We have a blank canvas site around new build house. Site is 50m wide by 80 m long. We don’t want to cultivate back 30m at all (for now). Would you advise irregular shelter belt tree planting to section it off or go for a beech/hornbeam hedge right across 50m? I’d prefer general low maintenance … read more

Im completely new to this we moved into new house recently and let back garden get overrun with weeds…they were about 2 foot high..i have strimmed the whole thing and then rotavated it twice…what do i do next should i spray with weedkiller…a friend of mine told me i should lay grass seed and then … read more

I was thinking of creating a wild play area for kids in the garden (about 5m X 30m); maybe put a climbing frame one end, add some hills and leave it to go wild. I’m wondering however if it will need to be maintained at some stages, cut back etc, to prevent unwanted rodents from … read more

Are there plants and shrubs for sale at this venue?

I am a beginner gardner and was wondering if you could recommend some good garden design books or web sites. I have a large spread out garden and I don’t know where to start.