Growing basil in a pot outside. Leaves are being eaten by some insect dont see anything .What should i do to stop this and pervent this happening?

New to the world of seeds – I planted basil, pumpkin and squash in a seed tray and left in my glass house. The basil started to sprout within 7 days but now (day 10) there’s no sign of it! The pumpkin & squash have not come up even though packet says they should within … read more

I’m a bit new to growing herbs from seed but I planted some Basil, Rosemary and Thyme in small pots and placed them on my window indoors a few weeks ago. They seem to be going well but I’m wondering should I seperate the seedlings into seperate pots or just leave them develop in the … read more

My basil is being eaten away by something, I have put slug pellets down but I can’t find what is eating it, could it be a spider?

This years project is grow as many herbs as possible Only one failed me –Basil — I tried seeds and I bought some plants but no luck ANY TRICKS iS IT TOO LATE TO TRY AGAIN THIS YEAR iS IT AN ANNNUAL PLANT ONLY Thanks kay