I sowed peas and they have grown very well they are about 2ft high now but they never flowered hence no pods so what went wrong this never happened before

My mangetout plants,although still cropping well,have contracted mildew.When finished cropping,can I put them on the compost heap?

I planted young pea plants in a raised bed and returned the next day to find most were eaten.I covered the remaing plants with plastic bottles for protection leaving the tops open for ventilation but still the plants were eaten.I thought at first it might be snails but there were no slime trails .Could the … read more

Hi Gerry, I have been sowing peas for years and have never had a problem but this year I think they are being attacked by birds because all the little shoots coming up are being broken off and it looks like the pea itself is being eaten. I have put up CD’s on twine to … read more