Yesterday I had a lovely gooseberry bush laden with fruit. I wanted to pick them but it was wet and misty so I waited. Today, only 2 berries left. the tree has been stripped completely overnight!! there are no intruders, its a fortress but I have a visiting fox! Could he be the culprit? if … read more

I have a gooseberry bush that i have’ nt pruned this year as pruned wrong last year and got very little fruit. Is it too late and how do i prune it ?

I have two year gooseberries ,still no fruit how long do they take to fruit

i have just bought a red gooseberry plant and have repotted it into a bigger pot rather than putting it straight into the ground as in the next month or 2 i will be moving and would like to take my gooseberry bush with me i have also tied it to a stake as the … read more

I have a gooseberry plant which i feel is making very poor growth. It is approx 1ft high after being in the ground for two years. have now started to give it a feed. Do gooseberries make slow growth?

can you recommend treatment for above and any future prevention advice

how to prune and multiply my gooseberry bush

i bought a gooseberry plant this year but it does not seem to be getting any bigger but is noy dead should i get fruit this year?

The gooseberry plant is stripped bare of leaves. Will it recover?

When is right time to prune gooseberries and is it the old or new branches I should prune. Got it wrong last year resulting in a small ammount of fruit on some old wood.

My gooseberries got a whiteish grey mould this year, fruit never grew properly and plant looks very poor. What do I do?

Caterpillars have shredded the leaves on the gooseberry bushes.These are very close to strawberry plants which are just about to produce fruit.534fionaI am harvesting the gooseberries now though not fully ripe. How can I get rid of the caterpillars to save the gooseberry plants without damaging the strawberries?

I have two old dead gooseberry bushes but their off-shoots have created three new and thriving bushes. How do I get rid of the old bushes without affecting the new ones?

I have some fruit bushes (gooseberries, black and red currant) that I would like to move into a raised bed. When is a good time to do this? They are in their current position about 2/3 years

A recurrent problem since getting the goosberry bush around 3 years ago. I sprayed it just as flower were beginning this year, but again with no apparent sign of disease or insects, the leaves were stripped bare in one day/night. Is there something I can do to avoid this problem next year or should I … read more

What can I use to get rid of sawfly caterpillar on white currants and gooseberry organically.

Planted a blueberry bush last year and had a few berries. Nothing this year. I didn’t prune it. Should I have and by how much? Should I have more than one bush for pollination?

my neighbour sprayed gooseberry plants i sowed earlier this year with roundup they are all now dieing off what should i do with them

Just wondering where would I buy one to grow as I love blueberries. I am looking for berkeley variety?

Something has eaten all the leaves off my gooseberries. I have checked for sawfly but cannot see anything on the few remaining leaves (which are at the very base of one bush, the other is completely denuded). Any ideas? I thought maybe birds but no other plants seem to be affected. Thanks.