I want to start preparing my garden for winter.. do i need to put down compost AND mulch and if so which do i do first? which is the best compost and mulch to get?

Vegetables in the garden are divided into 4 plots-brassicas, alliums legumes, roots-potatoes planted elsewhere-I only want to use one section over the winter/spring period-this year’s allium plot – can I sow/plant from all grps in this area regardless of usual rotation cycle-and then resume the usual rotation cycle next year?

I am a novice veg gardener this year with an allotment and would appreciate some help. I am currently harvesting summer cabbage (Yippee) while I have winter cabbages to be planted out: my question – Do I plant the winter cabbages in the current cabbage plot or do I put them in the roots plot.

What is the best organic fertilizer to use for cabbage plants. Is chicken manure pellets ok for cabbage and what about the use of seaweed for potatoes. Whats best for carrots and parsnips?

Last year I commenced a three year rotation plan in my raised beds. The ground was not used for veg before and was covered in docks with some nettles spread between them indicating quite an acid soil. In the first year of crop rotation my kale did well, cabbage less so, and swede not good … read more

I have been making my own compost in a bought plastic bin…but have discovered the hatch off and compost thrown around at the base. I am guessing it is rats as we live in the country…was planning on using it for the vegetables and fruit as a mulch/feed…is it now safe to use at all? … read more

Hi Gerry, I am sowing vegetables for the first time and using crop rotation. I have 3 raised beds with Root crops in one, Legumes in another and Brassicas in the 3rd. My question is in which of these categories can I include onions, leeks, garlic, cucumbers and courgettes. Thanks