Is the midget that torments us in Ireland a member of the mosquito clan?

Are there any perennial plants that rabbits will not eat?

My garden, back and front is all herbaceous plants and infested with small moths. I started a small new lawn in the back garden 3 weeks ago it to has moths living in the new grass. Any help or information is welcome please.

A green jelly like substance is coming up from the ground(typically between the months of July-September each year). No idea what this is or the cause or how to stop it.

There are a couple of stray cats that come into my garden mainly at night. Any ideas of plants or any other ways to keep them out. I have one cat who is inside the house at night.

I’m trying to identify an insect I found in my polytunnel. Can you tell me what it is and what problems if any that it may cause? I have attached a photo of the small red bug.

I am writing to you about a problem I have with slugs in my garden. My garden is very marshy and the grass takes days to dry out. As such I have a terrible problem with slugs. If I walk over the grass they are everywhere. I also have a deck area and I have … read more

I was refreshing the compost in my outdoor pot plants when I came across these worms. Are they cause for concern as they seem to be in every pot.

More Critters I came across about a foot down in the soil, I presume the small ‘c’ shaped ones are the weevil grub but what are the ugly long ones please.

Is this the adult vine weevil please? If not is it a badie anyway? Finding a lot of grubs in my garden lately and have no idea of the badies or goodies. Thanks

Are they one and the same thing? Recently found little groups within our house. Never had them before. Could they have come in with a plant (Candytuft)which I had recently bought? The plant is sitting on the outside path now!

We have loads of frogs in our back garden. which would be fine except our two dogs are attacking them and bringing remains in to the kitchen. How do I get rid of the frogs. (without hurting them) Please help

Hi Gerry, just wondering if slugs eat seeds . I sowed some seeds and put a few glass window frames over them and the next morning there were quite a few slugs and trails around. Do you think I should start again?