I’m worried about courgette plant growing too large and smothering other plants of light it has already started to spread stalks and leaves over the pepper plant which is in the same growbag.

I m new to planting sweet peppers in a pot in a grow house the plant in the pot looks weak and on the verge of wilting I have another plant in a grow bag and looks to be OK can you please help me out on how to give proper attention to make the … read more

Can I grow sweet potatoes in a polytunnel in Ireland. where can I get the sweet potato slips in Ireland?

I am growing onions in a polytunnel but the stalks are shooting up way too fast and starting to fall over. Is there any way to slow this growth?

Having Planted out some Cabbage and lettuce plants in my polytunnell I am having the same problem as last year with Wire Worms…could you please tell me the best way to deal with these and what to treat them with.

I have some home grown Basil and Chilli Pepper plants. All seemed well until I discovered some small white mites on top of the soil. They are not on the plants and when I water them these little guys jump and run around at great speed. They are too small to take a photo. They … read more

I have a black bell pepper growing, whats wrong with it.

Could you please tell me. What veg can I grow in my greenhouse now?

I planted ‘Cape Gooseberry – Little Lantern’ Gooseberries for the first time and they appear to be doing well since I planted them out in 16” pots some time ago. They are meant to have an orange berry but all I’m seeing so far is a green flowery casing that houses a smaller green goosberry … read more

I planted chilli peppers in various locations (eg. some in the glasshouse bed, others in pots in the glasshouse, some pots next to the window in the office, etc). All those plants in the pots are approx 45cms high and are flowering. Unfortunately, the flowers on the plants next to the window in the office … read more

ive grown grafted chillies “medina” for the first time this year. the chillies are still green and about 5″ long. they are in my greenhouse. most chillies have a round hole bored in to each chilli just near the top of the fruit. must be a grub with strong tastebuds!!!!! any ideas?

Just wondering if when you pick green chillies do you need to leave them for a while to attain their heat. i tried one and it didn’t have any heat, just tasted like green pepper

Is there a Kidney Bean I can grow in my polytunnelthat will self pollinate?

Would Sheep muck mixed with my own compost be suitable for growing veg in my tunnel over the winter

I have just cleared the tunnel of all my tomato plants as I think they were all infected with blight ;a. can I leave courgette plants which are doing very well, peppers,chilly peppers, aubergines and strawberry plants in situ or are they susceptible to blight ?b. what will I spray ground with now ?c. how … read more

Hi Gerry, Our tomato plant seems to be in trouble. The edges of the leaves have gone brown and now the fruits are going black before they ripen. It appears that the top half of each fruit turns black – the half furthest away from the stem. The plant is growing in a large pot … read more

Can you please tell me how best to grow ginger? What is the best soil to grow it in and when do you harvest it. How is it best used in cooking?

I have tomatoes in the Greenhouse and some are rotting where they are attached to the plant. Also they are not ripening. I know weather is a problem not a lot of sun. The first tomatoes appeared end of May and are still not red.

I have 5 Ailsa Craig tomatoes growing in my unheated greenhouse. They were doing very well and had six trusses each. I read that the top should be pinched out after the sixth truss appears so that the tomatoes would develop. Soon after I pinched out the top, the tomatoes started to wilt and now … read more

Is it possible to make up a peatmoss or woodchip compost to grow tomatoes in using 7.6.17 or another fertilizer?. If so what is the proportion per litre? thankyou.

Hi Gerry. I successfully sowed ‘Gardeners Delight’ and had many plants happily growing in my conservatory, getting watered every day and fed roughly once a week. However, in the last few wks the growing stems have started to grow in a funny way. They have swollen and become almost white. It is like they have … read more

Hi Gerry, I would like to grow the Curry Tree (Murraya koenigii) for use in cooking. Can it grow in Ireland? If so, do you know where I could buy a plant? Thanks, Caitríona

I have ants in my greenhouse, I grow tomatoes, basil, aubergines, peppers and grapes. Will they cause any problem and if so how do I solve the problem?

I started growing basil from seed indoors on my window about a month ago – the plant seems to be thriving in the recent sunshine with stems about 4 inches tall now. I have noticed a problem while watering and I can’t find a solution online. There appears to be a lot of tiny white … read more

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?

The aubergines I grew from seed last year produced good plants initially, although there was some yellowing of the leaves. They flowered abundantly, but only 4 flowers developed into fruit from 4 plants. They were grown on a heated mat (20°C) in a greenhouse, on capillary matting, kept well watered and fed with tomato feed … read more

Hello Gerry. The tomato plants in my greenhouse were fine at 12pm today. Only seven hours later, all the plants have some leaves covered with translucent patches. It looks to me (a novice!) as if they were scorched where they had been wet, but I am careful never to wet the leaves when I water … read more

I’ve recently set Cherry Tomatoes, indoors in a window box – They are about 20cm’s in height now. Do I pinch the tops off and when and why? Love the website.

many of the leaves on my shop bought tomato plants look patterned with yellow and if held up to the light up can see through 50% of the leaf. They are in a polytunnel and are watered daily. Some later bought plants near to these originals appear to be fine, same soil etc. I’m wondering … read more