I have attached some photographs of a patchy grass fungus which we have in our garden. I would appreciate any assistance you can give in identifying it and how we might eradicate it.

Have mossy lawn with what appears to be lichen on it (spreading quite quickly) in Co. Mayo. Can you suggest best method to get rid of it?

correct time of year to treat the lawm for moss

Would you recommend MO Bacters moss remover and if so do you know of a local supplier?

I intend to kill lawn moss. May I leave the dead moss on the lawn to rot? Unsightly, I know, but I recall you dealing with this some tome ago

I wonder what is the best product to put on the tarmacadam to kill moss, When is the best time to apply and do you do it when the ground is dry.

When is the best time to scarify a lawn?

Hi Gerry, In the summer the sun is full on it during the day time I know the west of ireland is usually bad for moss but is there anything i can do to improve it

Is November a bad time to apply Iron Sulphate on the lawn to kill out the moss? And lastly When is is a good time to prune (Heavy) the apple trees?

My lawn is boggy perhaps due to being on an incline and getting runoff from garden at back. However the problem now is that when I mow the lawn large patches of black wet spawnlike fungus/algae(?) have seeped up. It looks like black frogspawn. This is the garden of a new house so I imagine … read more

In effect are lawn sand and sulphate of iron are the same thing? Both kill moss on lawns but is there one better than the other?

is it safe to have children and pets on lawn after sulphate of iron distribution,does dead moss need to be raked out.

How do I apply sulphate of iron in solid form? I tried today in my speader but it wouldn’t go through it. I think it was too damp. It just stuck to the bottom. I had to continuously bounce spreader to release it. I fear it wasn’t spread very evenly. Also how long do I … read more

our lawn is badly covered in moss we are considering digging it up and resetting do you think this is really necessary or is there anything else we can try first?

I recently bought packets of lawn repair kits (with ‘family grass’ seeds and fertiliser) in an attempt to restore my lawn. I have mown the existing grass close to the ground and raked off most of the thatch and moss. Some areas have more moss than others. The past warm sunny spells certainly helped, but … read more

Could you please tell me what amount of sulphate of Iron I use to what amount of water? I have read that you can put it on the lawn but I cannot find what ratio, I would be really happy if you could help me.

Do you know if and where mechanised lawn rakes (the ones with flexible steel prongs) are available (my lawn is too big to od it manually)?

I’d like to use lawn sand in my back garden to treat moss as it was successful in the front but our pet rabbit shares our lawn. Instructions say to keep pets off for 4 hours after watering but I suspect this only applies to pets who don’t eat the grass. Is it safe to … read more


I’m just wondering if it’s possible to make a solution and apply Sulphate of Iron as a moss control to a lawn with a knapsack sprayer? i.e. Will it work the same as applying the dry granuals?The directions say to apply with a spreader at a 30g/Sq metre ratio so just wondering if i can … read more

How do I correct this problem without changing the levels?

what is the dilution of sulphate of iron do I use to kill off mind your own business, I do not mind killing the grass in the patch.

We have a problem with moss on our grass we also have another problem – our back garden is very wet and soggy – ok the recent rain hasnt helped but its like a sponge at the moment when you walk on it you can see the water! and hear it squelch.

I have put fertiliser/moss killer combination on my lawn and the moss is gone all black. I’m afraid I have a lot of moss so lots of black areas, I want to know what to doafter I scrape it out? Do I just throw on some grass seeds or dO I have to dig out … read more

I have a sack of sulphate of iron granules. what amount of this do i put in a watering can, to help get rid of moss, and what amount would i use to water into the plants as a feed?

How do i get rid of moss in a poor growing swampy garden.

Purchased drum of Casoron g granules to sprinkle on lawn as there’s so much moss and weeds about. Somebody has told me that this will kill the lawn also. Is this true?

There are large patches of moss in my lawn that are resistant to ferrous sulphate. I have treated this moss each year with ferrous sulphate. The treatment has no effect and the moss keeps spreading. Have you any idea as to how I might get rid of it.

I have a fungus spreading all over my lawn, It is a dark grey and black colour with light brown crinkly edges.What is it and how can I eradicate it?

I have just spread Sulphate of Iron for moss together with Sulphate of Ammonia to feed the lawn. The moss has already turned black. How long can I wait before I can scarify the lawn.

I have just been out to the front garden and discovered patches of what appear to be slimy green bubbles on the lawn. What are they and what should I do? Ger

I have 1/3 acre Lawn. Lots of Moss. I believe first step is apply sulphate of iron followed by feeding. Now 4th September, if I apply sulphate now when should I see effect and when should I apply feed or seed if necessary?266

I have black moss-like patches in my lawn, and they seem to be slowly spreading. Any suggestions? Thanks

I have read your answer how to get rid of moss, but I have more questions. My garden had lots of trees around it but they have been cut down, so now i need to deal with the ever growing problem of moss: 1. Do i need to areate or scarify the lawn beforehand? 2. … read more

In recent years, I have noticed that moss is a much bigger problem. What is the best way to deal with it?