I have recently moved and in a certain area of the lawn it seems to be slightly boggy when you walk on it you sink but only just so boggy would seem not the right word more extremely soft. The rest of the lawn is perfect i know we havent had much of a great … read more

We moved to our property four years ago but haven’t had the funds to deal with the garden. I’m determined to do a start myself this year but funds are limited and our garden is very water-logged. I know drains are needed but what ground work can I do to get started before we hit … read more

I’m living in Riverchapel and our back garden garden have a layer of surface water that stays for days at a time if it rains. We only get sunlight to the very back of our garden which helps with drying it off also the grass is very patchy. It is a 2 year old house … read more

I have a drainage issue, water not draining through the ground. What I have done is drove a steel bar down 20 inches into the ground and filled up with drainage stones(about 12-14 in). I filled up with water and only drained 1 inch in 4 hours. My intention was to have these holes about … read more