i have a plug in electric radiator(which is in good condition but an old style) would you think that this could be used when and if neccessary in my two bay hobby tunnel.

l am in the process of building my base for my new green house 6 foot x 10 foot. l have read in a book that a good ldea is to put sheets of styrofoam around the outside frame of the greenhouse 2 foot deep to keep the cold soil coming into the soil in … read more

I have a polytunnell 25′ x 14′ approx with one entrance door. Plants tend to wilt from the heat on warm days even though the door is left open. Do I need a second opening at the opposite end of the polytunnell for air to circulate or can I do anything else to remedy this … read more

I have a tunnel and i want to protect my geraniums and fuchias,is covering them with fleece enough at night? And do i remove it during the day?

weather forecast is dire for the weekend. ive got a 8X6 unheated greenhouse. its full of scented pelagoniums, chillies, mysotidiums, etc. all fairly fragile. would you recommend lighting a few candles in the evenings to heat it? (no electricity available). alternatively i could bring everything indoors but as ive about 60 pots………id rather not.

Will a solar pump work inside a polytunnel?

What is the best type of heating I should think about in getting for my greenhouse so i can have a constant heat in cold weather many thanks

what is the best material for greenhouse shading? Would old white net curtains be okay?