Please suggest some plants or shrubs or fruit or colourful cover to plant against a north facing wall in Co.Tyrone

We have a new build with acidic soil and just lawns done. We want to sow low maintenance plants and trees that do not cost the earth . It is a 2 storey House 180m in from road its an open site with a sweeping drive and lawn wrapping around the house with smaller lawn … read more

I would like to plant a hedge in my front garden which will give privacy all year round but also be edible/friendly to wildlife? ( hedge space is 20ft by 3ft)I can plant holly and ivy to keep some winter green as they grow well here. My partner is obsessed with neat hedges and wants … read more

Can you please help me identify a beautiful Japanese maple which I lost and long to replace? A. palmatum type, with five-lobed leaves, undissected, unvariegated or otherwise marked, sap-green in spring, light green in summer, and flaming crimson in autumn. Small (in a pot), lovely loose, leaning habit (not the squat, congested look of some … read more

can Jasmine solanium survives in Ireland . Will I place it indoor or outdoor in garden soil . What weather is best for it and what will happen in winter?

I’m a beginner. I bought 20 bareroot beech about 3 ft in height. I started digging thinking I’d be ready to plant in a fday or 2. Over a week later I’m still digging as ground is impacted. The trees are outside in black plastic bags..will the trees last as I need another’s day digging. … read more

I have a NW facing paved area and wish to populate with pots etc. In pots, say 32cm x 32cm what could I use for permanent pot life that might also add a bit of winter colour? I already have Buxus there and will have summer colour in some troughs as well. I live in … read more

I am looking for a small variety of Camellia that wont get too big and will look good in a small front garden. I am going to put my next Camellia in the ground as I have already killed a Camellia in a pot by accidentally letting it dry out.

Will Skimmia Japonica reevesiana ‘Chilan Choice’ which is both male and female pollinate S. Japonica ‘Rubella’ which is male only, when in the one garden?

A section of my garden is very damp and sometimes waterlogged. I was thinking of planting a living willow hedge, but have concerns about the roots and their effect on my house, Are the roots invasive? Is a living willow hedge safe for a suburban garden?

I want to plant a Virginia Creeper and am interested in Panthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Yellow Wall’ PBR. I seem to remember someone saying that it is a less hardy variety. Is this true? My house is on the north Donegal coast and I’d like to plant against an open east facing wall. How does it compare … read more

I have just built a raised bed along a fence with railway sleepers and willow screening covering a block wall 1.5m high. The border is approx 6m x 0.8m. Can you recommend a shrub mixture, ideally a mixture of everygreen colours with maybe some grass and flower.

should I buy Buxuss in this weather if yes where to keep them and how to look after them .? I live in Ennis.

Please advise on what to plant/shrubs for a very wet steep slope at the back of the house. We live by the seaside in the west of Ireland exposed to westerly winds.Its grassed over at the moment but we do not want to be moving anymore.

Can you please identify this shrub for me?

I would like identification of this plant cutting. I am not sure whether it is some type of cypress or not.

I stayed in a hotel last night and saw this wonderful evergreen front hedge that would be perfect for my outer perimeter wall space. Is it some type of dwarf leaved Laurel?

I have just moved into a new house and this bush is in the garden. It would be great if someone knew what it’s called.

I planted this about 4 years ago without knowing anything about it. Now having read horror stories on the internet about its invasive habit I am anxious to get rid of it. I started to dig it up but cannot get to the end of its long tap root. Whats the best way to get … read more

I have cleared off the weeds from this slope pictured. Can you suggest some plants(flowers & shrubs) which would have an immediate colorful impact. Are there any colorful plants which provide good ground cover also.

Is Japanese acer a good choice for my area – how high will they grow?

Looking for recommendation for dwarf tree/shrub (6-8 foot) for flower-bed beside a wall in small surburban garden. Maybe globe-shaped? Sunny aspect. Preferably colourful and preferably evergreen.

I spotted this plant at a farm house in Kerry image attached – would you kindly be able to give me the name of it so I can get one. In winter then plant produces cherry size berries that look great .

Can you recommend an evergreen tree suitable for a seaside area that can grow up to 20-30ft? I would like to screen off an neighbours extension that overlooks my garden. Ideally, a fast growing tree would be great! My garden isn’t very big.

Could you please identify this lovely plant. Growing at the front gate of my new house.

I need to plant about 30 foot of hedge. I quite like laurel, and went to the local garden centre to check it out. I reckon a potted plant is better, and they had two options. Both appeared to be the same variety (Cherry), both were the same size and both looked identical. The difference … read more

I am looking at the above types of dogwood. Can you advise if these are seasonal and if they are likely to die in the winter? I am thinking of a raising flower bed, with good drainage. Also, how big would these grow?/Flowering?

What kind of trees would grow in marl soil?

I am trying to find inspiration for a climber on a wall that is in shade and in a very windy spot. I used the tool on this website (very useful) but the results give only creepers and ivy; I’m not crazy about either, do you know if I have any other options?

We moved into a new house last October with a small south-facing back garden/patio area that is fenced with a dull wooden fence that I can’t really paint much of due to some old climbers already there. I would like to plant some new colourful climbers and am wondering what to plant and when to … read more

I have a virginia creeper/boston ivy on the front of my north east facing house but it has never clung on with it’s pads (I think the render is too smooth) Im thinking of changing to Wisteria, would that be a good idea, or can you suggest another climber. Otherwise, any tips on how to … read more

I have a fence at the front of my house. I had a shrub growing over it but it was too heavy and the fence was falling and getting damaged. Can you recommend a light climbing shrub please. Preferably that flowers and is evergreen.

I have a large concrete back yard with swings etc, surrounded by mass concrete walls, 1m up to 2m in height with a beech/whitethrorn hedge on top bordering field. Can’t plant in concrete unless pots?? Looking for a creeper that will grow down and not effect hedge on top, would ivy strangle it as it … read more

Can you recommend an ever green climber (strong preference to avoid ivy) for a North facing wall. The wall is roughly 10ft high & 7ft wide and is looked on to from the kitchen window.

There is a section in my garden that I am unable to grow anything, most plants have died. The part of the garden is a very cold spot. An ideas of what I can grow?

I am looking for planting suggestions for my garden boundary to offer privacy for both my garden and my neighbour. I am in the process of renovating an overgrown garden. As you can see from the attached photo my garden and house are over looked by my neighbours house. I plan to continue my fencing … read more

I have moved into a small housing estate, with fairly large green area. We have formed a residents association and we are looking for advice on the type of shrubs or trees to plant in the estate. Each house has a small green area beside the footpath. We would like to put small trees or … read more

I’ve been searching high and low for this in Ireland but it appears this isn’t grown by nurseries here. Have you ever heard of anyone growing/selling this climber? Any info greatly appreciated.

Are there any shrubs or plants that will grow in a shady area by the sea.

Just wondering is there anywhere that stocks Irish strawberry trees.

Could you please let me know who stocks or where I might be able to get the fireball poppy and the foxglove tree featured in this months magazine?

I recently replaced a long (20m) wooden panel fence with a concrete block wall. .About 6m of the wall is bounding on a new patio and there is a buried oil line just under the patio surface, so cannot dig beds. Wall is north facing, getting sun late PM onwards.I would like to grow evergreen … read more

I am trying to locate Coronilla Glauca or Valentina for my garden. Have tried a number of the major garden centres in Dublin and also Johnstown, Kill. Can you suggest where I could find one ?

Some years ago when I moved house, I didn’t have sufficient protected space for my half hardy Fuchsia collection. So, I planted some of them out in the garden. Many survived the first few mildish winters, but only this specimen came through the savage winter of 2010 when my garden plummeted to an all-time record … read more

What different trees can I plant on land in Achill island ?

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me when is the best time to prune the trees in the photo and if you could tell me what species of tree they are?

I have tried for a long time to grow Embothrium coccineum but can’t seem to get it to take off. What are the optimum planting conditions and do I need to do anything specific to care for it? This shrub is simply spectacular when it flowers. I live in Mallow Cork on a fairly exposed … read more

I have a 6 foot wall that separates my back fence from the street I am looking to grow some climbing plants up the wall to cover it but the issue I have is at the base of the wall its very shallow until it hits cement. Therefore can you suggest any climbing plants that … read more

I’m looking for advice in relation to planting a hedge around the circular rim of an old fort, it hasn’t any preservation orders on it of any kind. The previous bushes, whitethorn and blackthorn, were never trimmed and they grew to 20ft and more but fell over due to a combination of ivy, wind and … read more

I am part of a committee completing planting in a new Local Childrens’ Playground.The playground is an enclosed area (approx 800m2) with mostly tarmac and rubber safety surfacing. We have a circuit bench which will have a tree planted in the centre. What tree would you recommend? We would like a feature tree, with a … read more

I have several holly-like plants appearing in the garden. This spring one flowered with beautiful yellow clusters of flowers, and now berries are forming. The flowers are like Mahonia, but the leaves are not compound. They are in clusters around the stems like Osmanthus. What is it?

I need a fast growing, hardy, evergreen screening hedge for a location in county Monaghan, very frosty in the winter time. Space is not a problem. I have considered Leylandii but would prefer something that would stop growing at approx 25-30 feet high. I’m in my sixties so fast growing is important . Is there … read more

I have a very steep slope down my lane/drive and currently have grass, but as the slope is about 80 degrees its hard to cut etc so I’m looking a solution which will provide me evergreen low maintenance, flowering would be a bonus. I have looked at many options but keen to hear your input.

Would it be adviseable to plant JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS “HIBERNICA” or JUNIPERUS SCOPULORUM “SKYROCKET” in a coastal area in west of Ireland, (Galway) which has frequent strong winds, laden with salt, on an elevated site?

I want to plant fast growing deciduous trees to act as screen and wind break but dont want roots to damage old barn that is 5.0 metres away. Can you recommend suitable trees?

I would love to get a Cornus kousa “Satomi”. Do you know who supplies them? ( I have enquired locally without success) Also, how far from a wall should it be planted, and how high is it likely to grow?

I would like advice as to some of the most suitable shrubs to use to give me an evergreen hedge that could be maintained at about 60cm x 150 cm.I am replacing existing Thuja hedge as it is impossible to keep it at a reasonable size.

I am planning to replant my patio beds in the coming weeks – do you have any suggestions for fairly hardy and relatively small shrubs (up to 2 ft)?

I have been advised by a local nursery to plant dogwoods instead of alder for a wet part of my garden. I want to form a hedge /screen . What in you opinion is the best and which would look the best?

looking for a shrub that has small pink flowers that appear before the leaves

I have a steep bank at the back of the garden but its very hard to grow anything, it seems quite dry and very stony! Daffodils appear to be about the only thing that is growing well. Can you recommend something to plant and also a fast ground covering plant that might cover the area. … read more

My neighbour and I share front steps and have 3 black square wooden Versailles type tubs in front. Quite formal look which suits 19th century terrace. Currently planted with box (or something similar) which is brown and dead. I want to replace with something evergreen and not too demanding. Thinking pieris or fatsia. East facing … read more

I planted a big laurel hedge last year both sides of my site and 75% have survived, the others have possibly died due to water logging ground. I also have a 100ft back boundary to my site away from the house. I would like to know is there any trees or hedges that would survive … read more

I want to plant 4 trees at the front of our house . want something no real maintance and wont grow to high. we also live beside the beach and can be very exposed to high winds.

I saw a plant/ bush that has yellow tops and it is spikey like thorn and is like something that you would see at the side of a motorway after it has been completed, any clue what it could be?

Can you advise on a small to medium size magnolia for an area of garden that receives afternoon and evening sun please?

I want to replace two ginkos with two thinish tall trees.Suggestions welcome & when to plant.

Last Feb I planted a long Carpinus Betulas hedge using bareroot plants. It is growing well but this winter a minority of the plants have lost 100% of their leaves while the other plants have retained most of theirs. They all look identical to me but could they be different varieties? I want screening in … read more

i want to plant an ornamental cherry but as i only have a very narrow bed against a south east facing wall, i think a cherry that can be trained against a wall would be best. i’d like a variety with dark reddish leaves and pink flowers if possible. could you suggest one?

I am looking to buy some type of bush or shrubbery for my in-laws for Christmas, preferably with white blossoms to shine in the moon, hence the moon garden. Any ideas for this time of year?

I purchased Winterberry plants in B&Q a number of years ago. They were covered in red berries and of course as I did not realise at the time, are a form of ilex and were all female. Do you know where I could purchase a male. Would it have to be of the same species … read more

Can you let me know where I can purchase Prunus Mume Beni Chidori. I have read alot about it and you mentioned it in your article “The first Cherry Blossoms” in the Irish Independent on Sunday February 18 2007. Is it hardy to -15? Many Thanks Margaret

I love dwarf conifers and would like to find the supplier with the best range in Ireland, can you advise?

I saw this tree when I was in Monaco last week but found it frustrating not to be able to find out the name. Maybe you can help. The aerial roots look like it may be a Strangler Fig but unfortunately I didnt take a close up of the leaf but I dont think it … read more

I have had my flower beds cleared. What would be good to plant here to withstand frost in the winter yet providesome colour year round? I am thinking a mix of shrubs and flowers

I have two Chilean lantern trees growing in pots on each side of my north facing, front door. I would like to keep them there as apart from their brightening up this area our garden is alkaline. Would this be possible? If not could you recommend a shrub that could be container grown and would … read more

What evergreen flowering climbers would you suggest for a south facing 6ft high wall. Must be hardy

What weeping tree would you recommend , similar to Weeping Birch, but smaller, that will grow to about 2.5 meters high/ 2.5 meters wide

I am looking for a virginia creeper. I have one but the leaves are very large. I am intersted in one with small leaves as it is for a small patio area – preferably a purple colour in summer. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could look on the internet?

I bought a lovely Pyracantha in Spring which is supposed to have berries for the birds. It has come on really well since i planted it but hasn’t got a single berry on it. Can you tell me why please. Also where could i find a lovely Japanese Quince with an orange flower please?

Plants to suit the front of a woodland area. the woodland is about 15 years planted with sitka spruce and dappled shade trees. i want the planting area to look natural.

this tree/plant was planted by a neighbour who moved before i could ask him what it was.. its been about a year.. i’d really appreciate you telling me what it is as i really like it and want to move it into my garden but need to know soil/site preferences and how big it’ll get

I was told that this shrub (about 4 ft tall) is Drimys but looking for your take on it. It’s in a dry semi-shady spot and obviously not thriving (it never flowers) and I’ve never been successful at propagating it. Is it Drimys and is it too big to be moved?

We have an external courtyard at the centre of our house which gets no direct sunlight to ground level. What trees or plants would be suitable for decorative purposes in this shaded but very sheltered area?

My lawn is a blank canvas with the exception of two recently planted mature trees – Birch and Beech. I want to begin by planting a series of trees along the west facing perimeter of my garden. Site is exposed, I live in a limestone region and I love trees. Garden centre has recommended, Mountain … read more

Im looking for a name of a tree,i think it might be an acer,its the first to take on its autumn colours this year,a lovely gold and redish colour,see alot of them planted driving into wexford town.

I plan to plant mixed climbers to grow up a 4ft concrete wall on top of which is 4ft sunlap fence so the total height of wall is 8ft and the length of wall is 39 ft long (6ft of it at the end is on shallow sloping dry ground) and my question is how … read more

We would like some advice on choosing a suitable small tree for a windy front garden between N11 and Redcross, Co. Wicklow. At present we have an Acer Rufinerve planted on the site. It is not thriving as the wind is breaking the young branches and tearing off the leaves. It never gets a chance … read more

Ive bought a winter flowering cherry and hope to plant it along one side of the garden, beside a 5ft fence. Ive read different reports of how tall and wide it can grow. How far out from the fence should i plant it and can i prune it/remove some branches if they are extending out … read more

i fell in love with a Cercis tree i saw recently in Airfield House. it was still a very vivid burgandy and i’ve since been trying to buy one but see that most types fade to green by this time of the year.. could you recommend a type that retains its colour throughout summer? also … read more

I want to plant 2/3 fast growing trees to obscure neighbouring windows overlooking my garden. I want something deciduous with non invasive roots. I attach a photo of the 3 windows I wish to conceal from view. As you will see there is an old stone boundary wall that I do not want destabilized by … read more

I was wondering if you could suggest some attractive trees (at least 10ft tall but not necessarily too wide) to provide screening along a south westerly facing side wall in my suburban garden. I would like evergreen trees so that the screening is year round but I don’t particularly like conifers but I cant come … read more

Could you recommend a plant/small tree that could be planted in a pot for a gravestone over the autumn/winter months. Have been planting various heathers for years but need something different.

Could you recommend some fast growing plants to form an arch in a south facing, very sunny garden? We’d prefer evergreen so it doesnt look too ugly in the winter.

I was thinking of planting a Fagus sylvatica dawyck either side of steps leading from the patio onto the lawn-i wonder how it responds to pruning i dont want it to get too wide or too tall. can it be kept to about 4foot diameter by pruning.? if the top is pruned will it bush … read more

Along west facing side of garden, Colour all year , non poisonous not thorny, backing unto line of trees ?

I am looking for advice on what trees and shrubs to plant in a bleak, wild, windswept garden on the coast in northern Donegal. Anything that has been planted there has been badly burned by the harsh cold winter winds.

We are a small garden centre in Ferns and we try to accommodate our customers 100%, but we have met a brick wall in sourcing Tetrapanax papyrifera Rex on Page 10 of July issue. Can you advice?

I’m living in Dublin, can you let me know where I can buy this plant

Can you recommend a hedging /trees for a boundry. I already have golden leylandi around some of the boundry which goes around the house. There is a piece of land behind where our percolation area is. The general area is marshy so can you recommend something that likes the wet.

Can you tell me how you can tell the difference from cotinus grace and cotinus royal purple this time of the year. I am after cotinus grace and in one garden centre there is no label and the staff thinks its grace but not sure!

We are planning to put in an Oak-tree lined driveway. The drive itself is 37m long up hill. The drive is south facing and is fairly exposed to both wind and distant sea spray. Could you please recommend suitable Oak species with appropriate spacing? Is it better to opt for younger trees or semi-mature? i … read more

Im trying to find out the differences between Cornus Controversa Variagated and Cornus Alternifolia “Argentea” apart from the difference in the size of the leaves?

A friend of mine has this strange plant in their garden and nobody knows what it is. They have brought a sample of the plant to a few garden centres and they were unable to identify the plant. I have attached a photo of the plant, I have also photos of the individual leaf and … read more

Need to fill gap in boundary hedging – 25 Metres long with tall trees at each end of gap. Although majority of boundary has whitethorn growing wild, I would like to have a more formal, thick, fast growing hedge in this section, with a minimum height, over time, of 2 metres.On my side of boundary … read more

I need to hide an ugly wall where I’ve made the terrible mistake of having my plum trees cut to the ground. I was no longer able to maintain the trees as regards thinning etc. Fencing is turning out to be very expensive. Huge quotes have been offered eg. Cottage fencing being very expensive and … read more

I have a side garden at the side of my house and i have nothing to do with it.. weeds are just growing.. it is about 10 meters long and i have no idea of what to do or put in it. can you give me some ideas on what to do?

I need some good smelling fragrant bushes or trees. I want to surround our septic tank area with good smelling bushes and trees to counter the smell of the tank, preferably ones that can cope with the strong westerly wind here on the coast

I planted 5 THUJA conifers about 2 years ago as a border at the side of my house. They have grown quite tall but don’t seem to be growing widthways much at all. Somebody told me if I cut the tops off them they would spread out widthways. Do you think that is a good … read more

Which would you recommmend for a windy seaside hill in Donegal as archictectual items in garden.?

I have bought the June edition of The Irish Garden I was wondering where would I be able to get the Kalmia Latifolia in Ireland. It is featured in the plant profile section. It is evergreen and would look great with the rhododendrons.

A 22 year old laburnum tree (see photo) that was very much the centrepiece of our garden has died from a fungus disease … not sure if it is honey fungus. We will have to get it removed and we are seeking a suitable replacement … can you suggest a suitable replacement tree that would … read more

.I attach a photo of trees . planted 5 years ago that which were supposed to grow within 2 years to 6′ but have not grown. Please can you advise what I can do to encourage growth or should these be replaced. The site is exposed and near the sea. I require a shelter belt/ … read more

I planted boston Ivy rooughly about six to eight weeks ago. I planted a clematis at the same time further away from it. I planted them in the soil, with a trellis support. The area gets some sun and equal amounts of shade. My concern was with the clematis but is growing great but the … read more

I live in a estate planted with a lot of native Irish trees. There are some Horse Chestnut trees planted approx. 6 feet from my boundary wall and approx 10 feet from the gable end of my house. The trees are approx 10 years old and approx. 20ft high. The crowns are still qiute compact. … read more

Will the gardens in Ireland still be in bloom the first half of June?

Would you be able to tell me where I could an Embothrium Coccineum in Cork? Or anywhere in Ireland? We have searched and searched and can’t find one anywhere, with many centres and suppliers blaming the bad winter for killing a lot of them.

looking for some suggestions for plants that like a lot of water and so might do well in wet part of the garden and help ‘soak’ it up

I managed to purchse Coronilla Citrina Glauca two years ago but they died over the winter, Again last year I purchased 6 more to replace and again they died this winter. I know the last 2 winters have been cold but can you reccomend another hardier shrub that I can replace it with?

Looking for a small size tree of interest which would be a mature height of 6-7ft. Also looking for a tree that would be happy to stay in a pot.

I am looking for advice on what are the best front doors trees to buy that will survive the harsh winters. we had two beautiful bay trees matured and after the first years cold weather we cut them back and they came back but this winter finished them off. we are looking for something that … read more

I love gardening and recently returned from Ireland. In many home gardens (late April) I saw a bushy plant with pink to tangerine orange foliage at the top. I am not sure if there were flowers. It reminded me of poinsettia. Can you help me identify it? This may be a photo of a similar … read more

Last August I planted 12 Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ as hedging in exposed site, all lost after severe (-17)weather in Dec/Jan. Should I try again with same plant? Or would you suggest another plant? Would prefer something with interest eg flowers/berries and evergreen. Soil not up to much but have access to plenty rotted manure … read more

What shrub is named sorbaria or sorbifolia Sem as i have searched all my gardening books and cannot get it?

got this from a friend its woody and flowers in july

I would like to plant something fast growning in this corner space for privacy and to replace elder tree that died.

We have a camellia planted about six years ago that has yet to flower. It is located in a spot sheltered by Hebe, has been fed regularly, mulched with peat, and not allowed to dry out. It is also located fairly close to a plastered wall. We propose moving it away from the wall in … read more

I live very close to the sea and sometimes get salt laden winds. My question is will Pyracantha grrow well in these conditions or is it inadvisable to plant it.

What are suitable evergreen climbers to cover 6 feet high wall. Could I put in a mixture of evergreen and deciduous plants?

Can you suggest some evergreen shrubs which are frost hardy. I have an avenue leading to my house and a lot of the shrubs have died because of the very bad winters we have had.

Bottle Brush’ didn’t survive the severe frost of last winter. As it appears this is a very tender plant, is it risky replacing it with the same again or,what would be a good alternative and of similar growth habit?

Hedge “silver queem” pittosporum tenuifolium badly effected by cold weather no signs of any growth. should i wait a little longer

I am looking for advice on what plant to use. The job I want it to do is hang down and cover a wall from top to bottom. I was going to put planting boxes on a wall and allow a flower to grow down out of the box and eventually cover the wall. The … read more

What hedge would be suitable to Plant in damp/wet soil. Is it to late to plant hedge now?

Is it true that copper beech will no longer be available and the strain available will revert back to green beech in the summer?

I plan to plant a specimen tree very near the house, approx 15ft from house. The site is exposed out the back of the house with a beautiful view. The tree will add interest to the back of the house as it’s all about the view at the back of the house. I love maple … read more

I have an area measuring 35 x 6 metres, oval in shape and it on a slope. very open to wind. Just need advice on what to grow on the entire area that will be low mainteance.

I need to replace a big space occupied by a 30 yr old Griselinia stand alone shrub 10ft across, 10 ft tall that died this winter. Any suggestions on filling this large gap that happens to be located in front of septic tank. South West facing.

Suggestions for shrubs to complement a silver birch tree. It is a small space within a limestone wall at base of birch tree, only tree providing shelter to the space. needs colour, one of the first things seen when parking in front of house. diameter 8ft circumference 16ft Have snowdrops and red tulips planted

Where can I find plants native to Ireland that are good for birds and insects? I have a small back garden which is fenced in and would like a border with large shrubs for wildlife as much as is possible in a suburban back garden.

small oil tank within sight of patio, please suggest plant or shrub grouping to help hide from view without using trellis. soil damp, heavy, sunlight in evening only, small child using garden so child friendly plants only. dont want plants to grow too high or bushy, need to access tank also. tank on raised platform … read more

I’ve recently had some tall plum trees uprooted which has left the garden desolate. Could you suggest some low maintenance evergreen shrubs to fill the space. I was thinking of a few small fuschia along one side (how high would a dwarf one grow, if there’s such a thing?). Or alternatively, how high would holly … read more

how do you identify the male viburnum? If a plant has pollen, it has male parts, such as stamens and anthers.

Wondering how hardy Magnolias are? Lost many plants in last two winters. Tried a Magnolia years ago and lost it. Heard Stellata is the hardiest. Would you recommend that I forget about them in Donegal or give one another go?

I want to replace a frost burnt hedge What is a fast growing replacement? Thinking of a variagated holly!

I want to plant a creeper that will be colourful for most of the year. I have a south-west facing gable end wall. Can you suggest a creeper that will have flowers on it during the summer months please and that will also look well & possibly colourful when not flowering?

Is it possible to keep leylandii under control by cutting it twice a year? i have a half acre site with the boundary on average 35 ft away from my house? im afraid to put hedging in again because of the harsh winters.

Our neighbours have some very tall trees planted right beside the boundary fence between our gardens. There is leylandii, beech and oak – all are very tall at least 30 foot. I was planning on making a flower bed beside this boundary fence, is this possible or will anything grow so no near these trees. … read more

Can you advise name of suitable tree for village green to be used as permanent christmas tree instead of buying one for christmas lights each year. We would like to plant next week for National Tree Week.

Which cedars would you recommend as being the most wind resistant? I really like Lebanese Cypress as I have the space for it but I’m afraid that the coastal winds will be too much for it.

I want to plant a climber on a south facing wall but the area is small 12′ long. I had a potato vine there but it got too big and I had to get rid of it. I am looking for something that will cover the wall but not too much maintenance.

I now have 4 small pernettya and have read that to have berries on they need a male ….. any ideas where i can find one and how do they differ from the female?

I have a large coastal garden, quite exposed that I am trying to build up. Hedging is in and doing well but I am looking for help with getting some colour into the garden. Advice on trees and shrubs would be appreciated also. I am a beginner gardiner and dont know where to start.

I would like to grow an evergreen hardy hedge in my garden. I’d like something with a bit of interest like flowers/berries maybe. Have thought about holly but its growth rate is too slow. What would you recommend that would grow at a fairly good pace?

What plants would you recommend for a high wall always in the shade and doesn’t get any sunlight. I have tried a number of plants but they have not grown successfully.

I want to plant some shrubs between my neighbour’s house and mine to act as a screen.Can you recommend some shrub that is hardy, evergreen and will grow tall and wide. I have lost a few shrubs in recent weather so need something that will be hardy.

I bought 4 Viburnum davidii plants last year and I was assured that one of them was male. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the case as I didn’t get any blue berries. The plants didn’t flower very abundently – the flowers were small and seemed closed. They are in good soil/dappled shade and seem … read more

Can you recommend a tree or large shrub for a corner of our garden which is in full shade all day long and which is very wet throughout the year. We are also located on the coast.

I want to plant two trees outside my west facing sunroom. As they will be approx 2 metres close to the house, can you recommend trees whose roots will not travel and break up the footpath or damage the house in any way? I am looking for something relatively narrow as I don’t want to … read more

Just a quick question – I have this type of Robinia in my garden and there is no sign of it budding at all just yet – should I be worried about this or is it just a late starter?

I’m wondering how to improve drainage of my back garden. Would planting trees help and which ones? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for a colourful summer climber/creeper to climb up the back face of my house, it will have to grow in a pot as there is a path that separates the house from garden.

Can you recommend a clematis that can be used as ground cover and would also be suitable for covering a tree stump? Situation is partial shade.

I need to block out neighbours unsightly big shed in my 100ft back garden. I want to plant fast growing leafy hardy trees (cheap too)…..what would be the best tree / trees to plant. I was thinking silver birch and hazel trees.

I have large evergreen trees growing at the end of my garden. I cut the lower branches two years ago and have since put compost and grass seeds down several times but the grass only came back around the edge of the bare area. Could you please give me some advice as to what to … read more

I have a lovely mountain ash tree growing in Farm yard, I staked it last year with the intention of moving it to a new area in my lawn.Can i move it now, does it need a partner ie a female tree near by or can it survive on its own.

Could you tell me where I am likely to find a good range of good quality (standard or larger) Brich trees for sale, preferably somewhere near Dublin and ideally around the Castleknock area?

My front house garden is v small, measuring about 14ft deep by 25ft wide. The location is within 4-500 metres of the sea with no screen in between. The builder planted birch trees in some gardens ( in the housing development interior) which are even smaller than mine, so the trees are within 5-10ft of … read more

I’ve recently surrounded my rear garden with a 6ft” high, stone faced, panelled wall. Although it looks very well, I would like to break up the concrete look by planting a number of mixed climbers to grow up onto the panels. Could you suggest what type and/or name of suitable climbers I could use?

can you recommed plants for a cottage garden?

Any suggestions for climbers against timber fences which may be grown / taken down while preserving fences? We would also have to grow these in containers.

I have a small garden south facing at back of mews and would like to plant a small interesting tree to replace bush like tree on left of photo. Thank you for any suggestions of what to get and when to plant.

I have two types of Hedera to climb up an arch. They are supposed to reach up to about 3 mtr. but their main growth is at the base in stead of at the top. Would it be effective to prune back that base growth, or would this stimulate more growth at their feet au … read more

How and when to grow willow from cuttings – i.e. ‘wands’ or ‘sallies’ as have heard them called. Location sth Wexford. Available locally but not sure how to go about – people say just take a snip and shove in the ground – is it that simple? Trying to create ‘screen’ along fence.

I would like to buy two topiary plants in nice smart pots to put either side of a front door.Would you know where/how I could purchase these at a reasonable price.

I have a new garden and would like to start planting evergreen shrubs first. I have a big area, dont like big plants and would like some shrubs that flower.We have a sunny open back garden. Can you tell me when to plant please? Gaye

Last year we moved into our new home which is located beside our farm on a fairly large site of one acre. the site can be very blustery in winter especially on the right hand side of our home which is surrounded by our field. this is also the main area that we use as … read more

Is the tree(Cedar?)on the right of the too close to the house .The distance is about 10 meters from the house to the tree trunk.Should or could the lowre branches be removed or would this destroy its form?

I want to grow something up the back of my house to cover unsightly drains etc. I was thinking of Virginia Creaper or varigated Ivy but have been told that they pull the plaster off walls. The house is only four years old. I dont know if this applies to modern houses. Have you any … read more

After this hard winter all of our 18 year old Olearialook dead no foliage at all.Will these recover or is it a case of removing all of them.If I cut them down what do you suggest as Regards the stumps as they are large.What would you suggest as a replacement as they lined our drive … read more

We lost a mature Griselinia hedge due to the extreme cold this winter. We are just about to remove the sad spectacle from our garden and need advice on what to replace it with. The house is detached, in a mature estate on the town side of suburbia. To the front it’s 30ft long and … read more

Have you ever heard of a schmacher tree (not sure of spelling) have not being able to find reference to it anywhere. I believe it has variegated leaves.

I am looking at the options for Trees types that i could Plant along the Back wall of my 3 Bed Semi House. The Back Wall is about 3 Meters High, the Lower part is Concrete and the Top meter is Wooden Planks.

I am a fan of heathers and am disabled. i would like to grow a few variations in a limited colour scheme and have some colour over winter and also again in summer. I plant to plant out a few pots of various heights and sizes, maybe six or eight in number. when would i … read more

I have exposed a dividing trellis between self and neighbour, i removed a shed. I would like to grow a dwarf tree or tall rush like screen. immediately in front of the shed that once was is a buddha feature using rocks and shaped screen. my place is TINY! suggestions welcomed.

I am planning on pleaching four Almond Trees in Tipperary. Can you tell me would Almond Trees thrive or indeed survive in Tipperary given the fact that we have pretty severe frost there each winter.

We live on a high, very windy site 4 miles from the Atlantic coast. Too high a shelter belt would obstruct sea views – though we have hedges (elaeagnus) which have reached 4 to 5 ft in height. Can you suggest plants which would survive in such site? We would like some high plants for … read more

I have a very large lawned area of circa 2.5 acreas. Our house is a two story house set back 120 meters from an very quiet road. As you look at the house from the road I have post and rail fence on the from circa 70m accross. On the left boudry ditch I am … read more

cerise flowers ,rubbery to feel ,about 6 ft tall

I would love to plant a blue spruce in my suburban, south facing front garden. The designated site was previously occupied by a ?korean Pine,with purple cones, which had grown untidy and has been removed. It had reached a height of 15ft approx, the max. this site could take. This tree would have pride of … read more

I recently purchased a white birch which is leaning over at the top quite badly. Is there anything I can do to straighten it upright? I have considered staking it but am afraid of damaging it. It is approx 8ft tall.

Can you please recommend trees/shrubs for a wind swept seaside garden – in Dingle, Co Kerry?

I/We are trying to source this plant. We have a sloping bank beside our house (very shady) covered in weeds which we spray and respray. I saw this plant on several similar banks in the USA on a recent trip and thought it would be ideal for us. Any idea of where we could buy … read more

I want to plant cordyline on an east facing front lawn.

My escallonia hedging got badly damaged by the severe winter weather could you recommend alternative hedging. I live two miles from the sea in a fairly exposed and quite wet site.

Can you suggest an ornamental evergreen conifer or shrub that is wind proof and will stand up to salt as i live less than 1 mile from the sea, also It should not grow over 6 foot and not be too wide.

Planted Monkey puzzle tree last November outside in Garden. It is two foot high and the spikes have been steadily turning yellower in colour. Do you have any suggestions of what is wrong and what I should feed it if anything. It has not been overwatered and is planted in quite an open space

I would so love to grow wisteria again (we had a superb one when we lived in Surrey), but have assumed that our location would not be suitable; we are on 3 acres of coastal property, with the house less than 200 mtrs from the cliff, so it’s very windy. If I planted it on … read more

I was wondering if you could advise on where to get the long willow branches to make a willow screening. Thank you

A tree/bush with branches that grew from the base to about 2 metres (I trimmed it here) has not not flowered in a couple of summers, previously it flowered in the summer months a beautiful red clolour, how do i find out why it died and what make it is?

My leylandi hedge was destroyed by frost.I would like to replace it with Escallonia. Is there a hardy type of escallonia which would be suitable.

I have about 2 acres, one of which I want to plant with trees. Sort of grow a small forest. Where can I get a lot of trees reasonably cheaply to fill this space,

Can you recommend screen planting which will be fast growing, but looks good also? A hedge for the lower area with trees at higher level to screen farm yard and buildings throughout the year.

I wonder if you could recommend a nice colourful small ever-green tree/shrub that I could plant near a boundary wall at the front of my house. I would like something like ‘red robbin’ plant. Many thanks.

I live in a duplex apartment. It has a large balcony which is surrounded by a wall of about a meter and a half, so it is protected from the wind. I would like to know what types of plants would look best on my balcony and will survive. Also I would like to have … read more

I have recently built a wall and have put lovely flower beds in my garden. I have an ugly green oil tank at the end of my back any suggestions on how to hide it.

we have a large garden , or should i say a field , its on a hill and so far not much shelter, could you recommend trees that grow quickly and are not too expensive. I hope to spend about 20 euros each week on plants and trees and also i would like to put … read more

My neighbour has a 50ft pine tree, and the needles are a great nuisance. Nothing I can do about that of course, but can you recommend paving that can disguise the needles? This is for my patio where we enjoy eating out on in the summer. It looks v unsightly with the needles unless I … read more

I have a ceanothus that I planted about 7 -8 years ago. Last summer was the last year it had any foliage. It is now dead with moss/lichens growing on it. I don’t think it was the hard winter as i don’t remember it being healthy last september october.

Will a Laurel hedge survive 2km from the East Coast, My house is fairly exposed to the East wind.

Where would I buy a Yucca tree? Cant find one anywhere.

I have a Cornus florida Rubra for 7 years and it has never flowered.It is sheltered, facing south and looks healthy, fed twice a year. Soil is neutral and I have Cornus Controversa Variegata growing successfully near by. Can you please help as I cannot wait to see these flowers.

Just bought 5 Prunus Triloba trees in Dunnes Stores of all places for €9.99 each, couldn’t leave them behind at that price. Anyhow, we plan on putting them along the front boundary of our house over the next week or so along with sowing our lawn. What size can we expect them to grow to … read more

I recently started a gardening job in a CE scheme, as I have a keen interest in gardening, just before christmas a colleague came across a seed in a bowl of potpourri that had been there for some time, however he planted it and it has stared to grow, I never seen the seed but … read more

Could you tell me what this plant is?

Could you tell me what this plant is ?

Could you possibly identify these plants that are attached?

I’m hoping you might be able to help me,i have been asked to help out in my sons school garden,my whole idea is to get as many of the kids involved in the garden project,and want something that will get them interested,the garden its self is triangler in shape,so all tips on what to do … read more

I was wondering is it possible to grow a Jasmine tree in this country.I would like to plant 1 in a fairly sheltered area in nuetral soil.

My dog died this morning & we buried her in the garden, she was a golden retreiver.I would like to plant something where we buried her. Can you suggest something?perhaps with the word golden in it,or a golden type plant or flower.I am living in Ratoath Co Meath now so something that will suit that … read more

I have seen cherry blossom planted with Sorbus aria ‘Lutescens’ – I cannot identify which type of Prunus is being used. The blossom was light pink and coincided with the emergence of the leaves on the whitebeam. Can you shed any light on this for me please?

What are the ideal trees for a wet site? I have an area of about 20m x 15m which holds water and has a few hidden springs. Thought about draining but not sure if area can be drained its so wet!Do Laurel grow in wet areas also?

I have recently purchased a site on the water’s edge in galway with planning. We plan on starting works in 4 weeks. Would you be able to advise me on what type of trees and shrubs to plant that would be everygreen and very hardy for the high winds from the sea. Id like to … read more

Can you suggest a small tree/shrub to screen the front living area of my house which has a small garden with a drive to one side. The house is terraced and the garden small so light coming in is important. I would like something light with movement.

We have just prepared a border along our driveway. It is about 100 feet long and about 5 feet wide. A mature white thorn hedge is growing at the back which screens the garden from the road. We just planted 10 silver birch trees in the border but the look is quite dark . Some … read more

Could you recommend ground cover shrubs/plants for sloped embankment which is very difficult to mow. Preferably low maintenance and all year round cover with colour. Location is near to the sea and soil is very sandy.

I want to plant a ‘palm tree’ in the sunny back garden of my small suburban garden in Malahide. I have found a codyline in my local garden centre but I don’t know if this a hardy variety similar to those ‘palm trees’ I see around Malahide. The description is Codyline australis Dazzler

I have a large area with very poor soil that I want to plant with trees. What trees are fairly fast growing and will grow in poor soil? I like leafy treesWhere can I buy starter trees ( think they are called saplings) in the Galway area?

I have a steep bank behind the house, its overgrown with grass and weeds, looks horrible, can you suggest a quick growing ground cover, that will grow wild and need no attention, the soil isnt great, its like clay. would love some king of low growing creeper to keep grass and weeds down, as strimming … read more

I want to get a Ginkgo biloba or Maidenhair tree do you know where I can get it in Ireland.

what could i plant on a ditch for privacy and shelter that does not require a lot of maintenance.and blends in with the countryside there was briars but when the farmer in the next field was doing drainage all the bushes we cut down, it feels so bare now .it is an area of about … read more

My backgarden is southfacing and sheltered, but lower than neighbours garden so rather wet at the southern edge. High stonewall to the south, so quite shaded. I’d like to plant a small tree or large bush in the southwest corner, but don’t know what would work with the wet soil and partial shade. Would love … read more

I want to grow a Clematis up & around my front door but my lawn is a few feet away from the door. Is it possible to grow Clematis Montana in a large container or do you have another idea for a hardy, fast growing, flowering climber?

I am looking for a flowering tree around 15ft tall that will be sheltered from south west winds,it will be in an open area in average soil.I am looking for suggestions of colour and tree.

We have a small wooded area with a mixture of large conifers which we are slowly replacing with ash, oak and other deciduous trees. However there is a new large building beside us, (there is a large deep ditch on the outer side of the boundary) and we wish to plant screening along our side … read more

Could you suggest a few varieties of evergreen shrubs that could offer privacy for my front garden that is fronted by a footpath and road. preferably shrubs with a height of 4 to 5 feet and dense growth. would consider ones also that produce a flush of flowers.also the names of suppliers if you dont … read more

I have a massive wall area half painted white with tarmac running along the whole area,in desperate need of ideas.One I had was some coloured acrylic mirrors which I can’t source here in Ireland and are very expensive from England,

I have put off planting a bare root Griselina hedge with the supplier/gardener after reading your newsletter about their soft centres etc after the heavy frost and freezing conditions. He agrees to wait until mid Feb but how do i know that when he does plant it, it will do well over the next few … read more

Can you advise me what would be a fast growing tree that i could plant in my garden. I am overlooked from the back of the house and there is a 6ft wall which has a main road on the other side. I would like to plant some trees that would make the garden a … read more

I live in the country and my boundry between my garden and road is a regular ditch I am not allowed to remove it due to planning restrictions it’s ugly and uninteresting any suggestions on what I could plant on the road side to make it more attractive.

There has been a new house built next door to mine and it’s floor level is about 6ft lower than mine. Problem is that where the site was dug there’s now a 6ft vertical drop that is suffering badly with erosion due to the ground being mostly gravel and rock. Would you have any idea’s … read more

I want to create a natural boundary (approx 30 mtr) between my site and neighbouring Farmland from which my Site was taken. It is currently unfenced and South Westerly facing and the land portion is grazed by cattle or horses. It is also facing a wide open Turlough so the ‘winds’ can be regular and … read more

A housing estate is being built to the rear of my house. Some of the houses are on a slope which leaves me with no privacy. I want to use plants to create a fast, thick and most importantly, high screen. I will need about 4 to 5meters of screening. I don’t want to use … read more

I have an Acacia dealbata about 40 or 50 feet high. Now all flower buds are brown and brittle and the leaves are grey and brittle. I tried to snap a small branch and it appears to be alive, it didnt snap. will I just leave it and hope for the best?

I have erected trellis above my wall for privacy. Can you suggest some climbers to give all year colour?The length of the wall is approx 22 mtrs.

I live in south Co Wexford, about 2 miles from the sea. I have 3 or 4 different holly types in my garden, with a total of about 40 plants. They range from 3-10 years old but they have never produced any berries. They are very healthy looking plants and all are growing well. I … read more

A friend wants to grow Goji berries & I remember hearing or reading something about the plant bringing blight into the garden if grown with or near potatoes but I cant actually recall the correct info.

I was thinking of planting about 15 or so wych elm trees along a wall in a field. I heard that they are less prone to attack by Dutch elm disease than other elms but I was still wondering if it is a good idea to plant them. Is there another type of elm that’s … read more

I have a gabion structure acting as a retaining wall in front of my house (see pic). It’s approx 50M long and tapering from 2M at one end to 4M at the other.Can you suggest a plant (or plants) with some colourthat I can plant at the base, that will grow it’s way to the … read more

I am looking for a creeper to grow relatively quickly up the front gable wall of my house. Ivy while self supportive is fine but a bit too bland and maybe a little vigorous. Prefer something with a bit of colour.Maybe a mixture, honeysuckle? Virginia creeper?What time of year is best to plant? Should I … read more

Is the green holly, Ilex aquifolium, male or female?

My site is very wet waterlogged clay soil, prone to flooding, surrounded by fields with rushes. There is an exposed site directly in front of the house about 20 feet away. What trees or shrubs would you recommend that would act as a barrier/shelter without growing too high? The site is surrounded by ditches and … read more

Im looking to put in a hedge, one that will grow quite high. I have seen tall narrow evergreen trees, cone like in shape and have a regal look to them. Ideally these would grow fast, maintain their shape with little maintenance. Any idea what these may have been?lenght of border is approx 50 metres … read more

I was planning on planting some common ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) in a field, but I read on a webpage that they were poisonous to cattle and sheep. Is this true? Are there any of the native irish trees which are poisonous to cattle and sheep?

I want to plant some native Irish trees in about half an acre of land to create a small dense wood. I have no plans to ever cut down these trees once sown.I was thinking about common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and common alder (Alnus glutinosa) as an option. I dug a few holes in the … read more

Could you please list some colourful shrubs for a shady sheltered site

I’m preparing a permanent planting area on a windy site on heavy clay soil. I intend to cover it with membrane and gravel. The backbone will be hebes, red robin, hawthorn, broom, and a crab apple tree. I’d love to plant permanent fruit, veg or nut trees. Do you have any advice for me on … read more

I recently planted a long hedge of laurel of about 7ft in height. They had been in containers before planting. The site is very windy and the trees will need to be supported. Can you suggest a way of tieing them that will not damage the tree and will not involve staking each plant individually.

We have three conifers that need to be removed from our tiny garden. I believe that whoever planted them thought that they were minatures ! Can they be sold ? Is there a demand for mature trees, approx 12 – 14 ft ? They are starting to split. Seems a shame to destroy them but … read more

Can you please identify this French bush? It is often planted as a hedge and has a wonderful smell.Two additional photos are in my photo album ‘Disneyland & Paris Planting’.

Can you help identify the plant shown in the photo please? It’s climbing up a wall (with help), is about 6ft tall with a central stem and no flowers. Thanks.

A friend planted a mature olive tree last year in a fairly open space in a large garden in Co. Meath. It was nearly May before any new leaves appeared on branches. Any tips for preparing it for this winter please.

We planted Italian Cypress trees in raised beds six years ago. We’ve had problems with drooping branches and browning and replaced one tree last year as it got so brown. This is now showing signs of browning. We water regularly with a drip watering system but the soil is still quite dry. I’ve checked blogs … read more

I am planning to plant a curved internal hedge in my garden, about 3ft high and 100ft long, to divide the space. Although I am in a rural location and most of the trees and boundary hedging are native in style, I want this hedge to be evergreen and fairly formal, as a contrast, and … read more

Can you suggest plants for a screen/trellis between house and veg plot in new garden/new house. House is north facing but screen/trellis would be south facing. I would like lots of strong red (but roses won’t give me the screen in winter) – also virginia creeper has been suggested to me for its autumn colour … read more

Is there a variety of honeysuckle that is low growing? I pass a garden that has red and cream flowered honeysuckle growing in a border against a wall. It is about 3-4ft high and quite bushy with a wonderful scent.

I have an “S” shape border of lavender in my front garden. It is 4 years old and looking tatty and going black at the roots. Should I lift it? If so what will I replace it with. I have approx. 30 plants.

We are currently planning our garden, and i quite fancy the weeping birch (betula pendula youngii). However I have read that they grow to up to 8m tall and wide, whereas our space would more suit something about 4m tall and wide. Can the weeping birch be cut back in order to keep the size … read more

How do I propagate portugese laurel?I have collected seeds but some not fully ripe…

I am looking for a pencil thin conifer that will not exceed 2.60 in height. I am considering Chamaecyparus “elwoodii” or “stardust”. Perhaps an Italian cypruss, but would it cope with the cold.

Can you recommend some rhododendron for neutral soil, in some shade, fairly compact type?

Do you know where it is possible to buy Rosa rugosa shrubs?

I have 2 walls (13 inches deep, 65 inches high, 230 inches long, second one exact same except 110 inches long). I am looking for something evergreen with flowers some part of the year that would go at least half way up the wall. I dont want any thorns. Also I would need something hardy … read more

Can you advise me a of a clematis that I can plant now. Is a west or north facing wall suitable? I live 3 minutes from the sea. Thanks

I have two Ilex Crenata Spiral one died back last year but with a lot of TLC it is improving the second one I noticed last week that the leaves were dying off it has some new foliage at present but the base is very bare. Would appreciate any advise on the problem.

I have seen trees in peoples gardens recently that I really like but can’t identify, they are small in height (about 6-8ft) most people have them well pruned so that they are straight up and down (tube shaped) and at this time of year the leaves have all changed completely peach and white coloured (no … read more

Could you please advise me what to do with a 20ft concrete retaining wall at the back of my garden, the top of which is the end of my neighbours garden, which is fenced, so I have no access to plant creepers. To add to my problems my garden is completely concreted (by previous owners), … read more

would you happen to know the name of this tree?

Please could you recommend plants for my south facing (no shade) and exposed to the wind garden. Very clay slow – slight slope.

I have 2 climbing hydrangea on a south facing wall for a no. of years. Each year it is covered with loads of buds but the buds never mature into decent flower heads.

Newly bought tree is to tall for my site can I shorten by cutting off the top on a slant above a bud.

I have a garden space of roughly 50 feet by 40 feet which I would love to fill up with trees (not fruit-producing), as a sort of mini-forest (I don’t want to be cutting grass). This space is about 20 feet from the house, but is beside a concreted area.The features I would like are: … read more

I have a patio in need of privacy and some shelter from wind. Its a sunny southfacing area but most of it is exposed to wind from all directions. I would like some shrubs that might give year round interest and maybe some architectural plants. The area is approx 7m x 3m.

Can you train a clematis to grow up a pebble dash wall? Will it grow itself or does it need supports? Drilling into pebble dash is impossible!

Is there a plant ideally a climber or a small shrub that will grow in shade and flower all year round or most of year, evergreen preferably.I have a small plot with a few shrubs and climbers but none really flower even though when i got them a couple of years ago they said they … read more

Can you recommend evergreen climbing clematis suitable for 1. planting in wooden trough in sunny (v. hot)courtyard [frost tolerant, if possible] 2. planting in ground, getting a certan amount of sunbut overhung by large plane tree

i want to plant around my septic tank to add a bit of life to it. i want evergreen shrubs and some that will flower also. i dont want them to grow to high maybe around two foot. what should i put in.

I have 6 olive trees which seem to be dying. They have plenty of water and are sheltered in a 15 ft wide side garden. Some seem to be dead while others have buds and leaves varying amounts on each. They have been in the same spot for 6 years but this year they are … read more

What are the best plants to grow along a new 60ft wall at the west side of a south facing garden?

I’m putting in new beds at the moment. Our site is very windy, even on a summer’s day. I am looking for a small feature shrub/tree (with as much year-long interest as possible) for the edge of a bed close to the patio and house. I’m debating between Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’ and Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’. … read more

im looking for prunas pandora trees and cannot find them in any garden centre in my county.Ccan they be got in ireland i would be very greatful if you could find me a garden centre that sells them.

My house is built in what used to be called locally “Bore Tree Field”, named after an old tree, now dead and rotting in the hedgerow.In nearby Strangford Lough there is a Boretree Island, so I assumimg that it is a vernacular name.What species would this have been?

Can you help me identify the shrub in the attached photo? It’s like a snowberry but the leaves are oval, with a serrated edge.

I’m writing from Rathcormac tidy towns committee and I’m looking for a rapid ground cover plant that has a good spread, its for an embankment already covered with weed supressing fabric (black plastic, no drainage) and shale mulch. problem is the mulch has moved and exposed the weed supressing fabric (black plastic, no drainage) and … read more

We have just moved into a new home and are ready to design our garden.We live beside the sea, so its frequently windy. Can you suggest some shrubs/trees/plants that we could plant, that will survive in these conditions.

I live in Duncormick , Co Wexford . My garden is very wet , with very poor drainage & exposed to the sea wind _( apx 1 mile from the sea) . I am only learning slowly about gardening , Can you please recommend some trees if any that would be suitable for planting in … read more

Any suggestions what to plant along a 90ft north facing wall apart from climbers. I like evergreens as you have cover all year round but I also like flowers for colour. I would like to plant a tree or two that would grow up more than out and some shrubs in between. At the moment … read more

I have a medium size suburban garden, south facing and overlooked by upstairs windows of my neighbours houses. I would like to plant trees along the back wall that would give the garden and patio area privacy. I would prefer evergreen trees to give privacy all year round and not necessarily all the same type … read more

I have a friend who is about to pull out a big hedge of dogwood because she heard they can cause drainage problems. Would dogwoods cause drainage problems in a garden that would probably not have great drainage anyway? would their roots be particularly binding? the hedge is about 5 or 6m away from soak … read more

I have a lawn 10ft x 15ft and I want to put a border around 2 sides of it, under the living room window and down the side. I am thinking of going in there for a few shrubs and perennials. I am thinking of 3 pink winter heathers, 3 dwarf dahlias (purple), 3 perennial … read more

I’m planting trees (initially a shelter belt) around a proposed new house.The site is less than 1 mile from the Atlantic, prevailing W or SW winds, worst winds from E during March.My soil is fairly alkali, well-drained as it was in dairy pasture for ~ 30 years.Advised by local gardener (> 30 years local experience) … read more

Got this wonderful plant last year and as it had no name on it I have no idea what it is. It has lovely red lantern type of flowers that come out in summer ( nearly out now) It has dark green strong leaves, It has very strong woody branches. It seems to be growing … read more

My garden is in Kilmuckridge on an evelated, exposed site about a mile from the beach. The garden is about half an acre.There are several levels to the garden.I planted conifers around the perimeter about 10 years ago. They havea nice conical shape Unfortunately, they are dyingone by one. I understand that salt and wind … read more

Please can you tell me the name of the yellow flowering shrub pictured on page 63 of the magazine as part of Alison O’Connor’s garden. I have searched through her pictures but cant find it. It is on the right hand side of the page. Thank you.

An 18 month old white Abelia is growing horizontally from its centre, spreading about a metre across, but the centre is bare and twiggy. I expected it to be a bushy plant. Can I do anything to rescue it and encourage it to grow vertically? Should I cut it right back and start again? Thank … read more

I have an area curbed off i need to fill with shrubs or plants but the ground is very hard and soil poor plants dont tend to progress well. I even find heathers struggle i would like advice on what might grow here i would like something low growing and i will be working on … read more

i recently aquired a load of free pyracantha cuttings but dont have any walls to grow them up, would they do okay amongst a gorse hedge as a bit of a filler and bird friendly food? are they drought tollerant? we are on a dry spot and windy at times too…..what would you do with … read more

Could you please recomment any shallow-rooted shrubs, ground-cover or medium trees to use to landscape around a BAF sewage treatment system (which is different to a septic tank)? We have a large area to work with and would like to create a decorative spot to camouflage the tank covers and avoid damaging the lawn mower … read more

We are going to build a raised flower bed at the end of the garden (north west facing garden) sun is on the end in the morning & afternoon. I want to plant trees/shrubs that will grow quickly, tall and bushy to give plenty of coverage as the area is quite overlooked from behind. Thanks

I am looking for ideas on what to plant in containers for my decking. The decking area is to the back of the house and is quite large. It gets morning sun so gets quite shady from 3pm onwards. I want to make it appear smaller and more imitiate with the use of containers so … read more

I would like to plant a Cherry Blossom Tree in my small front garden as a specimen tree. I favour a white flower with luscious green foliage. What would you recommend? Are they very slow growing – should I consider buying a 15 year-old tree?

Hi, We have a small garden in a semi d. The garden gets a lot of sun from 12noon on into the evening and we want to keep this but we also need privacy. We need to trees to the rear of the garden and would like a coniferous tree, not too tall or wide … read more

Other than the usual rhododendrons, azaleas, peiris and camelias can you recommend other plants I can put in my acid bed

hi I want to plant 2 different climber plants for my back wall but they dont get much light. I tried planting some plants last year but they didnt take. Can you suggest anything for me?

Climbers to shelter veranda of apt. low maintenance.What support do I use on an iron railing. Thanks Anseo

Could I plant a few medium shrubs like skimmia along the wall maybe one on each wall. Any suggestions on medium size shrubs as garden is quite small.

Hi Gerry, I’m sure this is a straight forward question but your help would be appreciated. What would you advise to plant in a bed of about 25m x 1m in lenght. We would be looking for plants to provide privacy (division between neighbour) but not to grow out of control and provide colour throughout … read more

i have an acre site in enniskerry very open i need suggestions of what time of trees i can plant to screen around the house and that are evergreen…i need hardy trees that will not be eaten by passing deer… i had planted 3 lovely mountain ash and all were eaten by deer…also the soil … read more

Dear Gerry, I live near Milan, have a small back garden approx 85 sq. metres, surrounded by houses so need to block out neighbours by putting a tall tree (10m) in astrategic corner of the garden between myself and 2 neighbouring gardens (1 alongside and 1 at the back) I need to plant 3 metres … read more

I have a beautiful Camelia Donation in bloom and would like to use it in an arrangment for church, how does it do as a cut flower? What way should it best be treated? Thanks

Hi Gerry, I uncovered this plant when clearing an overgrown patch. I would be grateful if you could identify it for me. Many Thanks.

Hi Gerry, I was just wondering if you could advise me on a type or types of climbers which would provide year round coverage around a pergola. The pergola is on a concrete patio so I was planning to use large ceramic pots(not sure if thats possible with climbers.) appreciate your advice.

what type of evergreen climbers can you suggest to climb on a wire netting to mahe a screen evergreen with some color must be frost hardy thank you

Hi GERRY,With Spring in the air, I was out back today getting garden started for Spring.We have a trelis acting as a shade for privacy from next door, however, it has nothing growing up it. We have large, (very large) pots along the wall for plants/trees.My question is, can you recommend anything that is quick … read more

I’m looking for a “weeping” tree as a feature at the end of my lawn. The soil is always fairly damp, but never waterlogged. I was also hoping that I could find a variety that would be a max height of 20-25 feet. Everything I have found seem to be huge or dwarf.

I would like to inquire as to the “salix matsudana” botanical name, I believe, for the curly willow tree. Loves wet soil. A favorite used in floral arrangements in the USA. Where may I purchase it in Co Mayo, Ireland? Would a florist shop have it? Thank you in advance for your help.

Can you recommed some trees for a wet heavy part of the garden. Lawning it was vey difficult last year and it was left go wild. I have put in some drainage but it still seems to get waterlogged in winter. Mary McMahon

Gerry i have a raised bed on a north facing wall and would like to plant it with flowers and shrubs. I have ferns,astilbes and hostas in another shady spot so would really appreciate any other suggestions you might have. The bed is approximately 10 by10ft.many Thanks Mary

hi jerry.i recently cleared some waste ground at the end of my garden.the soil is heavy,sticky and shallow,lying on a yellow pan of is very wet and parts waterlog for most of the year but bakes solid in dry weather.i dont wish to go to the expense of drainage or importing in soil.i would … read more

We are looking to plant a dwarf weeping willow tree in our garden at school as a memorial to a teacher who has passed away. However when we look up dwarf willow trees they show a tree that doesn’t look like a willow. We would like a smaller version of willow trees you see along … read more

Hi Gerry, I am very new to this and would like to know what would be the best plants to buy for my balcony? I would like some plants that dont need much care and attention.

My neighbour has 6 conifers which back onto a part of my garden. They are about 20ft tall and he will not prune them. I don’t mind the height too much but the trunks are bare on my side. What can I grow in front of them to mask them please ! I recently saw … read more

We have a wet spot (poor drainage) which I thought to plant a few Alder trees in as they are good for such conditions, I believe. How deep are Alder roots and do they spread, as we have some pipework buried and I am not 100% sure of its location with regard to the proposed … read more

HiWe had our garden landscaped last january 2008 and asked specifically for a paper bark maple (Acer Griseum). As the leaves began to grow I had my doubts that the the tree we were given was a paper bark. I have included photo so maybe you could identify the type of tree we actually have … read more

Hi Gerry, I am very new to gardening so please excuse my ignorance if I ask basic questions. I have a small patio in my apartment and during the summer I started to decorate it with various plants/ shrubs. The place has come on well, however we have a problem with the corner of our … read more

How deep do rthe roots of a weeping willow go? We have geothermal heating loops in the garden at one meter depth and would like to plant a WW in a damp corner. Garden is large enough and will take a WW.

As I am about to purchase some trees could you please let me have the correct names for the following:1. Silver Birch with snow white bark2. Cherry?? with red bark that with age looks like silk3. Cherry?? with snake skin barkWe saw them at Bloom this year but have misplaced our notes. Many thanks.

Hi,I’m looking to track down a Coronilla Citrina Glauca x6 – but having problems in sourcing – The nearest I can get is the coronilla emerus.Is there any differences in the two?I have been trying to source the Citrina for over a year now with no success.I have had a design done by Gordon Ledbetter … read more

I have a large 2 acre site. We planted approx 200m of beech hedging along the perimeter of the site 4 years ago but it is struggling in places due to the wet clay soils (I was only informed that beech does not like wet soils after it was all planted!) Can you recommend some … read more

Hi I want to plant flowering trees and shrubs around a deck area to give shelter while sitting but I live windy site can you suggest some trees and shrubs that will give some colour during the Summer. ?

Hello, 1st thanks for answering my other questions. I have four mature and several sapling deciduous trees but do not know the name or anything else other than they are spreading into a small copse at the end of the garden. They leaf in spring with a middle green leaf, as the summer progresses the … read more

Growing hedging in tunnels,trees /summer bedding etc how to grow these or where to get information regarding this.we are very interested in this wholesale business as we were in mushroom production and are left with these 8 tunnels and wish to convert some.any information regarding this please.thanks

We have recently had an old laburnum tree cut down from a corner of our garden. We need a replacement tree to screen a shed and house. We are in our late sixties and can’t wait twenty years for a small tree to mature. The final height of the tree should be 15-20 feet. What … read more

I wish to plant a tree to mark an anniversary in September but don’t know the first thing about gardening! Our lawn is not that big so I don’t want anything that may grow too large. I would like something that would flower or fruit in September, any suggestions please? Thank you.

We have approx 2 acre garden and would like some native trees possibly in 2 areas. Can you make any suggestions? One area is crossed by power lines so would need trees no larger than approx 30ft What would be a good mix? We are 3 miles from sea, on slight gradient, soil is clayey. … read more

Hi GerryWe had a party at the house the other day. One of our relations noticed our crinodendron bush was seeding and having never seen the pods before, cracked one open and tucked into the seeds.I tried one myself and they were sweet and juicy. I was wondering if you knew if these seeds are … read more

I would like to grow plants/shrubs in tubs (sitting on sandstone pebbles) against a north facing wall. Can you recommend?

Dear Gerry, Can you recommend some trees that only grow around 8-10ft? I have a bungalow and the house to the back of my garden is a two story. I would like some privicy., but dont want trees that will grow huge in height.Kind Regards Emmet

I have a bambou sacre, it is in the garden over a year and the leaves keep growing and its flowering but the leaves then turn brown at the tip and fall off. It is bare except for the new leaves.I cant see any insect on it and its in a sunny location.

Hi Gerry, We are applying for planning for a house and need to decide on what kind of bush to use, to shield our house from our neighbours. We are looking for a fast growing, non shedding bush. Preferable “bushy” enough so we can’t see our future neighbours at all. As none of us have … read more

Hi Gerry, I want to plant a Christmas Tree in the garden for my kids to put lights on at Christmas. Can you recommend a variety that will be slow growing as the garden is approx. 20′ x 20′. Is Abies Koreana suitable, I don’t want it to grow more than 12′ to 15′ in … read more

I am desperate for screening from neighbours at rear.We have a 2.5′ gap between boundary wall and our shed.Thinking of thuja smaragd and mountain ash in between as recommend by local garden centre.Would this work?

Need a 2m high hedge (including 50cm high pots) which will provide privacy from neighbours. Dense and shallow if possible. Evergreen. Thinking about bay laurel?,- anything better?

A510)We have recently moved into an ex-council house which is pebble dashed. I was considering planting a Virginia Creeper to cover the “ugly” appearance, however I have been warned against it due to the vigorous growth. Can you suggest anything more suitable that will easily grip to the pebble dash? Thanks in advance.

I am proposing an all glass sunroom on the south west of the house, open to the countryside, to provide solar gain. I would like some suggestions as to trees to shade it during the summer but premit maxmum sun rest of the year and still look good. Maximum planting distance available from house to … read more

Hi Gerry, We are moving into a new house. It has a south facing private terrace that leads out to a public area. The division between neighbours is a small metal fence. I am thinking of putting in a wall of bamboo plants around the terrace in planters, and then putting other planters in that … read more

Hi Gerry. I have a pergola with some of the above growing on it. They are both encountering eachother now and starting to twine around eachother. Will they cohabit happily or will there be trouble? If you need any further details let me know… Thank you. Ronan

Hi Gerry,We wish to plant a medium sized tree in our front garden. It is north-east facing and the soil is limey. At present we have no neighbours across the road but in time there will be houses built and the function of the tree is to provide a small degree of privacy while still … read more

Hi Gerry, I would like to plant a special tree or plant by the sea but unfortunately all the shrubs that have been planted here have been eaten by wild deer (except Crinodendrum). Any Suggestions? Thank you !

Hi Gerry, Hope you can help with query re above; I want to cover a sun facing brick wall of approx 6ft high x 70ft long – and liked the look of this climber. I have a few questions which hopefully you can help me with; Do you think it would be suitable for the … read more

Could you recommend a Lilac tree for my front garden. The garden is quite large and I want to plant the tree at the front wall for coverage. What is the best time of the year to plant this type of tree. Thank you

What can I plant that will do well on an exposed site in Westport, Co Mayo, I’m looking for ground cover and trees that are natural to the area and will survive the salty winds. Thanks Patrick

Gerry, i am looking to plant one or two small tree -max height 15 feet, and min spread of a few feet, i would love a plum tree or fig. i also really like the fragility and movement of maple trees, my garden is abot thirty feet long and twenty feet wide, i would love … read more

Hi there, I have many different specimen plants – eriobotrya, 27 different species / varieties of bamboo, rare acers, magnolias, tetrapanax rex, trithrinax, 35 – 50 litre fatsia, arizonica, podocarpus salicifolia, rare cryptomeria, variegated sweet chestnut, hedychiums the list goes on. Can I bring them over to my new life on Achill when I move … read more

any idea for small mapel tree not trailling and has to be red in colour.

I am considering buying a large specimen of an Olive Tree. It will be planted in the front garden so will be generally exposed to whatever weather conditions are there. Conditions underfoot are good and not prone to waterlogging. I am not concerned about producing fruit but wondering how an Olive tree will fare in … read more