I have recently planted 2 young pear trees and they seem to be doing well, but I have noticed the presence of much leaf rolling and black tipped leaves (as well as the cluster mites). I followed advice and took off all the badly affected leaves. As long as its not fire blight, do they … read more

I hope you might be able to answer a question that I have. I Am attaching photos of something that has appeared all over the branches of a greenhouse Pear tree in the last week. We do have a lot of ants and woodlice in greenhouse and maybe there is a connection. Do you have … read more

What causes hard woody bits in pear fruit? How to avoid?

A young pear try that I purchased in Spring and planted up immediately always had droopy foliage. I assumed that was a varietal habit. However, in recent days it has developed black and brown marks on the foliage and the droop has become more prounced. I am concerned it might be fireblight as it is … read more

I have a number of pear trees in my garden which last year showed signs of pear scab and a blackening of the leaves. I have looked in various places for a suitable spray but have been unable to locate one. I note Jeyes Fluid is recommended in some circumstances but only when trees are … read more

A builder next door has dug up part of my border, in which there is a 250+ year old pear tree growing. He appears to have cut through half the roots to one side of the main tree trunk. What can I do to ensure the tree will not die. It still provides fruit regularly … read more

Am I right in saying that pears won’t fruit in Galway? Or it dependable on the spring ie frost timing re buddingAlso should I prune my pear tree now as its gone a bit wild?

A few years back there was loads of pears on a pear tree but last year there was only one and this year none. There has been loads of flowers every year. Can you please help me as what I should do with it?

A pear tree, planted 3 years ago, looks really healthy and produced flowers this year but they didn’t develop into fruit. Should we have pollinated them by hand, perhaps?

The pear tree in our garden seems to be attacked by a beetle which bores holes into it. There are exit holes from the larvae and plenty of saw dust around it (see photos). As a result the leaves turn brown and curl up. (The bark of the tree appears white in the photos because … read more

Our pear tree was falling over due to major rat problem there were lots of tunnels/nests all around and in its roots, different coloured families of rats etc we have just moved it today and it is full of fruit, but is it safe for our family to eat the fruit?

I’m very new to gardening, planted a Conference pear tree, the poor thing needs help, can you identify the problem and tell me the cause and cure please, there are brown spots on top of leaves which are black on the underside, fruits are going black, i planted it last year and it did the … read more

I have 3 Pear trees, all of which appear to have what looks like fire blight. I have taken a cutting to my local garden center and was told they had an issue like mine and destroyed their affected trees after sending samples to lab for testing. The results returned negative but I’m not convinced. … read more

We have a mature pear tree in our garden which has developed rust spots on the leaves. On the other side of the rust spot is a growth – we have discovered it is a disease called Pear Trellis Rust. Are you aware of any cure for this? Other websites we have researched on seem … read more

I recently bought a house that has a mature gardens and it has 2/3 pears trees, I never took much notice of them but I saw last night that there is a few pears growing on them. When i looked closer I noticed that all/if not most of the leaves have got brown spots on … read more

Every year my 4 cordon pear trees get these black tiny slug like insects all over their leaves. They suck the chlorophyll out of the leaves and ruin them. I squash as many of them as possible but wonder if I can get rid of this recurring problem. I don’t like using chemical controls if … read more

We have a lot of fruit growing on our pear trees. Does this effect the quality of the pears and should we thin this out and if so when?

What causes premature fruit drop on my pear tree. Other pear planted beside it is fine.drainage is ok. I have been feeding with sulphate of potash

Is this Pear Scab Disease? It is only on a few of the pears on my only tree.

2 Pears trees with promising crop now show serious mosiac like splitting on some and brown spotting on all fruits. Is this weather related or disease?

My Pear tree which I have for 2 years has not borne any fruit, when should I expect pear to fruit? There are alot of branches and leavesAlso I have another dual pear tree, one section has leaves but the other section seems to have died, what would cause thisMy apple trees this year, some … read more

When and how is the best time to prune a pear tree. I bought one 2 years ago. No fruit yet, when do they fruit?

I planted 3 apple trees and two pear trees last year. All are good except for 1 pear tree, the leaves have black/brown spots on them and the tree looks like it is dying. I water them regularly.

Leaves on Pear Tree are going black and crinkled ?

I have a south facing wall, 1 m high, about 6 m wide. It faces a border about 10 metres away with 2 birch trees and 3 snowy mespilus + shrubs, so gets dappled shade.. Would nectarines or peaches grow on the wall, if not any other fruit eg pear.

I have and my father before me, tried to deal with pear midge on a very old pear tree in our garden (over 100 years old). The pear tree flowers profusely and produces ‘pearlets’ but many if not most of them have been invaded by pear midge which rots out the centre and the ‘pearlet’ … read more

I bought my sister a pear tree 5 years ago. It blossoms every year then leaf curls and fruit buds go black. She has never had a pear.

hi gerry a friend of mine over the road gave me some pears he had grown perfect on the outside but when you cut into them they were soft and decaying in the middle a few were ok but the majority were bad inside any ideas what happened thanks franksenior

Fed all fruit trees with potash in March but8 year old pear tree that bore over 300 pears last year and 6 year old peach tree bore 6 fruit last year have now dropped all fruit this year. What can I do now to prevent this happening again (or is it weather related – I … read more

Hi Gerry, The leaves on my tomato plant have started to droop badly. What can I do to bring it back to health?