I was wondering what would be a suitable plant for my Kitchen. I’m thinking of the fumes etc that are generated in a normal kitchen and the effect these might have on a plant. The window is westnorthwest facing so only gets sun in late afternoon/evening. Temperature fluctuates between 12C and 20C but very rarely … read more

I am just wondering that what is this plant ? It has orange colour stem and last year it had orange colour flowers. How to care that plant?

I have a young philodendron xanadu plant which is not doing so well. Some of the leaves are a bit yellow at the edges and distorted. I fed it and watered it and gave it a slow release fertilizer tablet. I had it indoors but put it outside in a shady sheltered spot in the … read more

My office is in a very dusty environment, is there a house plant which would help?

Any suggestions for large plants for Bathrooms. The room is quite big and bare looking. Indoor Palm looks great but the leaves keep going grey and dying. I assume this is caused by steam? Any other indoor plants I have come across are too small.

I have attached photo of plant that I have for about 7 or 8 years. It was replanted into a much bigger pot about 18 months ago, and since that, the leaves are getting brown patches and sometimes the full leaf goes brown and dies. It is not in direct sunlight. I water it (and … read more

The plant is potted in a kitchen corner below a slanted Velux skylight (about 13′ tall). There is an abundance of leaves at the skylight and very little below. Can I prune the entire top from time to time to encourage growth further down (as it was in the beginning).

I have a parrot plant on my kitchen window sill, it is getting too tall for here, can I nip the top of the plant to stop it growing up? I have moved it to another place but the leaves drooped so I had to put it back on the window. Any advice on this … read more

My indoor yucca got frost damaged while in the garage over winter. It has started to re-shoot alright but I need to cut the top of the “trunk”. What should I seal it with? Where would I get It?

I have this Swiss Cheese Plant for about 8 weeks – thought the leaf damage had occurred in the garden centre but even the newest leaf is starting to show the dark patch – Any hints on how to cure it? Hazel Luskin Glennon

I have 2 geraniums in the house and they were flowering but now there is no flowers at all. What would you suggest?

What should i do with my venus fly trap regarding dormancy. Should i put in in the fridge when the time comes or in the shed.

Hi – I have a stephanotis plant for about 3 yrs and it only flowered when I bought it. I dont overwater it and do feed it regularly during summer. Is there anything I can do to get it to flower? Many thanks.

Hi Gerry, I have a cactus house plant just like the winter flowering cactus which produces cerise coloured flowers in winter, however mine produces orange flowers in summer, or rather it DID! Now it just produces luscious green glossy cactus leaves, some buds but it hasn’t flowered in years! What do you advise re best … read more

Watering & light requirements for indoor Yucca & Money Tree for both summer and winter?