I have very large scallions can i dry and store these like onions,

I have planted a variety of onions and scallions in a raised bed, the tips of some are going yellow, plus some bulbs are coming out of the earth. I pulled a few yesterday and it looks as though, if I leave the rest any longer the stem will grow even bigger and grow down … read more

I planted some winter onions last Oct/nov.. they have developed into what I would call clusters of what look like large scallions. I have misplaced/lost the info sheet and was wondering if winter onions develope into large onions or into groups of shallots and when should I harvest them? Very vague question….sorry.

Can you tell me what I can do to stop onions going to seed. They are planted out in my veg patch. I planted them in Feb.Why does this happen?

Is it possible to plant onions from ordinary onions that have sprouted in the kitchen drawer or is it best to get bulbs? Also where we live the soil is like a very thick clay, is it best to plant in a container? We have dug in compost etc to the soil last year?

have been growing approx. 300 onion sets (white and red) successfully over many years. Weeds are now a major problem. Is there any type of ground cover on the market to keep the weeds covered, and say holes 6ins apart to allow sets to grow. For age and other reasons i have to reduce labour.

Where can I buy sweet white onion seed or transplants? The onions I want are the ones that are very mild and you can eat like an apple..eHOW.com gives growing instructions.

This is my second year to grown onions they have grown very well, I lifted them in September and but them in a shed with doors now they are all rotting from the stem down. What can I do or what am I doing wrong?

I’ve sown Giant Stuttgart onions. Some in polytunnel in April and the rest outdoors in June.I sprinkled some organic fertiliser twice during year and watered them regularly.However , they never got passed the scallion size (i.e. 1 inch diam. ).Should I leave in the ground over the winter or eat them?

I grew onions last year in a raised bed. It was the first time I planted onions in it. I had a few different types. I was late picking them but when I did I noticed the white onions were eaten all around the neck. They are not rotting but they seem cleanly eaten from … read more

I hope to pick onions from the garden for the first time during the week, and i am keen to know how best to store them. I would intend to store them in the garage.

Please advise when do you lift yellow onions?

I have grown onion sets put them in March the tops have grown to about 12″ but the onions have not grown at all and feel very soft to touch as if empty inside, what have i done wrong can you help please?

Some of the onions planted have bolted . Can you suggest why this should happen. Do I remove them or let them grow on . Are they edible?

is it possible to grow onions in a hot house successfully?

I’m planning to grow onions for the first time. I have grown other veg, and my approach is to protect the crop from the problems it suffered in previous years.While I see that onions can suffer a number of problems including white rot, onion fly, etc, I’m wondering which problems are common in Ireland or … read more

Can you advise regarding moss growth on tarmacadam driveway? Also what is the best time to plant seed onions?

A proportion of our onions, last year and the year before, bifurcated, making them a real pain to prepare for cooking! We have very good soil which we feed with seaweed, compost and well rotted horse manure. No-one else in our local GIY group had experienced the problem or could suggest a cause. The red … read more

recently picked onions have a little milldew on the inner skin what has caused this . I suppose there is no cure for this year . How can i prevent this happening next year?

what plants can I put in the allotments this time of year? (I have planted spring cabbge)

Can you tell me when the best time to grow welsh onion seeds and plant out are?

The onions on our alottment the leafs turn GREY and floury like powder. What is it and is there a cure for this problem.

should i lift my onions when they seem to be about to seed?

I planted onion sets last sept and last week I noticed that some are going into seed, what should I do should I harvest them or dead head them or are they ready to harvest.

I harvested my onions last year, and then stored them in the garage. Now a lot of them are producing new growth. Did I not dry them out thoroughly enough, or what might I have done wrong? They’re now shrinking, and no good for cooking, is there any point in replanting them?

My first foray into vegetable growing, my onion seedlings, sown a month ago, in a seed tray filled with multi-purpose compost, on an indoors windowsill , where they still reside, are now about 4 inches long but refuse to ‘stand up’.Is this normal or what have I done wrong ?

I am about to plant onion sets for overwintering.What are the initial and ongoing fertiliser requirements?Any other things to watch out for?