I grew carrots for first time this year. Carrots are severly cracked, short and fat. Also they appear to have worms.

For the second consecutive year my carrot crop has been destroyed by root fly (not grown in the same area of the vegetable garden this year). Adjacent rows of parsnips were unaffected last year, but I’m not sure if they are affected this year. Does the pest persist in the soil ? I don’t plan … read more

Planted Nantes seed about 3 weeks ago just a few coming up. Had already done same middle of May, a few came up and have disappeared since. What is happening? I had prepared ground well and sowed in drills.

I planted autumn king carrot seeds in carrot bags in April, when can I harvest them.

Can’t think of where I heard or read it but are French Marigolds good for keeping carrot fly at bay?

Will frost affect my carrots still in ground. anything i should be doing?

Got a great carrot harvest having protected from c. fly with mesh surround.Now picking some carrots that show signs of rotting down to tail (not all), these have a black soil effect on them.These are Autumn King, my early Nantes not affected.What is the cause and prevention.

My carrots all have huge leafy healthy-looking tops but make very small roots. What am I doing wrong?

Are carrot fly still laying eggs?and if not can I nowremove my defence barrier of garden fleece?

a variety for sowing now after potatoes

I sowed carrots and parsnips in the last week of April, they are now just starting to show leaves/stems, is there any fertilizer i could apply to give them a boost. Also i have good cabbage plants, should some of the leaves be removed to help the head form better?

I planted seedling carrots outside over the last few weeks and some disappeared. I assumed they just didn’t make it but on closer inspection something seems to have eaten the leaves. I haven’t spotted slugs or snails and have beer traps. It’s my first time growing carrots. Could it be something else?

I want to plant get going with my carrot seeds however I keep reading about adding sand to the soil but what kind of sand. Obviously not beach sand but can you use sand they sell in woodies and the like for kids sandpits? If not where do I get it and what is it … read more

Can I sow carrots seeds and put down early seed potatoes now or should I wait until the weather improves. Still frosty in mornings

New to veg growing this past year and only started in May 2009. I didn’t use raised beds nor did i use manure. My carrots & parsnips didn’t mature to the size that i would have expected, while my peas were difficult to hold up the stems. Any tips how to improve for next year.

My carrots are splitting just as they are getting to a good size. Almost as if there was an explosion.

I have been told that if i grow vegetables such as carrots the actual plant only lasts a year. I dont want to have to re-plant every year. im also not that experienced. I use my chicken manure as fertiliser as i like to be organic. i have sandy soil. what vegetables would you advise … read more

I have planted carrot seeds about 3 weeks ago , they had all started to come up and were about 2 cm, in the last couple of days they have disappeared, can you tell me if you think this is down to carrot fly or do slugs like to munch on the young seedlings? Do … read more

I erected a 60cm white fleece around my carrots to prevent carrot fly. Unfortunately, where the carrot bed is situated, the white fleece is a bit of an eyesore. Ignoring the fleece, I have a timber wall surrounding my carrots (as a result of a raised bed) about 6” high which obviously won’t prevent carrot … read more

Hi Gerry, I planted carrot seeds 3 weeks ago and I’m happy to announce that they germinated about a week ago (ie. small green leaves appeared over the ground about a week ago). I was inflicted with carrot fly last year so I’m going to erect a 60 cm while fleece around my carrot bed … read more

own grown carrotts how best to store over winter months- in bags of peet straw or soil. thank you