I have grown some Cape Gooseberry plants from seed. One is fruiting now but the leaves are going brown at the edges and yellow and the fruits are falling off. I water it about once a week. It is indoors.

If you look at the picture I have on tomatoes you will see that the leaves are somewhat burnt .Is it a fungus?

I have 2 hamburg grape vines planted in a polycarbonate lean-to greenhouse. The rights are inside but in a raised bed 18″high. This is their 2nd season. There was a lot of growth last year. I pruned them back to train then up the wall. I dug in well rotted dung last November. They started … read more

I have a raised bed in a small unheated greenhouse. In summer I have tomato plants in it. Last winter I overwintered strawberry plants in it. this year I would like some colour in it for winter. Can you recommend anything? It fits about 10 tomato plants. The greenhouse is not made of glass.

I am growing cucumbers in my greenhouse. When should I start feeding them ? ..largest ones are 2/3 inches long.

greenhouse tomatoes(Shirley) very skinny and one fell over. all 3 have first flowers and about 20inches high .

I’m worried about courgette plant growing too large and smothering other plants of light it has already started to spread stalks and leaves over the pepper plant which is in the same growbag.

I have problem with slugs eating my fruit and veg leaves in greenhouse is there any natural way of keeping them away other than using slug pellets?

I m new to planting sweet peppers in a pot in a grow house the plant in the pot looks weak and on the verge of wilting I have another plant in a grow bag and looks to be OK can you please help me out on how to give proper attention to make the … read more

I dug up a peach tree from the open garden last year as I was fed up with leaf curl every year. I potted it in a large container and moved it to a polytunnel where it has thrived, flowering for the first time this Spring and currently carrying a half dozen small fruit. Recently, … read more

I have a new 12′ by 15′ by 10′ tall greenhouse. Can you give basic maintenance tips already I have green slime on the patio slabs supporting the frame. I will sow in the soil and will have pots also. I intend to grow a few vines but I wonder is it worth having two … read more

Can I grow sweet potatoes in a polytunnel in Ireland. where can I get the sweet potato slips in Ireland?

Please help me, any tips on how I can prevent slugs coming in to my house from potplants that have been in my greenhouse? I try to check them carefully and water before I bring them in. Should I re pot them? Some may be in bloom or ready to bloom.

Greenfly have managed to get into my tunnel and are going to work on my aubergine plant. I cut off two leaves that were infested, put orange peels around plant and sprayed some greenfly insecticide. The aubergine plant now appears to be wilting/dying and greenfly are popping up in other parts of the tunnel.

I have had a problem with botrytis on my tomatoes in a polytunnel this year. They had plenty of ventilation but I assume the cause is climatic (a combination of humidity and low light levels). I have grown tomatoes for 30 years and have never encountered this before. My question is: Can I spray the … read more

At school, (2nd level) we have a tunnel, about 20m long with raised beds. Could you give me some ideas on anything transition year students could put in and sell about two weeks before Christmas, and when we could plant. Also could they grow herbs in the tunnel now and lettuce or is it too … read more

I have bought a Crittal Greenhouse 2nd hand and need to replace a lot of glass any ideas where I might get some in the Bray/ South Dublin area

I am growing cherry tomatoes in a grow bag. The top level of leaves have a discolouration in comparison to the leaves on the lower level. Is there something wrong here?

Can you suggest a reason as to why begonias, although covered in lush healthy leaves, are not producing flowers? They are potted since beginning of May! I didn’t use fresh compost but, replaced the top few inches and added some Fish-Blood & Bonemeal NPK 5 : 1.3 : 4.2 Would removing some of the leaves … read more

1.5 metre high Orange tree in container (pit planted Jan. 1999) dropping leaves continuously with no apparent reason/visible damage. Leaves are pliable/healthy and smell of orange if rubbed but they are falling directly from the stem. Kept on enclosed, unheated porch year-round. Used an all-purpose pre-mixed liquid plant food for the first time in early … read more

The flowers on the first truss of my tomato plant have begun to brown and wilt. Do I need to hand pollinate? I am growing in a greenhouse and watering pretty much daily.

I recently started composting in my polytunnel. Fruitflies have been attracted to the mound though, should I be worried about them attacking my tomato or chili plants when they bear fruit?

My courgette plants are producing male and female flowers but the male flowers produce absolutely no pollen whatsoever. I even checked them at 6am this morning and not a hint of pollen on them.They are in a greenhouse so I was hoping to hand pollinate but with the male flowers not producing any pollen what … read more

Can you recommend anyone who can erect a polytunnel near Tubbercurry, Sligo?

I bought this plant a few months ago thinking it was a Christmas Cactus however it has only just flowered in the past two weeks. Also the flowers close at night or if the sun doesn’t shine they don’t actually open. Have you any idea what this plant is?

I want to install an overhead watering system in my greenhouse 15’x8′. I grow mostly tomatoes,cucumbers and pot plants and wonder would it be suitable? I can only find one system in England ( wrong size) but no reviews. Help please.

3 year old vine, produced healthy leaves this season but now leaves have curled up, brown spots, withered and died – any solution?

I have grown a nectarine plant from seed and up until a couple of days ago it was fine, now however it appears as if it is dying. all the leaves have wilted. What could possibly have caused this? It isn’t overwatered (or underwatered) in my opinion, and is on a southfacing window. I have … read more

I found a bunch of these insects eating my leaves. They are curled up in the end of the leaf in a web. I thought i had a caterpillar but this doesnt look like one? I have removed all insects but how can i prevent further attack!

I have one Black Hamburg grapevine in a glasshouse. It is 30 years old. Grape crops were excellent up to 6 years ago when it was attacked by mealybugs brought in on an ornamental plant. How can I get rid of this pest chemically? I have tried control by cleaning off old bark, squashing egg-nests, … read more

I am planning on purchasing a lean-to glasshouse. It is a very exposed site beside a lake, subjected to strong winds. What type of glass would you recommend? Is there a strength difference between safety & horticultural glass?

My dad grew this plant in a glasshouse this summer assuming he had courgette seeds, any idea what they are?

I bought a plastic hanging basket preplanted with cherry tomatoes. They are just ripening but the plant appears to be dying and half the tomatoes are diseased looking . What is it and what can we do?

I would like to know where I can get the Edible Barbadenis Aloe Vera plant, please.

I bought chill pepper plants from Mr M. Mary St There are no flowers hence no peppers The plants are about 2 and a half feet high now

We’ve got this plant all over. The photo is the tomato bed in the glasshouse, but it is in veg beds, flower beds, patio cracks, etc.. It doesn’t seem to respond to Roundup or Mo-Bacter. It is a devil to manually weed.

my neighbour has asked me to water his pepper plants in his green house whilst he is abroad however the solution of fertiliser and water has now depleted will it be ok to use just water

I have a problem with my tomatoes, the skin ‘s are splitting, Is there a recommended amount of water per plant or per square yard

Had an idea to run by you. Could one recreate a greenhouse/polytunnel effect by training tomatoes and peppers vertically on a sturdy steel frame and draping it with plastic? Could you envisage improvising an otherwise expensive fruit cage? Trying to work out how to grow a few plants…

Should the pot be left sitting in water or should they be watered from the top and left sitting on a surface that will dry off

As a first time tomato grower, what do I need to do to get best results?

I am growing some tomato plants in a polytunnel (first year) and one of them seems to have developed a problem. The leaves at the top have become rather crispy and shrivelled. The rest of the leaves seem to be fine albeit slightly leathery. None of the other plants have this problem and seem to … read more

What can I plant in my glasshouse now 1st May. Bereavements took me away from gardening.I have sown Veg marrow yesterday as previous plants died of drought and frost. Never had a quince on my 10year old tree – and ideas??

I am growing onions in a polytunnel but the stalks are shooting up way too fast and starting to fall over. Is there any way to slow this growth?

I need a supplier of Shamrock or Erin Grow Bags in the South Dublin area, I find it harder each year to find these as a lot of English grow bags are in the bigger stores and I don’t find these as good as the Irish ones.

Have you ever heard of a Moon Flower? Its a flower that comes out when the sun goes down and has a wonderful scent. If you have heard of it or seen it somewhere, could you please let me know where I can souce the plant. Alternatively can you enlighten me on flowers that open … read more

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could purchase a red Passion flower as I have the purple ones and pure and white but cannot find a red one or any other colour.

Having Planted out some Cabbage and lettuce plants in my polytunnell I am having the same problem as last year with Wire Worms…could you please tell me the best way to deal with these and what to treat them with.

I would like to to know how to prune my Jade ( Crassula Ovata) plant ( tree ) ideally I would prefer not to have to but it has become too big for its location. You will see from the photograph just how large it is.

Is it ok to use home made seaweed liquid feed on tomatoes?

Last spring I noticed a small plant in my garden with a large fig type leaf and I decided to leave it to see what it grew into. When the stem reached about 18 inches a nodding small blue flower with a yellow centre was produced. The plant is now about 3 ft, a single … read more

My father gave me this plant before Christmas and said it was a kumquat grown from seed of fruit sourced in Florida. I gave it to a friend who has an orangery thinking that it should fit in nicely. The thing is that it doesnt resemble a kumquat plant from what we can see. Do … read more

What do we use for outdoor peach trees to prevent peach leaf curl now that liquid copper is not available?

I sowed a vine about three years ago, rooted outside and trained it inside the glasshouse. There has been plenty of growth and flowers. However towards the end of June the flowers fail to develope further- no obvious signs of pests or disease. I have used no spray to date. What is the cause of … read more

I have been following your advice and have taken some cuttings from geraniums which have got long and straggly. I have put them into a jam jar of water on the sill of the kitchen window. Should I have dipped them into rooting powder and put them into compost or are they ok as they … read more

Hymenocallis narcissiflora/Ismene what is eating the above plant? I planted the bulb in Spring and long strap like leaves grew very well but they are being ‘stripped’ by something and at this stage, there is hardly anything left of the leaves

I have 4 varieties of tomato plants – ‘Golden Sunrise’, ‘Red Cherry’, Gardeners Delight’ and ‘Moneymaker’. Whill any of these grow outside?

I have tomato seedlings that the leaves have started turning a whitish colour, they are also pale green in colour. They are about 3″ to 5″ tall. They are Money Maker, Alicante, Ailsa Craig and tumbling tom. I grew them from packet seed,as I do every year with very good results. There is about 300 … read more

I received a Dwarf Peach Tree called ” Terrace Garnet ” as a present. For a variety of reasons I accidentally kept it indoors ( I do not have a green house ) in my kitchen. It has now got blossoms on at least half of it’s buds and I can see that pollination has … read more

I want to buy a green house but am hopeless with diy, can you tell me if there is a company that i can buy one off but they will also put it together for me.

I put mushroom compost on the soil in my Poly Tunnel, and now I have loads of mushrooms growing. I know it sounds silly, but will they be safe to eat?

After having a great year in my tunnel, I went in today to find rats had attacked all my winter crops. I have removed what is left and I want to know do I have to disinfect and with what as I am ready to sow my seeds they even got my lupins and delphiniums … read more

I have 2 Camelias in pots. They were beautifully green until Xmas and now have started to loose all leaves. I did bring them into the conservatory in October and they seemed to do very well for three months. Are they dying?

The strong westerlies in Mayo ripped my Polytunnel to bits agian this December, 2yrs running now, so the time has come to think about Greenhouse. What would your advise be wrt to Strength and would something like what the Walton(UK) Polycarbonate Greenhouses be strong enough for Westport? Big investment so want to make sure it’s … read more

What can i sow in my polytunnel now as i have it dug over and can i use green manure in it?

Is it better to have raised beds in a poly tunnel or plant directly into the ground, or a combination of both? I intend to buy a 30ft x 18ft tunnel and grow both veg and flowers for the garden.

I have 3 citrus trees – Lemon, Lime and Orange. Presently the leaves of the lemon tree are going yellow and falling off at an enormous rate. The other two trees not so much. I have tried tomato feed as I am finding it hard to get citrus feed locally. Any ideas?

i have a plug in electric radiator(which is in good condition but an old style) would you think that this could be used when and if neccessary in my two bay hobby tunnel.

i have a grapevine in my conservatory affected by mildew. during the dorment season what treatment should i apply and simularly during the growing season. a lot of references are made to Captan ?

I have a problem with greenfly in my greenhouse. I have tried several sprays both organic and commercial chemicals but to no avail. I was hoping to get some advice on doing something over the winter-the only problem is that the greenhouse is never empty. There are winter lettuces and some permanent residents like lemon … read more

I had always grown Shirley tomatoes very successfully in a tunnel but last year my sister grew Moneymaker tomatoes and they developed a disease whereby shoots became mouldy and died back. This year the shirley tomatoes had it as well and a lot of the shoots died back early. i don’t know what tis disease … read more

sticky, honey like substance on some leaves of lemon tree brought back indoors after being outside for summer. what is causing it. How can I treat it?

I am growing a lemon tree in a pot in my living room. It was previously in a greenhouse ahd produced fruit. It is producing healthy leaves now but no flowers or fruit. Somtimes I see little black coloured “twigs” that break off it. Can you advise?

I have 100 carnation plants in a plastic tunnell with good size buds on them i have a wedding on 5th of nov how can i get them to full bloom for then tips on watering feeding.

l am in the process of building my base for my new green house 6 foot x 10 foot. l have read in a book that a good ldea is to put sheets of styrofoam around the outside frame of the greenhouse 2 foot deep to keep the cold soil coming into the soil in … read more

I would like to buy a greenhouse 8′ by 6′ approx. to start plants in winter and spring because there is very little growth here until June. Site is exposed. Not too expensive. Glass or poly? which is best? UV filter? What are the features/problems to be aware of? Where to buy and secondhand options

I have some home grown Basil and Chilli Pepper plants. All seemed well until I discovered some small white mites on top of the soil. They are not on the plants and when I water them these little guys jump and run around at great speed. They are too small to take a photo. They … read more

For the first time ever, I have had catterpillars in my glasshouse (I assume butterflies made their way in and laid eggs although I saw none??) I have noticed a lot of small groupings of little green and/or black pellets on my tomato plant leaves and window frames of the glasshouse…are these the droppings of … read more

I have a newly installed south facing porch. Looking for ideas for a plant or maybe fruit tree that would look well and survive. The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?Would blueberry work and look well ?

Could you name this plant please?

I have a black bell pepper growing, whats wrong with it.

She has this almond tree which is struggling and she wonders if it is because her soil seems to be mostly acidic.

I have problems with my greenhouse container grown (from seed) cucumbers. The plants sort of shriveled up when transplanted from the seed tray and while not dead are very sick looking, mottled crisp leaves and very slow growth. I had this trouble last year as well so this year tried using growbags but the problem … read more

I have green fly problem for a few month’s now in the glass house, I think i did’nt spray enough times to get rid of them.. I think my peppers and chillies will not produce any fruit now because they are all over the flowers…. But yesterday a hoverfly got in and starting to lay … read more

My greenhouse plum tomato plants leaves are going black, stretching from the outsides of the leaves into the centre, also they are curling, there are fruit on the plant but they are small yet. am i doing something wrong and when should i expect the fruit to ripen?

I got a black seedless grape and have it in the glass house,it has what looks like tiny grapes but now seems to be growing little shoots from the grape and are just falling off, i have it in a container as the floor is cement,do they need plenty of room for the roots?

I am new to growing i planted tomatoes in plastic greengouse. i have just read that i should have pulled off some new growth is it to late to do so now ?

Just at the point of finishing a greenhouse, recycled products…frames and glass…. but behind schedule for this year… I have tomatoe plants in the sun room in large enough pots…2nd truss just set now.. n feedin 2*times a week… can i transplant them to the green house at this stage ??..Fairly big now..8 plants between … read more

Can you recommend a spray for the leaves, i think it is magnesium deficiency. Also can you recommend a compost or fertilizer to mix in to prevent this problem in future.

Im just after finding green fly on my peppers plants in my green house, 1 plant has loads and 1 or 2 have a few. what should i do?

Chriss Bowers in the uk sells grape vines that are mildew resistant. i read on this website you recomended varieties that are resistant.where can i obtain them.because my glasshouse is at the bottom of a slope i have not been able to grow grapes.tried black hamburg on many occassions.

When growing cucumbers about the male and female flower do i need to pllinate them and also do i cut off the male after pollenation or just leave it? and what way is best to grow them as i have 2 plants and they are about to get flowers and they are very healthy only … read more

I am new to tomato growing and have grown both bush and vine types from seed. All plants are doing well. However I did not note which type was which, is there a way to recognize one from the other now?

I have a new Peach Tree in my garden that is suffering from “The Curl” I have read up about it on Gardners World Website but all treatments both natural and chemical are for Jan/Feb. Is there anything I can do now apart from removing the leaves and burning them?

I have bought a grape plant about 15 inches in height, it is already planted with roots outside and head inside a poly house. Please advise on the best method of training? it already has 1 or 2 laterals.

why is the last time u should start growing tomato plants i have some that i planted a month ago coming up now from seed tray is it too late to let them grow?

I have 2 growbags in a polytunnel each with 2 tomato plants. The leaves on one of the plants is wilting. If I’m watering incorrectly surely both plants in this bag should be affected ? What am I doing wrong?

The leaves of my tomato plants are beginning to curl up at the edges.This happened the last couple of years but they always recovered fairly well.Is there some deficiency in the soil.I sow the tomato plants in well manured ground(well rotted horse manure) in the polytunnel.

Recently erected a polytunnell & planted my crop and have now found loads of leatherjacket pests. Can you please tell me how I can treat these without damaging the crop? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have a polytunnell 25′ x 14′ approx with one entrance door. Plants tend to wilt from the heat on warm days even though the door is left open. Do I need a second opening at the opposite end of the polytunnell for air to circulate or can I do anything else to remedy this … read more

Just wondering should my calla lilies have begun to show yet – I planted them outdoors about the 10th March and there is still no sign of them breaking through the soil – what can I do about them? I planted gladiolus at the same time and they are popping up now.

How cantaloupe production in greenhouse?

Had tomato seedlings in plastic 3 tier greenhose for few days. Planned to pot on this weekend. Unfortunately i never took the plastic cover off the propagator and today (wednesday) when i checked them they had wilted badly after fine weather. Some actually had cracked stems. Should i start again or could they recover?

I’m planting heirloom tomatoes this year. i have a variety called ‘ Buffalo heart ‘, a beefsteak type. the seeds were a gift from Poland. do I grow them in the usual way? and can they be grown in a greenhouse?

Looking for information on growing tomato plants i.e best time to plant and where.

I saw your reply re woodlice, natures dustmen etc. but last year they certainly ate the roots of my cucumber, I have masses of them again this year in my p.t. I garden organically in the p.t. so dont use pestcides, is there anything I can do to get rid of them? my husband suggested … read more

I have a miniature KIWI growing on a patio South Facing- it has never fruited, it has been growing for four years, what do you think the problem is?

Just wondered if you could recommend a supplier for a 8×12 or 6×12 greenhouse. Is there a benefit/disadvantage to polycarbonate vs glass? Best siting for a greenhouse? First thing to do when its erected?

I recently got two fleece cloches in ALDI (the plastic ones were all sold out), in terms of what/how they protect against do the fleece cloches do exactly the same job as plastic or…

I set seeds in trays 3 weeks ago for tomatoes, melons, aubergines, cucumbers & peppers but they are not germinating. I have them in my glasshouse. Any idea what I did wrong?.

My question is regarding the pruning of this shrub. I have a small specimen that has been totally stripped of its leaves over the winter and im wondering can i cut it back to encourage regeneration? Or is it just too tender? Would a light prune encourage it to put on new leaf?

Can melons be grown in a cold frame and what space would each need?

I have a tunnel and i want to protect my geraniums and fuchias,is covering them with fleece enough at night? And do i remove it during the day?

Just want to know if the tomatoes which are still growing on a plant which I have in a conservatory are ok to use as I had thought it would have died by now. Enter the detail of your question BRIEFLY (in up to 100 words). Please stay with ONE topic per question.

weather forecast is dire for the weekend. ive got a 8X6 unheated greenhouse. its full of scented pelagoniums, chillies, mysotidiums, etc. all fairly fragile. would you recommend lighting a few candles in the evenings to heat it? (no electricity available). alternatively i could bring everything indoors but as ive about 60 pots………id rather not.

Our newly erected greenhouse is flooding during the recent heavy and prolonged rains.Not coming in from above, but seeping up from soil.My husband dug out the base earth, layed a layer of 20mm gravel and filled in with good topsoil, but today we find it is flooded again. Greenhouse is mounted on sleepers, with soil … read more

Im planning to buy a greenhouse im looking at some that use polycarbonate instead of glass do you know of the pro’s and con’s regarding both.

I would appreciate your advice i have a 3/4 acre field thats in the front of my house and looks unsightly i want to turn into a garden its very overgrown with heavy tufts of grass im putting up a poly tunnel i have been given but dont know the kind of plastic i need … read more

I have a 40 year old grape vine in a conservatory that I have been maintaining for many years. It is rooted externally and i don’t feed it or water it. In recent years crops of fruit have been quite small compared to prior years. I wonder if a new vegetable patch behind the conservatory … read more

Are tomato plants perenial or annual? I got lots of new plants from those that self seeded but what if I don’t take out this year’s plants? Can they be treated as perenials. They are in a tunnel.

My indoor cyclamon has little hard seeds at the end of it’s shoot when teh flower dies off. Can I plant these to propogate it and if so how?

just wondering is there any veg or lettuce that can be grown in the greenhouse through winter.

I have 3 aubergine plants, and although I have now had 2 fruits off them the flowers are going mouldy before they fruit you gan see small aubergines forming then they turn mouldy and drop off.

Could you please tell me. What veg can I grow in my greenhouse now?

What are freesia corms?

I already have a good veg garden and am considering a polytunnel for tomatoes, melons, pepers, strawberries etc I was going to construct 9 inch raised beds within the tunnel, will the soil need changing every so often due to infestation or would I be better off to have a gravel area and do some … read more

The leaves are truning yellow and falling off my tomato plants. Dont know what I am doing wrong. I am going to put some epsom salts down and water in. Any ideas please.

I bought 2 tomato plants money spinner & ailsa craig, planted outdoors in June in a shelltered sunny spot. Lots of big green fruit on both plants but no sign of them turning red, is it too late now for them to ripen and if so what did I do wrong?

I planted ‘Cape Gooseberry – Little Lantern’ Gooseberries for the first time and they appear to be doing well since I planted them out in 16” pots some time ago. They are meant to have an orange berry but all I’m seeing so far is a green flowery casing that houses a smaller green goosberry … read more

I have an angel trumpet, which is flowering at present…it has grown very tall and I would appreciate it if you have any advice on the best way to prune it after flowering.

Noticed today that a lot of the tomatoes in my greenhouse are developing clusters of white rings, slightly raised on the skin. They look very similar to pictures of tomatoes with ghost spot. What can I do? Can I prevent it spreading? Are affected tomatoes inedible? Will I be able to grow tomatoes in greenhouse … read more

Tomatoes been eaten and leaves the same

Should I be cutting of all the side leaves, without fruits, on my tomatoes plants, or shold I keep some on? Thanks, Maire

I have a plastic greenhouse and I am growing, aubergine, melon, cucumber, chillies and tomatoes (big boy, moneymaker) I bought some of the tomato plants from a garden centre and others I was given. The leaves on my tomatoes are beginning to go yellow at the ends, this gardaully creeps up the leaves to the … read more

I am growing 24 tomato plants in my tunnel. 7 varieties. Moneymaker, Big Boy, Brandywine, Gardeners delight, Red Cherry, Cristal and Roma VF. All grown from seed. problem with Roma: Pinched out side shoots, same as others, then found all Roma had stopped producing growing points at top. So next time a sideshoot appeared I … read more

Sun Gold tomatoes are supposed to be cherry type but they are growing much larger, bigger now than medium tomatoes. What’s the reason?

Can you tell me why tomato leaves are looking like rolled up cigarettes? Sun Gold variety.

Advice needed for planting & caring for Tibouchina shrub. Kildare location (bog)

I planted chilli peppers in various locations (eg. some in the glasshouse bed, others in pots in the glasshouse, some pots next to the window in the office, etc). All those plants in the pots are approx 45cms high and are flowering. Unfortunately, the flowers on the plants next to the window in the office … read more

ive grown grafted chillies “medina” for the first time this year. the chillies are still green and about 5″ long. they are in my greenhouse. most chillies have a round hole bored in to each chilli just near the top of the fruit. must be a grub with strong tastebuds!!!!! any ideas?

What do you think are the tastiest tomatoes? Ive grown shirley this year and am disappointed with the taste.

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have 3 tomato plants that are growing quite well. I have them in my conservtory but over the last few days the leaves have become really limp and today yellow spots/edges have appeared. I am not sure what the problem is. Think they re dying as … read more

i am growing tomatoes for the first time i have noticed flower bulbs have appeared however the top leaves inc vines have all become tightly twisted downwards.! i have checked for any insects , all the leaves are a healthy green . the plant looks odd as the bottom larger leaves are normal and then … read more

My neighboring allotment has potato blight, I have tomatoes in bags in an open tunnel beside them. Should I spray immediately or wait until there is a warning, when the weather is damp? I keep the foliage as dry as possible but there is some humidity in the tunnel. No sign of blight on the … read more

Can I grow melons in the same polytunnel as cucumbers?

I have a miniture fruit tree mandarin that i have in pot about 3 years old it not triving it gets a scale on it every year how can i treat it? Does the tree need a certain tem.. to fruit and trive.

I installed a greenhouse for the first time this year. I have tomato plants grown from seed and from purchased seedlings and they are all failing: the plants are small and the foliage is speckled and quite yellowed. I have tried feeding them tomato food with no success. I recently put in a cucumber plant … read more

Is it worthwhile cultivating seedlings from old fallen tomatoes. I have a few growing in greenhouse.or should I just grow from new seeds this year?

I have raised some melon plants. (‘Fast Break’ and ‘Charentais’) Should I treat them the same way as cucumbers, or do they need any special care

Last year I had a problem with my tomatos some sort of fungus appeared on the leaves. I brought one of my plants to the local garden centre and they were unsure what the problem was suspecting it was a fungus but not sure. They then gave me a spray for the tomatoes they thought … read more

I am growing Frangipani from seed this year. A seedling germinated for me on 29 January and grew well until I potted it on. The packet came with dire warnings about root disturbance so I transplanted the seedling complete with its compost from the the original cell. The seed case was stuck on the top … read more

I have a polytunnel, and have just discovered that my early potatoes look like they have been hit by what looks like blight – there are also some spots on my tomato plants – is this possible in early may – how do i get rid of it – can I plant new tomato plants … read more

I have a Boskoop Glory vine in the green house that I planted last Nov. New shoots are appearing but it has tiny white/opaque spots on them, What are these and how do I treat it.I have blackcurrant bush in garden. I found a leaf with blisters on it, only one leaf. What is this … read more

I have tomato plants indoors. Im afraid to put them outside yet because of the frosts. But even though i have put them in a bigger pot they are looking a bit stressed. I have fed them tomato feed but the leaves are a little yellow and withered. What should i do? Plant them out … read more

Is there a Dwarf Lemon Tree that can be grown in a container that will give fruit and if so where can one be got?

where can i get frames or can I make frames for tunnel. Recession times need to build a polytunnel can I use recycle material?

I have sown tomato seeds twice (Thompsons Alicante) and they dont appear even after 3 or 4 weeks! My friend sowed the same seeds and he has the same problem. I even have put fleece over the trays!

leaves on plants are turning light brown, shrivelling up and crumble in the hand. I’ve planted Shirleys-36 plants-all are affected,they’re in glasshouse where tomatoes have been grown successfully for 30 yrs/never saw this before/no insects on the plants/grown from seed/it started suddenly over-night after germination and while they were under polythene before being planted out … read more

trying to find out about a flower, it had a large bulb one long stem, slim narrow leaves flowers smell like honeysuckle. yellowish in colour petals on flower curl intowards stem

Will a solar pump work inside a polytunnel?

HI, I have had the attached fungus? in different patched in my rather airy greenhouse last year, I am wondering if you know what it is?

I have grown aubergines in the greenhouse they are about between 12″ to 18″ tall some have 2 or 3 fruits on them. Do i need to take off some of the top leaves and pinch the sides out? conflicting views on the internet. cucumbers i have are Fatima, what are male flowers and what … read more

Is it possible to grow tomatoes and peppers without using a greenhouse ?

Do tomatoes like cow dung? I have recently sorted out my greenhouse and I am getting missed answers from people I know about whether or not to put cow dung in the soil before I plant my tomatoes.

I have 2 top 10 electric propagators which I tried to medium success last year, I want to use just one this year but need to know when is it ok to remove a tray from it after germinating, a lot of stuff bolted last year which I want to avoid, but I can replace … read more

My Mam lives in Kinsale where they have a lot of problems with whitefly. Her tomato plants (Moneymaker and Totem F1) were about 10cm high last weekend. Now, three of them have wilted off and the rest have whitefly. She has sprayed them with Bio Sprayday. Are the two problems related? Does the Sprayday go … read more

I have a green house, not heated, but would like to start off some bulbs but how do I water them and how often?

I recently acquired framework of a polytunnel. My question is do you know of any suppliers that supply the polythene to cover polytunnels.I am located in county Waterford.

What is the best type of heating I should think about in getting for my greenhouse so i can have a constant heat in cold weather many thanks

Im totally new to gardening so will be delighted if you can help. I’ve recently moved into a new house and now have space to grow plantsHow long do I wait to transfer Tomato seeds once they start to grow, from grow bags to plants.

I have seen Acacia cold frame is this good for beginners in small garden or can you suggest something?

As Girl Guide Leader I want to plant some tomatoes with 20 x 5-7yr olds. We will plant the seeds “tomato gardener’s delight” and then the children have to take them home to care for them. They will bring them back to transplant to pots and then home to grow on. Do you think this … read more

I have got as far as you have given about pruning grapevines but you did not, it appears, show how to prune them.

I am thinking of investing in a Greenhouse / polytunnel but unsure which I should buy. I realise that the greenhouse will have more ventilation but what would you recommend. I’m considering something about 6 X 3 metres?

We recently invested in a tunnel. We have been studying lots of gardening books but we are now confused!! But thats easy! would you suggest growing the plants directly into the ground or grow in containers. would I set seeds now or wait until the end of February, I have a propagator.

I live in a hard water area and have just constructed my polytunnel. I will irrigate with rain water as often as possible, but it is inevitable that I will need to use our fresh water supply regularly. I am concerned about the consequences repeated use of hard water will have on the chemistry of … read more

i have a new tunnel in my garden. When can i start to sow seed for summer flowering and when can i set some potatoes

I have a Bougainvillia about 7 years old It is thriving on homemade compost. It is full of green leaves and purple Flowers and some of my family want cuttings when can I take cuttings?

Im doing agricultural science for the Leaving this year and for my project Im using potasium nitrate as my fertilizer. Im wondering where I can get it pure or almost pure or if there is a brand of it in garden centres.I have a fertilizer of NPK ratio 15-5-30. What percent potasium nitrate would that … read more

I would love if you can help to name this plant, it’s been in the family for generations growing in a tub. We devide and share out the bulbs every couple of years but have no name for it. It produces these beautiful flowers in August/September and needs little attention.

I have six month old orange seedlings which seem to be doing well.I had them outdoors for the Summer and I brought them in about two weeks ago.They are in a reasonable light in an unheated small corridor where I would expect the temperature to be fairly constant and a bit above outdoor temperatures.Is this … read more

I have a citrus tree (orange )was great all year flowered and had fruit . Now leaves all weathering looking bad feed frequently with citrus food watered frequently never left standing in water what would the problem be and what can I do to save it ?

How easy is it to grow flowers, vegetables, and fruits in the same greenhouse? Will the fact that I will be growing different types of plants (flowers, veggies, fruits) and within the catagories growing a variety of things (Example: flowers-orchids, sunflowers; veggies-carrots, cabbage; fruits-kiwies, stawberries) make it difficult to have all of my plants survive? … read more

I am wondering about protecting my container plants, dahlias, bay trees, petunias, dianthus, etc, from frost over the winter. I have a large covered area that I could put them in but I am not sure if this would entirely protect them. Should I buy one of those plastic/temporary greenhouses and put them in this … read more

I need to find a supplier who sells heavy duty foil for polytunnels and greenhouses to change my own greenhouse before winter. My greenhouse was covered with something like that but due to weather little holes appeared, this is why I need something stronger. I don’t want to throw my wee greenhouse away, it has … read more

I have an aeonium canariense (two tone – green and sort of aubergine! Anyway – I potted it on to a bigger pot in June and it thrived. But in the last week it appears to wilt during the day. What should I do?

Just wondering if when you pick green chillies do you need to leave them for a while to attain their heat. i tried one and it didn’t have any heat, just tasted like green pepper

I have been growing 4 different species of chilli peppers in my greenhouse, in pots. Whilst I planted the seeds quite late (mid May, owing to the fact that I was building my greenhouse!), 3 of the plants have started to produce chillies.However, the leaves are withering a bit at the moment, despite keeping them … read more

Are there any greenhouse veg suitable for growing this month or next besides salad leaves?

Hi I have north facing garden, where is best location for greenhouse, bottom right hand side 1/2 of garden gets most of light during the day (from back door)

When putting up a polytunnel it says put it up east to west , does this mean the ends with the doors should be east west or the long sides ?

Is it correct to remove all leaves on tomato plants. I did this in July. What purpose does all this greenery serve. My tomatoes are all like cherry toms although they should be bigger. I’m just a novice in the greenhouse dept.

I have recently used b&q organic living tomato feed on my tomatoes and also on strawberries. my tomatoes died and Im not sure if its because of the feed as I know it has been withdrawn from the market. Is it safe to eat the strawberries?

All of my indoor plants are infested with tiny flies in the compost. They really are becoming unbearable as they can be found all over the house. Fairly sure they are mushroom flies as I can see the larvae in the compost. I know that keeping soil dry might help but I have cucumber,chilli and … read more

I have been growing tomatoes for many years in a greenhouse. In the last few years I am loosing a lot of tomatoes in the early stages as they fall from the plant at the knuckle just before the truss. Not all are lost but certainly the majority fall as if they had been cut … read more

My peach tree produces fine peaches each year but after maturing, they deteriorate very quickly. When and how should they be harvested? Thetree is now large and mature,growing about 2metres from a south facing wall. It is sprayed against peach leaf curl.I would also appreciate tips on pruning.

I planted some tomatos recently. Now they have what looks like chillies growing out of them. Any ideas how this would happen? I also have potatos with tomatos growing out of them??

I have plenty of green tomatoes in my green house .How can I ripen them.

I have two bush and five cordon tomatoes.The first time i have been successfull in gettng to the fruit stage. I have had them in and out my polytunnel. For several weeks now i notice some curling of lower leaves and yellowing of the odd leaf with a brown spot, am i going to fail … read more

Have you ever heard of this plant and does it work, its supposed to deter cats and dogs as they dislike the smell of the plant. Do most garden centres sell it?

Have a vine grown from seed pips, 15 years now, and grows lovely sized grapes each year, and taste lovely too. Root is outside and vine runs through a glass-house.Is this a new variety, and can it be registered as a new variety?

My peppers, sown from seed in greenhouse have flowered and are fruiting. They have been attacked by green/white fly in the past. The early fruit is now are being eaten by something I cannot see. Leaves have holes and peppers have been eaten into without any sign of the pest. The joints of the stem/leave … read more

I have just planted the above in my polytunnel.When can I tell when they are ready for picking?

My tomatoes are starting to ripen, but when you look underneath the tomato, they are starting to go black/grey at the bottom. What can i do to prevent this?

I have some pepper plants growing in my glasshouse which I cultivated from seed. I sowed them in the glasshouse in early June. The plants are thriving but there is no sign of any fruit yet. When can I expect the fruit to appear or can I do anything to encourage fruit

I have a few ‘Gardeners Delight’ tomato plants growing indoors and in garden. Can you advise how many trusses per plant and how to select?

I have a weird problem with my Datura and I wonder if anyone has come across it before?My Datura is flowering. It is of the double flowered type. That is to say, the flower is supposed to be double-decked with an inner bell shape and an outer one. The first flower opened and when I … read more

My tomato plants in green house have whitefly. I have been useing Derris dust its not working, fruit has formed.

I have three vines in the greenhouse in pots, all growing well but they are not bearing any flower stems at all. This is their second year, and I was told that maybe there is a problem with the soil ph what is the best fertiliser to use to give the vines the right conditions … read more

My dad & I have been growing tomatoes for years but this year, the leaves on some of his otherwise healthy plants have turned a kind of rust colour.Some of the leaves on my plants have turned whitish in the centre of the leave or often the leaf is speckled with this whitish colour. Are … read more

Is there a Kidney Bean I can grow in my polytunnelthat will self pollinate?

my 4 bush and 1 cordon tomatoes have been outside and done well to flowering stage. this night i have placed same in polytunnel as the rough winds may destroy them. can i bring them out again if the weather improves

We are trying to grow cucumbers for the first time. It is presently in a pot -but will need support soon!! Is it warm enough to grow cucumbers outside here. Our veg plot is raised – at a sunny wall and fairly well sheltered. No greenhouse- would have to be inside if not.

What is ideal soil pH range for growing Orange Trees? I have about twenty seedlings ready for pricking out and I want to use the optimum potting medium.

Recently I took a few cuttings from my plants in the garden. The cuttings themselves had some roots attached.I potted them up and watered and placed them in a make -shift cold frame.Question: Is this Cold frame idea a good way of trying to grow plants and if so what procedures should I take in … read more

what is the best material for greenhouse shading? Would old white net curtains be okay?

Hi Gerry, My wife just gave me a Vitis Boskoop Glory grapevine, that she bought in Avoca. I have recently built a greenhouse, that has a very sunny aspect – someone suggested to grow the grapevine outdoors, but to possibly trail the vine into the greenhouse for a higher yield of grapes. Have you any … read more

I purchased a Black Hamburgh grape this spring ,the root being outside my greenhouse,the main stem going vertical to the roof space and below two side shoots ,when trying to bend each of these sie shoots to my support wires in the greenhouse they both brocke off fomr the main stem leaving me with just … read more

My Sweet 100 tomato plants are stunted and the leaves are dying. I have grown them for 10+ years with no problems.See photos. Thanks . I have looked at photos online but can’t decide what is wrong.

We recently purchased two small peach trees, they appear to now have peach leaf curl. Could you give us any advise on how we should treat it.

I have three vines in my greenhouse and I get a lot of growth in the spring-summer. although I get a good crop of grapes should I cut back this green growth as I do with tomatoes. ie side shoots, to get a better crop?

I sowed patio-container type tomatoes, think they might be tumbling toms. I have them on my window sill and they are growing strongly. This weekend they have started to develop white spots on some leaves. I want to find out what this is and how to stop it. I haven’t started feeding them yet, will … read more


i have 3 grape vines i bought last year in pots they are about 6 ft tall and there are tiny bunces of grapes starting to grow. do i need to do anything they are in a large glass porch do they need to be planted in the ground i have a greenhouse i could … read more

I would like to grow tomatoes in a polytunnel. What is the proper soil to use for this.?

I have a kiwi fruit vine growing in a pot in my greenhouse. It is growing very fast and i would like to prune it back. could you explain how to do this without losing all my fruit buds for next year. Last year was first year i had 3 flowers and 3 fruit this … read more

Within a few weeks of repotting my orchids (phalaenopsis) they were infested with small black flies. The flies are very small and seem to die off after a number of days.To try and control the pests I disposed of the ‘infested’ potting compost and repotted the orchids in a new compost. Before repotting I washed … read more

I would like to invest in a polytunnel but am a bit worried that it might blow away (as happened to our trampoline along with its protective net, a few years ago). How can I minimise the chance of the polytunnel blowing away? What is the recommended orientation of a polytunnel, North-South, East-West ?I believe … read more

Purchased a bulb/corm Gloriosa rothschildiana nearly a year ago – planted same, and to date nothing has happened, now it is in a warm athmosphere and I am wondering what else I can do.

My tomatoe plants grew all right, but didn’t produce any fruit. I think I confused trusses with leaves and cut off the wrong thing?

I cut back my abuliton today 18.02.09 not hard but removing a foot or two off a 10 foot plant and i would like to know if i can propogate these. I know that abuliton have a short life and i would like to keep it going.

We have a poly tunnel and i would like to know whether farmyard or horse manure would be the better to use or should i have applied it earlier.

I have an Aloe Vera plant in a pot indoors which has gotten quite large over the years and has now flopped over, while most of the larger older growth at the base has dropped off over time so it looks untidy. Is there any way to “pinch out” an aloe or encourage new growth … read more

We had a greenhouse built, bout our soil is marle, can you help – how do I get my greenhouse ready for spring?

I’ve taken over an old greenhouse in which plants and fruit had been left to rot. I cleaned it inside and out with milton and washing up liquid and it looked great. Unfortunately though when I left a couple of plants in it some of them have developed a kind of fungus, (black spots which … read more

I have been given a present of spider lilly and don.t know which way to plant it. There is a little growth on it and it has legs like a spider. Is this the top or the bottom. Thanks for your help. Phyllis

I have a basil plant growing in a pot on my kitchen windowsill above the sink. it has developed a mottled pattern on the leaves, light brown in patches. there are micorscopic black dots all over the leaves the size of a pin head (like finely ground black pepper). the leaves are whithering. what is … read more

I bought a pot plant called Pandorea for indoors. It got too big and I planted it into a bigger pot and put it outdoors and it is beautiful, I just love it. I would love to get another one to climb on a sunny wall, can you tell me where I could buy one … read more

Hello Gerry,I was given a present of a vine about two and a half years ago. I was told to put the root outside the greenhouse and bring the rest of the plant inside. This I did. How long will it take before I can get fruit from it? Has there been an article in … read more

My tunnel is about 8 years old and firm and good but I have awful algy on the outside. I have tried washing up liquid and Domestos bleach but the green algae (and black on the top) remains. Jeyes is not to be used on it (so the tin says) . Can you please suggest … read more

Would Sheep muck mixed with my own compost be suitable for growing veg in my tunnel over the winter

Gerry,I recently wrote to you regarding my Angels trumphets which were pot bound. My now question is, as you mentioned, although pot bound, if cut back and protected from frost, they will last nexst year if planted into the ground.How do I cut them back, i.e. where and how far back? Also, as they are … read more

Hi Gerry, I grew a Mondia whitei from seed and have a specimen outdoors though it has put on very little growth this year, its second year. I got the seeds from Chiltern seed. I also have a specimen in a sunroom which is west facing and is full of leaves but no flowers at … read more

Gerry, Where can I buy or how do I make up an epiphytic or terrestial orchid compost ?

Gerry, Could you advise me as to where I could buy a greenhouse in Ireland? I am looking for a 10ft by 8ft. Thanking you, Mary

I have just cleared the tunnel of all my tomato plants as I think they were all infected with blight ;a. can I leave courgette plants which are doing very well, peppers,chilly peppers, aubergines and strawberry plants in situ or are they susceptible to blight ?b. what will I spray ground with now ?c. how … read more

Hi Gerry, Our tomato plant seems to be in trouble. The edges of the leaves have gone brown and now the fruits are going black before they ripen. It appears that the top half of each fruit turns black – the half furthest away from the stem. The plant is growing in a large pot … read more

hi,gerry,i planted a blackhamburg 25 yrs ago in a unheated green house.i traned it as single rod.the rod developed to 25 ft and produced about 30 bunches of lovely grapes.but for the last three years it has produced no flowers or fruit but plenty of lush foliage, I did all the necessary nipping out each … read more

When can I redirect a grapevine in the glasshouse

Where can I purchase the shrub Bougainvillea? I love it. I have a southly facing sheltered site(building at moment) can picture this plant there.

Can you please tell me how best to grow ginger? What is the best soil to grow it in and when do you harvest it. How is it best used in cooking?

I have tomatoes in the Greenhouse and some are rotting where they are attached to the plant. Also they are not ripening. I know weather is a problem not a lot of sun. The first tomatoes appeared end of May and are still not red.

I have 5 Ailsa Craig tomatoes growing in my unheated greenhouse. They were doing very well and had six trusses each. I read that the top should be pinched out after the sixth truss appears so that the tomatoes would develop. Soon after I pinched out the top, the tomatoes started to wilt and now … read more

Is it possible to make up a peatmoss or woodchip compost to grow tomatoes in using 7.6.17 or another fertilizer?. If so what is the proportion per litre? thankyou.

i have a bird of paradise in a glasshouse for 1 year.it hasn’t produced any flowers. the label that came with plant says it flowers between december and april. is this correct?

I am looking to control my greenhouse greenfly by introducing Ladybird Larvae. i have found several comapnies in the UK who sell these but will not ship to Ireland. Do you know if you can buy Ladybird Larvae in Ireland and if so who the suppliers are?

I sent you a photo of the bougainvillea leaf but may have sent it to the wrong section. I have had my plant about 10 years and never know what type of compost to repot it in. I gave it some rhododendron feed and the result is yellow leaves with dark green veins. Also very … read more

Hi Gerry. I successfully sowed ‘Gardeners Delight’ and had many plants happily growing in my conservatory, getting watered every day and fed roughly once a week. However, in the last few wks the growing stems have started to grow in a funny way. They have swollen and become almost white. It is like they have … read more

Hi Gerry, I would like to grow the Curry Tree (Murraya koenigii) for use in cooking. Can it grow in Ireland? If so, do you know where I could buy a plant? Thanks, Caitríona

I have ants in my greenhouse, I grow tomatoes, basil, aubergines, peppers and grapes. Will they cause any problem and if so how do I solve the problem?

Trying to trace Polygala Myrtitolia to buy? We bought in Cornwall last year but unfortunately lost it during the winter. Can you suggest any Irish nursery to try? Also the Climber Mandville. many Thanks. Eilis

Hi Gerry, I couldnt find the answer to this in the other sections so I thought I would direct it to you. In my porch I have a Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) which I planted last year in a pot about 1ft wide and deep. It grew and flowered well. This year trained last years … read more

Hi 2 weeks ago sowed some water melon seed in the propagator and amazingly they have grown about 12 inches, every morning they are bigger and bigger. When should i transplant and where? have statred a vegtable garden and have space left is it in a drill or a bed i put them?

Gerry, where can grape vines be bought in Ireland, preferably in Limerick /Munster region?

I started growing basil from seed indoors on my window about a month ago – the plant seems to be thriving in the recent sunshine with stems about 4 inches tall now. I have noticed a problem while watering and I can’t find a solution online. There appears to be a lot of tiny white … read more

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?

gerry i was given 2 grape vines lately, i have a 40ft /8ft high/polly tunnel is it possible for me to grow these vines in it or would you have any other suggestions .i also grow all my bedings lillys and small scrubs //

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?

The aubergines I grew from seed last year produced good plants initially, although there was some yellowing of the leaves. They flowered abundantly, but only 4 flowers developed into fruit from 4 plants. They were grown on a heated mat (20°C) in a greenhouse, on capillary matting, kept well watered and fed with tomato feed … read more

Hello Gerry. The tomato plants in my greenhouse were fine at 12pm today. Only seven hours later, all the plants have some leaves covered with translucent patches. It looks to me (a novice!) as if they were scorched where they had been wet, but I am careful never to wet the leaves when I water … read more

I have glassed in my north facing arched doorway. I would like to put pot plants in the space created. What can you recommend?.

I’ve recently set Cherry Tomatoes, indoors in a window box – They are about 20cm’s in height now. Do I pinch the tops off and when and why? Love the website.

many of the leaves on my shop bought tomato plants look patterned with yellow and if held up to the light up can see through 50% of the leaf. They are in a polytunnel and are watered daily. Some later bought plants near to these originals appear to be fine, same soil etc. I’m wondering … read more

a shrub commonly called “Yesterday Today and Tommorow”. Seen in S.Africa…similar in structure to orange blossom,,, but blossoms are multi coloured (pink purple,white) and beautifully perfumed.. (I have a photo of it)

Hi Gerry would appreciate any help you could give me or pointers in identifying my cactus. I have added the photos to my garden as there was no facility here. The cactus has 4 colums each 3cm in diameter. It is now 6 ft tall. Thanks Passiflora

My lemon tree which has given lemons in the past is now looking very sad with sticky glue on the leaves and black dust sticking to it. What can I do to clean it up?