I have cauliflower that has been bolting all summer. Is the bolting due to temperature or lack of watering?

I have few cauliflower plants. Only one plant, though it is not as big as other plants has a head (all planted at the same time)Few of them have loads of leaves but no heads,but looks healthy.What should i do?

My Cauliflower looks really good, with lovely healthy leaves but absolutely no heart ( centre), They look just like cabbage. Is there anything I can do with them or should I get rid of them.

My cauliflowers were coming on nice & strong, healthy in appearance and thriving until about a week ago when I noticed the plants failing.They have continued to do so. No sign of attack on the plant above ground so I assumed that perhaps the roots were being attacked. I pulldd the smallest plants and discovered … read more

I have just stated harvesting caulifowers but notice the larger ones have developed a purple tinge, the discolouration seems to be confined to the surface. some leaves also have a touch of purple, is this a disease?

I have cauliflower plants which are going limp and dying.When I pull them up I find a small white maggot 5mm long has eated through the root just below the stem, Could you advise?

My cauliflower plants have all gone to seed. I bought them as plants and planted them in the garden in May. Is there something I should have done to prevent this happening?

I have cauliflowers planted out from trays, in a newly created garden from a lawn, in early May.The leaves look healthy but the cauliflower is going discolored with green and pink. This appeared early in the growth of the cauliflower. Most plants are affected.

I have Young Cauliflower plants where something is eating or sucking the Sap out of stems of the plants but not the leaves. This causes the leaf to fall down.Plants are in a Tunnel and more outside Tunnel both infected.