I have freesias growing in a window box in the greenhouse. They flowered during the summer but have died down now, except for one. What do I do with them over the winter? Should I replant them in new compost and leave them in the greenhouse?

I planted tulips for the first time last autumn, and got a really lovely healthy display this spring-time. They are about to finishing flowering now. When can I cut back the greenery? Do I leave the bulbs in-situ in the ground? Do they need to be fed?

Nearly every white daffodil in my garden has been picked or cut by something… humans have been ruled out, the stalk is cut at the base with no chew marks, no part has been eaten… is this the work of a dog, slugs or something else? Thanks!

My potted tulips have finished flowering. Will they come again next year? If so, what do I do with the bulbs now?

I planted spring bulbs (snowdrops and bluebell H. nonscripta) under a sycamore tree and nothing has come up. I cleared and raked the area well before planting, cut away the lowest branches, so there’s plenty of light and rain getting to the soil, but still not flowers. Just wondering if the sycamore itself might be … read more

I have Tulip bulbs stored in old newspapers in my garage. They are sprouting. Is it too late to set them in mosspeat in pots? Will they be ok if left there until December?

I want to store my Dahlia tubers, which have been growing in the herbaceous borders, indoors over winter in pots. I read that they should be placed in Peat or sand but I’m wondering if I could use Multipurpose Compost instead? My long term plan is to put them back out in a coldframe in … read more

I was wondering if I could use aquatic pots for planting Tulips. I am considering starting the Tulips in these and once into growth I will put them in their final positions in the ground and in pots. Their final positions aren’t available for a couple of months yet. These pots will also make removing … read more

On holidays last week (Mid Oct) and I came across this in a coastal forest in very sandy soil. It was the last of them, all the others had gone to seed. Any Idea what it is? I brought seed home but don’t know what way to plant them.

My dahlias (which I have for several years) produced a lot of leaves but not a lot of flowers this year. Why was that and how can I increase flowers next year? I don’t lift them in winter.

Will dahlias left in pots survive over winter (saving on storage etc,)? If so, will they need to be freshly potted next year? I have these plants for a few years and have been lifting them after the first frost.

I bought indoor Lily plant, it had very beautiful scented flowers but in few days all gone and branches died as well , can I regrow that from same branches and roots next year or how to take care of that?

From my dahlia plant in pot 1 branch broken which has many leaves , flowers and buds. Can I regrow that branch into a new plant after applying rooting powder and plant into a pot?

I have grown tuberous begonias in pots for the first time this year and was amazed with the height of this magnificent specimen. It is 77 cm (30″) tall. Do they usually grow to this height?

The stem has grown flat and the flower head is covered with over a hundred blooms,it is in perfect health and is blooming profusely, height is over 7 feet and it is in a pot with two other lilies which are growing in the normal way

I have just removed 20 Golden Apeldoorn Tulip Bulbs, which I planted last October, from a large pot to make room for summer bedding. I have read that it is not worth keeping Tulip Bulbs for later planting as they often don’t flower again or do so very erratically. Whats your view on reusing Tulip … read more

What is this, coming up at the base of a Yucca?

Is it too late for me to plant Dahlia tubers in pots? Those I planted directly in the ground have been destroyed by slugs/snails. I thought I might grow new tubers in pots and plant them out when they are mature. Don.

Could you tell me what this plant is? Bought it in Amsterdam recently as a novelty it grows without soil or water.

I mistook the lily leaves and stems for ivy and chopped them down completely… what should I do to try and save the bulbs?

If I pinch out the main shoots of my Dahlia plants at 3 sets of leaves (18-20″) to promote bushier growth, by how much roughly would this reduce the eventual height. I have a few tall varieties (40-48″) but my site can get windy conditions at times. I have shorter cvrs but I would like … read more

The leaves on my Iris reticulata are extremely long, to the extent that they actually take from the display, its like looking at the flower through the bars of a cage. Can you tell me what may have caused this please?

I planted some Oriental and Asiatic lilies in pots and left them in the shed maybe until they start sprouting because there is still frost outside so hope this is ok? Also is there any other flower bulb that I could plant now in pots for spring and summer?

I have just bought a couple of dahlias to plant in a pot but I wonder if it is still too cold to leave them outside? Should I wait to plant or could I keep the vase inside? I don’t have a green house only a shed where there is no sunlight but could I … read more

It said last week to check on stored dahlias to make sure they have not dried out. I thought that the idea of storing them was to make sure that they are dry before being put away so that they don’t rot. I dried mine & put them in newspaper in a box. Surely if … read more

We’ve just brought in our Waterfall Begonias to overwinter indoors. How often should they be watered? I ask this because if planted in the ground, you dig up the tubers and bring them in to dry out so would watering them kill them off?

When bulbs are grown in pots and removed in the summer can they be repotted for a second year?

I am looking to source 150 -300 bulbs, do you have any suggestions please?

Many years ago an article was published in “The Irish Garden” about the traditional Orange and Easter lily commonly grown in Irish gardens. I specifically want to know the botanic name of the traditional Irish Orange lily. Other Lilies that are orange are available but these are not the one’s I remember from childhood. They … read more

I have planted spring bulbs on my bank and there is a load of weeds in the area. If I use weedkiller will I kill my bulbs too.

We have planted gladioli in pots,there are lots of greenery but no flowers yet should we put in ground or leave in pots at this time, thank you.

I’ve been trying to buy madonna lily bulbs for over two years. Every garden centre says something different. If I ask in spring they say they come in in the autumn. If I ask in autumn they say they’ll have them next spring. – When should I expect to be able to buy them, and … read more

My Hyacinth Carnegie and Muscari blue grape variety are now falling back but I’ve noticed small tomatoe type growth on the stems. Are these new seeds/bulbs ? and what should I do with them. Also how far back should I cut out of season stems such as above and tulips for.

Can I plant daffodils under a mature magnolia? They are not doing well in pots, but I am afraid I might damage roots of magnolia Stellata as they appear close to surface. Thank you

We have lots & lots of daffodils, all various varieties. This year a large % of the Daffodils failed to flower & left us with leaves only. Why did this happen?

My well established Schizostylis normally blooms late summer/early autumn. However, in the last week it has started to flower – is this normal?

I have a daffodil with 3 flowers on one stalk. I have never seen the likes. How unusual is it?

I’ve planted some Asiatic and Oriental lilies bulbs in pots and I wonder if I can leave them in the shed until they start growing or is it better to leave them outside?

I planted some Madonna Lily bulbs 3 weeks ago and they are now showing well above ground. I didn’t expect them to appear until next summer. Is this usual? Will the frost kill them, should I dig them up and plant deeper? Your advice would be appreciated. Eilish.

A friend told me she wanted to tidy her garden and cut her lilies down as they looked very uglyafter flowering. Now she is worried that it might have been wrong and would damage the plants. As I have no lilies myself I could not answer her. The lilies are the ones with leafs directly … read more

This year i had a lot of daffodils, and very few flowers, i am wondering should i put some fertilizer on now, last year i waited a long time before tidying them up, it was early May, when i cut them back. What kind of fertilizer should i use?

Some of the tulips I planted this year seem to be stunted and badly eaten-leaves and flowers. Some flowers are at ground level-some dont even seem to have leaves. Any advice?

Tops of some daffodils (three clumps) look burned or charred. They didnt flower this year and the tips of some of the leaves also appear ‘burned’. Other daffs near them are unaffected but I am worried lest this ‘burning’ will spread.

I have noticed that something is eating my Daffodils before they have flowered, its looks like something just bit the top off the bud where the flower is, any idea what this might be?

I bought 2 big bags of daffodil bulbs last Autumn and planted them along the perimeter of my garden. I notice now that although most of the bulbs did produce foliage only a fraction of them have flowers. Apart from buying them cheaply what have I done wrong, and is there anything I can do … read more

Are tulips salt loving plant? I live in Galway and i can get seaweeds here as much i want, just i dont know can i use seaweeds for tulips?

i have 3 hyacinth bulbs in pot that I got as a present. they seem to have bolted and are drooping in full bloom. what can I do?

I planted daffodil, grape hyacinth and narcessi bulbs in October and they have all come up to almost 5cm in height given the good weather we experienced in November. Will they just die down naturally and reemerge with flowers in the springtime or is it too late now? A friend suggested that I should bring … read more

I saw something I’ve never seen before this week .. daffodils in full bloom! Is this usual?

Is it too soon to plant Allium giganteum? The packet says to delay setting as frost might get them if they come up too soon. also people tell me they are very hard to grow. Is this correct?

I have double begonias in pots outsidewhich are beginning to thin out & I believe these can be saved for next summer. How can I save these tubers until next spring/summer. Last year I just left them in their original pots in the shed but to no avail.

How deep do I plant Allium Caeruleum bulbs, 2ft. Ht. and blue in colour, do they need full sun.

Do I lift dahilas and gladioli for winter and how do i store them? Can i move and seperate my peony now as its bolcking my front gate its been there since before i bought the house 12 years ago?

when is the best time to plant tulips? its late september now….

I planted a bishop of LLandaff last year and a bishop of York this year.The llandaff came back with a vengeance this year. My question is when do I need to seperate the bulbs? Do I wait for them to die off for the year or just stop flowering? Also my bishop of york is … read more

You mentioned a flower with “big white blossoms” on Trish Taylor programme this morning (Sep17). I can’t listen back on the internet at the moment due to gremlins. Any chance you could tell me what flower you were referring to?? My German husband still can’t believe that you guys can plant out that sort of … read more

I sent in a not very good photo of this plant to you and you suggested it might be tritonia; I’m attempting a better shot, as I read that tritonia only flourishes in mild climates and this one has survived two very bad winters! It’s about5 inches high. Many thanks for such a great site!

Where can I buy the following Spring bulbs please i think our dwarf plum tree might be diseased..we haven’t had any leaves so far this year and the buds all look like there is a swelling just beneath – last week I noticed a kind of sap oozing out of them but this appears to … read more

I live in an appartment and I have rose bushes growing in containers. The problem I’m having, each year for the past 3 years, is that the leaves on each of the 3 rose bushes I have planted are being decimated by something that doesn’t seem to hang around. It also seems to fancy the … read more

I hope this photo is clear enough to identify – a sweet little plant that I think is in the wrong place but it bravely struggles on every year; if I know what it is maybe I can take better care of it. Thanks.

I bought some Dahlia Bulbs for the first time at Bloom and now wonder if it’s too late to plant them?!!

I planted 5 alliums last year and the were lovely when the came up but this year only 1 came up would you have any idea why ?

Can you buy crocus sativus bulbs in Ireland?

I need your help please. My garden is under siege by some savage caterpillars. They are large and bright green and have done untold damage to 10 lilies and reduced them to stumps!! I squashed 5 of these rotten bugs and haven’t seen any since but I am sure more will be back. I have … read more

I’m a complete beginner and I have lovely maple trees in the driveway, the only thing is I can’t keep the grass clear underneath. I have bulbs planted underneath so I try to pull the grass by hand but it still looks terrible. can any one let me know how to keep this clear and … read more

My tulips only bloom for 2 years after which they produce only a big green leaf. Is there anything I can do to help maintain them?

Is it too late to plant summer-flowering bulbs? Can you recommend bulbs sunny dry bed?

I have some daffodil bulbs purchased last November but I never got to plant them. They are storing well and I don’t want to have to throw them out. When would be the best time to plant them? Wait until October or plant them when my existing daffodil plants have died back?

I planted a lot of tulips the year before last and they gave me a spectacular show last spring. I let the foliage to die down naturally and left them in the ground, but forgot to feed them. Now I’m noticing some of them already has flower buds emerging, but much smaller in size. I … read more

I live in the west of ireland and my daughter’s getting married in september this year. I want the garden looking it’s best can you tell me what types of flower bulbs i should plant now to get lots of blooms? The soil is fairly dry and rocky

I have ordered some Ranunculus asiaticus by post; I grow a lot of flowers for cutting and thought this would be good. However I don’t know where to plant them; I have heard that well drained soil is essential, so I thought of planting them in slightly raised pots or crates, what do you think? … read more

I had a great show of Churchill daffodils last year (their first year).. there is no sign of them at all this year?

Are arum and St Joseph lilies the same? When is the best time to start planting lilies? Should I start them off in pots indoors/in tunnel or can they go directly into the gournd?

I have an indoor lilly bought last year its a divideable clump lilly with yellow flowers just about to bloom. There are five stems ready to flower, at the base of each actual flower thers is a little drop which looks like water but its sticky. what is this and will it hinder the blooming … read more

I have had crocus in my front garden for many years. In the last two or three years I have found them popping up in the field which is the far side of the stream which runs next to our house. Our field is not treated with fertilizes or chemicals. They have also appeared behind … read more

The leaves are all brown and dead-looking on my Watsonia. Should I cut them off or what can I do to help it recover?

how deep do i sow lillies

I planted Tulip bulbs and allium bulbs in very large pots as I had nowhere for them round Nov can I now move them as I finally have some where in the garden for them, and is it to late to plant some allium bulbs that have not been planted at all?

I am just wondering about an area of bluebells that I planted in the autumn – they were planted in a mixture of compost and good soil in mid to late October in a shady site underneath a tree. They have not as yet begun to emerge above the ground and I am wondering is … read more

I bought a lot of Spring bulbs which I didn’t manage to plant in time in the Autumn, Can I plant them now in the hope that they will bloom in 2012, or can I store them for planting next Autumn? If the latter, how should I do it, please?

I’d like to know of a supplier of heritage varieties of iris, or old garden varieties.

I bought two big bags of bulbs in the autumn – daffs and native bluebells, didn’t get around to planting them and then the snow came…. Can they still be planted? Can they be stored until next autumn?

I planted daffs. crocus, tulips and bluebells inNov, would these be damaged by the frost beneath ground.I also had about 20 of last years daffs poking through and tips are now frost bitten, will they survive?

Just wondering is it best to take up bulbs each year, dry and store?I heard Daffs are better left in the ground as they multiply? Which ones are better left in and which taken out?

I have brought my lillies ,grown in pots,into the cold greenhouse ,tilted them on their side to drain. how do I store them for the winter and when do I start them off for next year?

What on earth, excuse the pun, does this mean. I am very much a beginner but am seeing this on packets of bulbs whilst browsing.

I want to transplant Nerine bulbs – they have now stopped flowering and are at back of my vegetable patch which I want to make bigger. When and how do I transplant?

In the Sept edition of Irish Garden Finola Reid wrote a most interesting article on Crinums.I would like to buy some but I am unable to find a supplier.

I’m hoping to grow my own flowers for a late July wedding next year (2011). I want blue flowers, something simple. I like the Japan Iris. Would this be a suitable flower in terms of when it blooms? If so when is the best time to plant? There is plenty of space and various aspects … read more

I have planted snowdrops and hope to ‘force’ them to flower at xmas. Can this be done? If so, I have put them in a dark cool place but wonder if I should water/feed them, and also, when should I bring them into the warmth/light in order to have them flower for xmas.I have also … read more

I got a large tuber from friend and planted it in Spring in garden.It grew very large with beautiful large flowers The stems are 3-4 ins wide and blooms about 5ins.Height of plant about 2i/2ft..The heavy rain yesterday broke off one branch from just above ground. It has tiny roots. Could I plant this on … read more

My Iris are finishing up at present, should they be lifted & stored or can they be left in the ground for the winter or can they be moved & when?

I have 4 lillies whcih I planted last June and they are starting to flower now. Can i easily propgate these and turn the 4 into 12 for next year ?. I am wondering how I would go about doing this and is this the right time ?

I have lilies growing in wooden half barrels which have finished flowering .I need to replace the half barrels as they are falling apart,when can I take up the lily bulbs and when can they be reset?

i planted lillies 2 years ago the first year they produced a yellow flower,last year red and this year both red and yellow. could you please explain the reason for this

I got oriental lilies about 3 weeks ago no sign pf them flowering yet,they are in a pot in sunlight shouldnt they have bloomed by now?

I have a lovely strong plant of stargazer lily just coming into flower now and notice the leaves are being destroyed by some insect or other.There are rust marks on the leaves and holes also!On closer inspection there is a kind of mushy black substance clinging to the leaves looks like a squashed bug of … read more

What is the best to save my daffiodls seed and when can i set them out again?

Can you let me know were I can source the native Bluebells and how could I propogate from this original stock just for my own needs?

Is it too early to tie down daffodils, they look so untidy when the heads have withered but I have been told to let them wither more- is it bad to just clip them back instead of tieing them down as it takes up so much time when you have a lot of them in … read more

Can you please tell me the name of this flower, i cant seem to find a picture of it online, i took the pic last week at a public gardens.

Snowdrops – Garden books say to plant the seeds fresh – does that mean in the green as the seed heads are forming now?

I have limited room in a school garden, crocuses have been planted in a bed with some daffodils but over the next few weeks I want to plant the bed with vegetables, can the bulbs be lifted and stored for next year, or should I plant the veg in with them? If the crocuses are … read more

I enjoyed your article on “Golden Spangles”.I think eranthis is a delightful plant and I’m sure I have ideal conditions for it in my garden.I’ve often looked for seeds or tubers in a garden shop but have never seen it for sale. Can you direct me to a supplier please?

I bought a potted muscari, is it possible to plant it now or should i wait until the frosty weather passesKatie

It is March. Can I plant tulip bulbs now?

I bought 6 packets of bulbs, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and narcissi last Autumn. For a variety of reasons, I never got around to planting them but am considering doing it now.Is that a good idea or should I just keep them til next Autumn?

do you know of anywhere that these bulbs can be purchased in ireland, have seen them on English shopping channel but they wont deliver to Ireland

can lilies which are in the open ground be divided now in February? if not when should this be done?

I recently got a huge bag of daffodil bulbs from a friend of mine. Trouble is, my garden is not landscaped yet. Will I have to plant them into pots now, or can I keep them as they are in an onion bag high and dry in my garage rafters for planting next year?

I have tulips in pots, whats the best way of overwintering. I have an unheated greenhouse would they be ok if left in that, do I cut the dead stems back to soil level or is it better to let them die back completely and take the stem off then. Also, will I need to … read more

In the December issue of The Irish Garden there’s 2 pieces about cyclamen, one on p5 which start into flower in dec and one on p71 which talks about them being in flower since early august….are they the same kind of cyclamen? how long should August flowering ones last?

Just wondering am I doing this right. I put begonia tubers directly from the baskets into a tray of multipurpose compost and half filled it with the compost. They are in a shed

why did the croscosmia not bloom? it is the large red flowered variety. the flower buds were there but didn’t open. they flowered last year and the previous years.

I’d like to plant bulbs amongst the lawnHowever, come the time to mow the lawn, can I mow over the spent flowers?

We have quite a large established bed of Jersey lilies which are in full bloom at the moment. Unfortunately we are about to embark on an extension and need to move the flowerbed (starting on-site in 6-8 weeks approx). Construction will take around 12 months.Can we lift the bulbs (clean them off etc) and store … read more

Any tips on how to prervent small wild birds uprooting flower bulbs? Bulbs are mainly bluebells with some dwarf daffodillls.

Is it too early to plant tulips now,end august. when they are finished blooming do they need to be lifted and does their dying foliage spread disease among tulips?

my gladioli flowers have white spots read about it said to dig bulbs and cover in fungicide powder for the winter but cant find one captan 50 do one but it should be diluted in water any ideas.

love tulips but do they have to be lifted each year?

I have recently bought a dahlia and planted it in my garden, while watering it the other night I noticed a lot of insects crawling all over the petals, I can only describe them as very similar to silverfish.Do you know what they are and how I can get rid of them as they are … read more

Can you please tel me what could i plant in my garden this time of the year August for the Spring? I have grown Sweet Peas in my conservatory is it ok to plant them outside they are beginning to flower?

have two trailing begonias in a container one orange and one white the orange is perfectly healthy but the blooms on the white one are discoloured and very unhealthy looking they are also falling of before fully formed,the foliage is healthy.

now that the lilies are more or less finished for the year, whats the best way to propogate them? are the scales pulled off and put into a bag of moss peat and allowed to sprout shoots?

About 2 years ago we constructed a new garden bedIn Autumn and Spring over the last 2 years we have saturated the bed with all kinds of perennial bulbs mostly purchased at Lidyl and Dunnes Stores.Now I am suspicious but not 100% sure that a significant number of the summer perennials that came out last … read more

I have lots of lillies in pots and in the ground. They have largely stopped flowering by now and I am wondering if I should let the stalks die back naturally or cut the stalks. Would appreciate your advice

there is someting making a hole in the ground the size of golfball.Its eating the inside of the tulip bulbs but leaving the outside cover.I dont know what it is or what to do?

Very new to gardening and dont know what i am doing ,i have very tall tulips in pots and dont know what to do with them now .they kinda look as if they are coming to the end of their time .do i just throw them out and fill pots with somehing else , i … read more

I bought these bulbs last minute long after they should have been planted..not sure if they are golden ducat- I think golden ducat is all the same colour.

Hi Gerry, I would like to know what are the best flowers to plants in a housing estate (general area) whcih look good, are inexpensive and need minimum care (if such a perfect plants exists!!). I love the spring bulbs of daffs and tulips but is there an equivalent for summer? Many Thanks

Help this wild garlic is taking over my front garden and I spotted some in my back garden.Many Thanks, Carol Richardson.

I have Anemone seeds that I bought for AWARE’s Daisy days campaign at least a year of not two years ago. Would they still be okay to plant now, and if so how do I go about it? I have very very little gardening experience but I am setting about changing this!.

Hi Gerry, At least ten, maybe more years ago I planted some alliums in a bed in my garden. A year or so later I decided to get rid of them. However they will not go away and have spread all over the garden. Every year since then, at this time of the year I … read more

Hi Gerry, My garden is very overgrown but I need to do some work which involves using a mini-digger and (unfortunately) weedkiller. The problem is that lots of old bulbs-daffodils, crocuses and clumps of the most beautiful bluebells have survived the years of neglect. The crocuses and daffs are now in flower and the bluebells … read more

Hi Gerry, at the moment I am preping bed for dahlia bulbs.I have weeds with very long roots and runners. Can you recomment a weed killer that I can use AND will still be safe to plant dahlia bulbs in mid March ? Thanks .

Gerry, I want to move daffodils which are in the wrong place but not now as I d’ont want to damage any other plants which I can’t see yet(Dahlia,Hosta, etc.)Can I transplant just before they die down in late spring?

I have various types of bulbs that I want to mix in containers to have all year round colour at my front door. Is is possible to mix bulbs or would over crouding result in a poor show. The containers I have are 25cm x 50cm deep and 30cm x 60cm deep. The bulps I … read more


I have planted some Hyacinth bulbs in my backyard previously bought in a shop as a display. They were planted Sept and have not bloomed only green leaves. What I have done wrong?

Hi Gerry, Forgot to ask you about daffodil bulbs. We received a bag of daffodil bulbs last week and were wondering is it too late to plant them now. Thanks again, Rachel. any help appreaciated, Thanks very much Siobhy

Gerry, could i still set alium bulbs or is the ground too cold after recent frost. If not could i set them in pots and leave in ‘plastic’ greenhouse until spring. many Thanks mary rowley

My wife recently purchased bulbs – mirabilis and hemerocallis were 2 among them. When researching what soil, shade, etc. they like I found that they may be problematic. One website advised washing your hands after coming in contact with mirabilis. Another advised that the seeds of hemerocallis were highly toxic. As we have young children … read more

I planted lilies in pots sept/oct and they are now growing upto 6 inch, will they be ok or will frost damage the young shoots.What should I do with them, I have moved some pots to unheated greenhouse to protect them,did I do right? Mal Harris.

Two yrs ago we cut away some of our lawn and made a large area for shrubs and flowers which we covered with bark.Now parts of it are waterlogged.I think the bark was a bad idea.What can I do as I would like to set some bulbs for spring. Regards, newdawn How deep are Alder … read more

Hi Gerry, I’d appreciate your advice on the following matter.I would like to use decorative bark mulch in my border but Im concerned about my daffodil bulbs.Can daffodil bulbs grow through three inches of decorative bark mulch? Thank you.

Hello Gerry,A couple of friends of mine and myself would like to know the name of this plant. We have looked in lots of books and at pictures but we can’t agree on anything. I’ve attached a picture of it. Thanks for the advice on the cherries earlier in the year,at least I know it … read more

Dear Gerry, I was given a few lilly bulbs a few years ago, I planted them near a stone wall, every year they produced good stems but the flower buds were all turned downward. This year I moved them thinking they might have been too close to the wall. They are now in a bed … read more

During the high winds last weekend a garden chair fell on to a pot of lilies breaking off three of the six healthy stems. Assuming that these will never flower as their nourishment has been removed should I, when growth has died back, try to remove the bulbs. Many thanks.

I had groups of blue, white and yellow irises mixed together, but now there seems to be only blue ones in those positions. The few yellows or whites I see are alone. Do the blues kill off the opposition ( I’m told the European bluebell does this to the native Irish one by secreting a … read more

can i leave tulip bulbs in the ground once they have bloomed?

What bulbs do you suggest for colour in March?

Hi, I am not sure if this is a problem – but here goes: We planted a lot of tulips over the past two years in the garden and they are all fantastic specimens – even if we have to say so ourselves – especially after a trip to the Keukenoff Gardens in Amsterdam last … read more

Hi Gerry, I’ve been lazy and haven’t lifted or split my crocosmia in about 6 years. They are the tall red ones, Lucifer. Before they get a chance to flower, they flop over. The problem is that the clump is so large I fear that I will damage many of them. It’s also hard to … read more

Something is eating all my snowdrop flowers? Any idea what it could be?