We want to use our side door as we farm and tend to be mucky! The problem is our dogs and children also use that side of the garden. I want to put a garden gate up to prevent escapees but my husband just wants to walk straight into the house and not deal with … read more

I have a wall at chest level height at the side of my house that gives people full view of my whole house & garden. I need to block this view fully. I know it will be expensive but I want looking for shrubs that are unusual & fragrant or something that looks beautiful & … read more

I don’t know if you can help have found a large amount of frogspawn on the side of the road and it is out in the open with no water any advice would help.

Are there any disadvantages to using a stone / slate or gravel mulch on beds to stop weeds.

Unusually for housing estate have small triangle of grass between footpath and garden wall. Not sure of ownership but trying to check with council. With advancing years have removed grass from front and back garden, leaving this as only tiny patch requiring mowing and ownership of law mower. Thinking Mypex, and trailing plants, biggest problem … read more

This revolting slimy algae is forming on gravel/stone surfaces ~ pathways, carparks, cobbles. We think it’s Nostoc. First (modest) appearance was in 2010; now it’s widespread, sometimes in carpets up to 1.5cm thick (and counting).. Thrives on rain, even in this cold weather. Very unsightly, dangerously slippery underfoot. Can you suggest a chemical for control … read more

I am starting to build my patio and want to dot some plants within it as it is quite large. I would love to plant a Clematis over a large rock in a squared off area covered with chippings. I have several clematis is mind as I would like a strong grower and perhaps one … read more

i am redesigning my garden i am takeing up all shrubs and putting down coloured stones my neighbour suggest i use bleash to kill any weeds before i lay the stones my question should i take her advice

We have a footpath outside our sliding doors. We want to lay a patio. Is it possible to pave over the footpath and continuing paving onto the “grass” area to make the patio larger? Is it likely the slabs on the “grass” area would move over time causing cracking between the slabs set on the … read more

To the side of our front garden, we have a steep Bank sloping, (25 mtrs. in length & about 2 mtrs drop) into our garden from the adjoining property. We have had to put drainage to prevent heavy rainfall turning the area into near like waterfall conditions.many thanksCan you advise? 91We have planted 4 pampas … read more

Can you please help. I have dark algae on gravel and can get rid of it. Swells up in wet conditions. qite slippery. tried weedkiller, mosskiller, lawn sand, and mogathon- No good. Have tried picking it up but very slow process. any suggestions?

I have a large half water barrel that contain a waterlily, marginals and fish. The water is very green with algae. Is this harmful to the fish? What can I do to maintain the water clarity?

I have an issue with the location of my garden shed. It’s in a north facing garden and we put it at the back of the garden but facing the patio doors (on the back left of the garden, west) The reason for this is the sun lasts longer in the evenings on the right, … read more

what are the best plants for a pond and will any of these survive a winter like we just had.

Our pond was covered in a net from early November until just over 2 weeks ago. For much, perhaps most, of of that time the pond was frozen. Yesterday my son drew my attention to the fact that on the bottom of the pond are many dead frogs. They are bloated but otherwise not decomposed. … read more

My enclosed patio measures 12ft wide by 23 long. My sitting room faces onto it. It has a wooden railing along the front. A sun room faces onto one side and a low red bri ck wall makes up the 4th side. It is paved with ordinary grey slabs, not in great condition. Unfortunately it … read more

I recently bought a travertine statue for the garden. (How) Should I cover it in winter?

We have Leylandii trees at the end of our garden which are about 20 feet high. However they take up a lot of room and are costly to have cut back every year. Also it is impossible to grow anything near them. There is a wall behind them aprox 4′ high.We are thinking of taking … read more

After making a large pond, I have a lot of soil left (some poor, some topsoil) and would like to use it in our 3/4 acre garden. The back garden is a long rectangle with pond (near house), veg. plots, flower beds but plenty of available space. Any ideas on incorporating this into the landscape … read more

I’m looking for about ten large stepping stones in random (circularish or oval) shapes approximately one metre in diametre to creat a pathway. I’ve tried all of the large quarries have been unsuccessfull to date. Can you please let me know if you know where I could try to find the stones? Many thanks,

I have red and black patio slabs in my garden and they have faded to a very dirty colour even though they are well looked after . any suggestions on how to get the colour back ie paint ? also i have a wisteria 4 years and still no flowers.

What is the fastest growing ivy- i need it to cover horrible block walls -height 4ft at the front of the house and 8 ft at the back. or any other suggestions for fast growing all year round cover.

Pond, 3mx3mx.45M deep, southwest facing, sunny, has ‘Laguna’ filter and UV treatment fitted nevertheless pond always like pea soup. Water plants doing badly, nothing really growing. Pond fed by rainwater off house roof. Frogs seem happy though. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

Hello Gerry, I got a present of a bird house last Christmas 12 months. Some time afterwards I attached it to the side of a tree in the back garden. While the birds including robins which are friendly come into the garden to feed no birds have used the bird house. It is about six … read more

I have a dry embankment that is covered in wild grass. It is too steep to safely strim on a regular basis. I am thinking of covering it with weed fabric and then planting some ground cover plants to take the place over. Is Cotoneaster dammerii a good plant for this. Is this also more … read more

our house was built on a field with a slope and we had to dig down the the foundations so now we have a bank at the back of the house. i am planting some vegetables this year. there is a 4ft drop from the bank down to the lawn. at the foor of the … read more

Recently have moved into house with a small garden pond, about 1.5m diameter. As I have absolutely no experience in Pond maintenance, could you help me out please? there already seems to be some algae or other matter formin on the surface. There is some greeenery growing in the pond also.

I am having trouble with moss continually appearing on tarmac & paths even when treated with proprietry brands Are there any more powerful & longlasting chemicals which kill moss and then have the same effect as simazine in stopping moss reappearing.

I’m planning a pond, about 10 x 3 mtr, wha is a bit wide for standard lining sheets. So, I’m thinking of using clay. Where to get the right type of clay, and helpful instructions on how to do that?

The ice was at least 4″ thick on my pond (approx size 2m across x 1.5m deep) during the freeze in January. Unfortunately when it thawed out there are lots of dead frogs in it. I never had this happen before and we would get quite a lot of ice most years. I thought frogs … read more

I have concrete, so a water barrel surrounded with stones and terracotta pots, plus two large bits of tree trunks i want to biodegrade to encourage nature.I would like a small water lily (pink/white) but what nice grass can i also include in the barrel and maybe a third different shaped plant? also in the … read more

Can you please tell me what I should use to remove algae from pebbles I have along paths and driveway ?

I live in an estate with a down ward slope into my back garden.my neighbours gardens are paved so any rainwater flows into mine from theirs,leaving mine left waterlogged!Its like marsh ground in the moors,its even full of rushes!I was wondering could you possibly advise me on the most effective way of draining the water … read more

We have a lawn at the back of our house, and one corner can be very wet in winter and spring. Are there plants that i can put in, to soak the water? i want low lying plants that will not block our view from the back window in our kitchen. the area is about … read more

My father is eldery and has decided to lay stone chips down on the grass to save him having to cut the grass in the future. The level of the grass in terms of the pathway is low enough that we don’t have to take off the top layer of grass. QUE: Should we kill … read more

I have one large half barrel which i want to make into a barrel pond, where can i get an oddment of pond liner for this, i am on a disability pension and never could afford a massive piece for this one feature. Thanks in anticipation.

our neighbours have built a new extension which overlooks our back garden. I would like a suggestion for hedging or barrier of some kind. There’s a wall of 6 feet approx between the houses but as the floor of the extension was raised they can now see right over our garden. i would be grateful … read more

I am nearing completion of my new build (3 weeks away) and have found a small spring about 10 ft from the house which will naturally slope away from house. Any ideas for using this natural feature? My husband sees it as a problem which should be drained away with piping underground (up to €1,000!!), … read more

Over the past couple of years I have noticed a brownish slippery substance on my ‘tar and chips’ yard and paths. this has increased 200% this year and is very obvious when the ground is wet. It seems to shrink when the ground dries. In time it turns to moss and looks terrible. I cant … read more

I would like some help or advice on how to get rid of moss from a pavement. i would like to permanantly remove this moss. i’ve tried some products from various garden centre’s and applied as advised but they have only removed it temporarily.any help or advice would be appreciated

I am paving the entire of my concrete rectangular yard (15′ x 6′) with paving slabs. I have read the paving section but am wondering if I can lay the slabs on sand as I’m hoping to do the work myself and would be nervous about getting involved with concrete/mortar.

I’ve spent weeks strimming and weeding a big area that will eventually be covered with weed barrier/stones, but until that day I just want the area kept clear of weeds/grass. After clearing it, I sprayed with Roundup, but when new weeds/grass started growing, I found out that Roundup only kills active plants. I read somewhere … read more

Our back garden is paved with bricks and we cannot keep the weeds down. It has no drainage what so ever and when we remove the weeds they are back before we have finished whole area. we have tried weedkillers but to no avail. there is grass growing between the bricks aswell. What advice would … read more

My pond has been dug and now ready for a liner… dimensions are 16ft x 11ft and 3 ft deep. Do you have a recommendation butyl vs. pvc. Have installed butyl in a Wicklow pond but is it really that much better than modern pvc 2mm thick?

I have removed ivy on 3 walls of south facing garden& would like your advice on covering walls with evergreen low maintenance shrubs in a space that is now gravelled and with small patio near house,The back wall facing north is overhung by large plane tree and leylandii. Garden is facing south but gets sun … read more

My small pond 5ft. by 2.5ft.and 18″ deep has become muddy and slimey. The slime adheres to the plants (oxygenater, Lilly and Iris) and also floats in lumps on the surface. There were fish in it up to 5 months ago when the heron got them all. It is generally very muddy and disgusting. I … read more

Hi Gerry, we have a holiday home with small stones all around it. This is looking really bad with weeds. We have tried various weed killers, but with only very limited and short lived affect. Is there something we can use to kill all the variety of weeds and then seal the ground?Thanks

where can I buy a good solar water feature in dublin? I just want a simple one to listen to when relaxing in my garden. Thank you.

Gerry,We are laying a patio of about 100sqm and given its size are trying to keep price at reasonable level. Want to achieve the look of yellow sandstone paving and have seen dyded concrete paving slabs which look great but are worried about the colour fading over time (even though would seal it every 5 … read more

Hi GerryI have a sloping bank at the back of my house with a wet corner at one end. Can you recomend plants that are easy to maintain. I will be mulching between the plants. Are there are pictures of landscapped slopes that are mature. Sometimes it nice to see what the effect will look … read more

Hi Gerry, i am a totally new to gardening, hope to change this in the near future. I need help with the surrounding concrete slab walls of my back garden (25ft x 55ft, east facing) i want to plant a type of Ivy/creeper that will give a very good coverage and is evergreen. I have … read more

Hi Gerry, when laying stepping stones (unconnected) from my patio to my shed through my lawn, do I need to use sand & cement as a subbase, sand or can i just lay directly on topsoil?

how does one correct a slope towards the house on a large garden>

We have recently removed old brick planters and now have a blank canvas at the front of our house. We have an old cement sidewalk that goes around the side of the house that we need to cover up or redue. I am wonderng about a low wooden walkway and deck. Is it okay to … read more

i spend a lot of time cleaning moss between patio bricks. I wanted to use a chemical spray, but was told that sprays stain the bricks. Do you know if this is true, or what would you suggest?

want to gravel my front garden as it is too tiny for grass. No fence, just leads to pavement and communal parking. How do I do this? how far do I dig down and do i put a mulch down before gravel goes on. Much Appreciated.

GerryI have a garden on a slope front to back. if you check my profile, i have some photo’s to show the extent of the slope. the garden is 5 years old, Not much done to it but have this with my veg plot. Also my son uses a walker sometimes wheelchair. i looking for … read more

Hi Gerry! Moving into our new house in a housing estate soon. Back garden is small – 15metres in width & 9 metres in depth. A 2-storey house is very close on one side of the back wall & we need tall trees or high shrubs to screen it off. Using a ladder to help … read more

Hello gerry, i have a split-level garden at the back of my house with ten foot in the difference of the two. I have plans for a patio with a stream for the top section cascading down into a pond in the bottom garden but was wondering what are the costs of running such a … read more

I am in the process of creating a wildlife garden pond. Rough dimensions are 60ftx30ft with average depth of 4ft. I want to be as enviromentally friendly as possible and would like to avoid additional energy use (electricity for pump for water circulation and filtering). Is it possible to do this without the water becomming … read more

Hi Gerry, i laid decorative gravel on top of weed proof fabric which covers soil about 18 months ago. I am finding that with wet weather and footfall (last year!) water is pooling in the gravel and some areas are sinking underfoot. Should I have put hardcore on soil first and compacted it before the … read more

Ants have been excavating a vast cavern beneath my patio. Short of resorting to mass slaughter, which I am reluctant to do, have you any suggestions for discouraging them? Unfortunately they also invade my bedroom which is just beside.

Not a horticultural question but still a garden question. I have a patio of indian sandstone which is now quite stained with small black circular discrete marks, almost appearing like a fungus or lichen.The marks are quite random, some stones being affected and others not at all. Despite use of a proprietary patio cleaner and … read more

Do you have any suggestion, please, for the removal of blanket weed in a pond? There are fish in it. I have been doing it manually but with very limited success. Many thanks

I am thinking of making a small rockery near the front of the house. Some people think it’s a great idea, others think I’m mad because it will make more work. What do you think?