I have rosemary growing in a big pot plant but its starting to go brown and look like its dieing off,how can i fix this?

my sage herb has got brown spots on it. I grow it in a polytunnel next to dill, thyme,oregano.

I have sage growing in herb garden. Am new to this, appreciate information. have been picking tips to make bushier plant. Do i pick flower buds or just let them grow.

I have a sage plant indoors. It has a white powdery deposit on the leaves but is still growing. I cannot see any insects on it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi Gerry, I have a sage plant in a container. The top of it has lovely green leaves, however, the bottom 3/4 of the plant has black leaves and looks terrible. Can I prune the plant back to encourage fresh growth lower down or should I take some slips to start again with a new … read more