I have a beautiful bouganvillea which thrived all summer and is still covered in flower, how do I manage for winter? I have unheated greenhouse/ garage/ pantry. Would any of them be suitable to overwinter it?

I have an anthurium plant since last2 months . Recently started brown spots on its leaves . sending you pic. What is the reason and how to treat?

I got a present of a gardenia house plant. How do i care for it? – watering, positioning, room temperature.

My friend has a small heather plant. She wants to know if it is an indoor or outdoor plant?

My Christmas cactus completely failed to flower this winter. It budded, but the buds all fell off before opening. I have it in a north-facing window. Any ideas?

I have two large foxtail ferns out in my garden for last two years. They appear to have died in the frost / snow. They have shed their needles and arms are now brown and brittle.Will they reshoot or are they gone.Was it mistake to plant them outside?

This year I planted a lot of indoor hyacinths in pots in my house.I was just wondering What do I do with the bulbs when they are finished flowering?I have Amarylis also that are still flowering what do I do with the bulbs also when they are finished flowering?

I am plant-sitting arum lily with red spathe. stems and leaves are dying. It is in a conservatory off kitchen. Watered it till just damp.how do i save it before its owner returns?

Cyclamen left in car overnight and leaves and flowers drooping, how can I revive it?

I have a Yucca indoors now 5 ft tall can I plant it outdoors?If so in what conditions and what time of year?

Is it possible to buy a rose called Joseph’s coat in the republic? I have seen it in a old gardening book, and its just what i would love on my back fence.Or could you suggest another type of climbing rose that is just as colourfull.

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?

I bought clivia plant back in March, it was in flower at the time, garden centre adviced me that when it had finished flowering, I should put it outdoors in a bigger pot, I did this, but it struggling outdoors.

HI Gerry, I have one of the above house plants (parlour palm) which I bought before Christmas in Tesco’s. It sits in my sitting room facing the window and near the radiator. It has started to turn brown at the tips and occasionally I have dead leaves on a full branch which I have cut … read more