you please tell me where I would get the above plant.

hi gerrywe have a siamese daliaits petals have come off now but we kept the stem and i also took some photos last year we had a spiral dasy also we have a photo of that what would cause these mutations or are they natural?

ALL of the buds of my ecchinnecea are dyeing and turning black and dry before they have a chance to flower. Is this familiar to you?

There is mature woodland on two sides of my garden with an abundance of ferns growing. I would like to transplant a small number of (mature) ferns into a shady bank inside my garden and was wondering if they can withstand tranplanting and whst is the best way to do this? (when etc)

I have what s called a ash pit if i put soil in it, can I sow there?

Any advice or suggestions regarding grasses that I could use in my garden? I am looking for some grasses and have identified some like Carex but just wondering if there are any others you could suggest that would give spectacular colour and are ideally shallow rooted as they will be near a biocycle unit. My … read more

Could you tell me when and how to cut back a pampas grass please. The leaves seem very sharp!

I have a number of hemerocallis in my garden ; they failed to flower in last no of years ; i divided clumps last year to no avail ; some are in full sun some in partial shade; any ideas?

What is the best time to take a root of arum lily and replant it in my own garden. Are there any other special tips?

HI GerryCan i sow perennial seeds now,for flowering next year?I ve read about “seed beds but am still confused. Thank you.

Gerry – I acquired the attached perennial last winter and would love to know what it is! Thanks.

Hi GerryWhen in Bloom this year I noticed a black bamboo in one of the show gardens. It had been stripped of leaves from the ground to about 4 ft up. It looked very attractive.I would like to do the same with my bamboo at home but wonder if it is advisable.My bamboo is about … read more

A friend of mine has a Pampas Grass that she has had for 10 years. In all that time, it has only produced one flower! It is situated near to a stream (but not right by it) and gets full sun. There has been plenty of growth and it looks healthy. She lives in Sneem … read more

Gerry I have a paeonia which produces buds and for the past two years only one bud flowers. Can you tell me why. Thanks

This has just finished flowering & is a mass of seed heads . Can I cut it back as it is leggy and potentially unsightly? Or how do I ensure it will be there next year. Fabulous scent.

I have two Heuchera Coral Bell Plants in my garden planted in similar areas, one is fantastic and the other is in trouble, the leaves at the base of the plant have become dry and brittle and essentially are dead, is this as a result of bugs and if so what is the best course … read more

Hi we have 2 yellow bamboo trees in the garden that look like they are on the way out…The stalks are green but the leaves look really dry and brittle. They are positioned where the midday sun comes over the house directly onto them. Any ideas as to how I can regenerate them.

I bought a plant of Liriope Muscari about two years and it just deteriorated in ordinary soil, so I dug it up and potted it in ericaceous compost, but it is literally hanging on by a thread. It is a golden leaved variety. Why won’t it thrive? I thought it was an easy plant!

Looking to plant flowers/hedges/plants this summer around a footpath, suffer from hayfever, but would like to know what are the best ones to plant. Preferably I would like something that stay planted all year round, low maintenance, and something that doesn’t grow that high.

I feed the garden birds, but most of the trees strong enough to hold feeders overhang my flower beds; the seed the birds drop while feeding falls into the beds and hey presto long tough grass sprouts up among my plants. What can I do, Gerry, Please

when do i plant perennials for each season of the year i.e. do i plant winter perennials in the autumn etc.

I have a few varieties of heuchera, ‘palace purple’, ‘creme brulee’ etc all doing very well, but ‘Caramel’ doesnt seem to thrive, the outer leaves die off and the plant is not vigorous. Is something wrong or is it the variety?

i would like to know what flowers i can plant that will grow year after year without having to plant them again. Also what can I plant in my flowers beds etc that will grow/flower throughout the year?

Does the border lupin re-flower or just one flower a year.

I bought the above plant at Bloom yesterday. Can you give me some advice on what conditions to grow this in and how to propagate please. Thanks Jean

I have calla lilies planted in a patio flower bed, one lily has bloomed with 2 leaves and 2 yellow inner points – on the one stem – is this common? I have never seen it before. Would appreicate a reply

Hi Gerry. I have just planted out some lupins that i have grown from seed and they are starting to wilt. new shoots are developing with a curled leaf. Do you know what the problem is and can i cure it. many thanks

Heuchera i have always failed to grow this plant bought 3 more today what does it need to thrive thinking of putting it in sunny dry spot

Is there such a product as weed and feed for flower beds?.

should I cut down/prune hellibore when/how

Creeping buttercup has taken over quite a sizeable border which contains mainly perennials. What can I do, please?

i want to plant colourful plants that will spread and grow to aheight of 2 ft or under the length of the thrench is about 50 feet and 25 inches wide something that will catch the eye

Im in a rural setting and many of my plants have long grasses growing up through the centre.This inhibits the growth and is unsightly and difficult to remove without damaging the plant. Is there a topical weed killer that I can paint on the grass with out harming the plant

Hi, i recently moved into my 1st home there is just a rectangle patch of a grass(approx 2m x 1m) out the front that i want to turn into a nice flower bed i want 2 get rid of the grass, weeds etc and put some nice plants in that will take as little as … read more

Black Bamboo has seed heads, will it live or die?

Hi Gerry, I bought a honey bush at Blooms last year and underestimated how big it would grow! It’s at the front of my garden and overshadowing everything else. I need to move it but since it’s so lovely, don’t want to kill it! When can i move it ,if ever, without killing it.. or … read more

I got a 3 5ft tree ferns for the garden last August. When one of them was being planted, it fell over. It did not appear damaged at the time but I notice that there is no new growth on this tree this year. There are 3 budding fern leaves in the trunk core but … read more

I want to make a new flower/shrub bed in an area of lawn. What is the best way to get rid of the grass and prevent the grass and weeds growing back up through the bed?.

Hi Gerry I Recently bought this Lobelia ‘St Elmo’s Fire’. I have young kids and am hearing now that this could be poisonous….Is this true..thanks 🙂 NULL 2008-04-20 17:48:27 59 I have read your answer how to get rid of moss, but I have more questions. My garden had lots of trees around it but … read more

Hi Gerry – I have a tall pine tree/conifer in my garden which gets the sun for most of the day (west facing)and the area underneath is very dry with pine needles. Is there anythng I can plant under it ? I have a preference for bulbs or perennial. Thank you