Something is munching my Brocolli plants both those bought as plants and those I have grown from seeds. Doesn’t seem to be slugs, cant see any tiny eggs or caterpillars although there are small tracks on the reverse of larger leaves? Might it be Vine Weevel although there are lots of big bits from the … read more

Bought some type of brocolli/calabrese plants in a garden centre last June, put them down and didnt really give them any more attention. From about August onwards they started to give lovely crops of these small heads of broccolli, all through the winter until about mid December. Winter came and went and as you can … read more

Purple sprouting brocoli should be ready to eat next April, why is it producing sprouts now?

This year I have grown broccoli, which was gorgeous to eat. Now however, when I cut the little off shoots, they are loaded with caterpillars, and even after steeping broccoli in salted water, there are still caterpillars which are so small they are difficult to see, so they end up getting steamed! The leaves are … read more

I grew calabrese from plants bought in my local garden centre. Very dissapointed as the heads were very small and very quickly went to seed. I cut the heads off to try to encourage side shoots but little was happening so I have pulled them up. Soil is quite heavy but well manured and plenty … read more

I planted out very mature Sprouting Plants last Saturday and about 25% of them have this on them.I have brought it around to thg local Garden Centres and they have never seen it. Do y0u know what it is and do I need to do anything about it?It is speading very quickly in the infected … read more

Every year my brocolli is invaded by caterpillars, I have dealt with this previously by picking them off or using a spray to kill them.However, i would prefer to try to keep them at bay using a net (if possible?), what mesh size would the net need to be in order to be effective?

This might be a silly question but … my brocolli plants are no longer producing heads, main head and side shoots have being picked, can I pull up the plants and grow something else in its place or is there something else to come!

my broccoli(which were mistakenly sold as cabbage)are growing well but they have yellow flowers like rape seed flowers. they also have very small purplish broccoli-type flowers. is this normal?

I bought calabrese plants and planted them in my polytunnel , about 4 weeks ago. They have grown well but the leaves are loosing colour, becoming spotted and slightly pale or yellowish looking. Is this normal, are they thriving or dying?

Durham early? i bought a nine pack of cabbage in feb and planted them out. they are growing well, i think, but they dont look like cabbage. there doesn’t seeem to be any heart forming. to my eye they look more like brocoli. some of them have yellow flowers on them-could they be bolting

I planted seedlings in Dec that were said to be cabbage. The below picture is what i have now. Is this broccoli? Yellow flowers are now coming from it. Has it gone to seed?