In recent times, I have only done the basics for my lawn so it’s long overdue some attention. It’s a little bit patchy in places and I have some clover type weeds. I believe my Soil is Sand type and I will get a PH test soon. Could you help advice the order of doing … read more

Last year I had someone in to prepare ground and spread topsoil as needed to level it. I was away the day that the work was completed so never got to see the topsoil. It was only when I began rotivating and preparing it for seeding that I saw the poor quality of the soil. … read more

I recently got a dog. My garden is blocked from the sun for the majority of the day, with the recent weather the garden has cut up badly, and I was hoping you could advise me on any way of hardening or drying out the ground, I don’t want to concrete as it takes the … read more

So my lawn has become around 70-80% scutch. I want to avoid the nuclear option of roundup, Rotavate and reseed since the lawn is about 3/4 of an acre. I’m scarifying heavily tomorrow and overseedng in the hope it will help. Have I any other options..??

Just wondering if you can tell me how to go about reseeding my lawn. It’s completely neglected. It hadn’t been cut in over a year and half. I have strimmed it last night, but it’s very uneven. Clumps of grass growing in places, there seems to be cherry blossoms springing up in the lawn. Do … read more

Never got around to doing final cut on grass last autumn, so long grass, winter and snow means the lawn is now wrecked. It’s muddy, patchy and bare in places, loads of weeds have come up too. What can I do to get a lovely lawn for summer?

As our lawn was full of scutch grass we sprayed the full lawn with weedfree 360 last September. Last week-end we raked off all the dead grass. Would we leave the lawn now until new growth appears and spray again? or what would you suggest.

We bought a property with a fab lawn but while we have been renovating the house the lawn has been neglected and now looks like a hay field. What is the best way to try and get it back to looking like an actual lawn. The lawn is acre size and the grass is currently … read more

Is it possible to re seed a sparse lawn in spring anduse a feed and weed treatment fairly soon after.

Can you give some advice for our lawn. couple months ago cows broke into the lawn so there are hoof holes through out the lawn, combined with unevenness/lumpy for the remaining lawn. we also have a problem with weeds and clover. what would you suggest we do to have a nice even lush lawn?

I have a large lawn it is full of moss& thistles what can i do to combat this.

Gerry, My law is currently a little yellow from last cutting and with a dog, it is inevitable that it will get very mucky come winter.Is there any prep work I can do with it for the winter season, promoting growth?It is the laid lawns first winter.Darren

Gerry, in your ‘lawn’ pages there is nothing about airing the lawn. Is that something that is not needed, or not necessary or perhaps even damageing? What machinery is used (the surface of my lawn is too large for forking):Real aerators (making holes) are hard to get around here. Another tool might be a ‘scarifier’ … read more