How can I prevent my unripe plums on the tree from being attacked by wasps as they are in full flight at the moment and the plums are not near ripe.

I would be delighted if you could enlighten me as to what is causing the tiny holes on the leaves of my Victoria Plum trees and of course what would rectify the problem. See photo.

I have 3 plum trees, 2 oulins and 1 opal. All were laden with fruit til 3 years ago when the Opal stopped. Then the gages stopped the following year. All are completely healthy with no disease. To my horror I read the fruiting life span is 20 to 25 years which is roughly how … read more

The magpies are eating my plums even though they are not yet ripe. Should I bring them in to ripen on the windowsill, or just take my chances?

Received a present of 2 fruit trees planted on 13/3/2016. 1 Plum Prunus domestica ‘Rythgestetter’ and 1 Sweet Cherry, Prunus avium ‘Burlat’. Blossoms on Cherry but no sign of life on plum. Will these pollinate each other ?

I have Damson and Victoria Plum trees planted in County Monaghan . Both are Prunus domestica variety and are 8 years old. Last year was the first year that I had fruit , none before that and none this year. I’m told it was the late frost this year. Is there a more suitable variety … read more

how do i treat peach leave curl i have 2 trees 1 in Ireland and 1 in Montenegro which has a warm Mediterranean climate. I bought trees in Ireland and was wondering is it the variety of tree that is prone to peach leave curl rather than the climate .

Recently my Dad put his new Connemara pony into the back garden to graze, when he came back he noticed she was eating the bark off my prize plum tree, what can l do to save it, or can l?

I’m looking for a Cherry Tree recommendation. 1) Tasty cherries 2) Mid sized – pref 3 metres approx height and bushy. Any suggestions? Also – Will birds devour the lot or will I be left with at least half the produce? I’m prepared to net the tree if necessary.

This seems to be affecting my victoria plums. Will the whole crop be lost? Is there anything I can spray the tree with to stop it happening next year? (lost entire crop 2 years ago due to constant rain, no crop last year due to very late sharp frost)

The attached pictures show the condition of a plum tree in my garden. Where the branch broke off, the exposed wood is soft. Also, there appears to be wood worm. Can the tree be saved? Can you let me know please. Thanks, Geoff

I have 2 damson and 2 plum trees. They are 6 years old. They have grown fairly profusely but little or no fruit . Only a single damson and a single plum last year. I have planted a new damson and plum tree last year of different variety in case pollination problems. There is an … read more

The bark is coming away in some parts of the plum tree in my garden. In these areas there have been a lot of centipedes living there. Also, where one branch was cut off, there is a bubble of sap coming from the tree. From the attached picture, do you think this is a problem … read more

I got a present of a plum tree (Prunus Domestica Victoria). I was told that it was a minature, but not the height or spread. It’s about 3 foot high at this stage, but what height will it grow to? I planted it a few weeks ago, but I think that I planted it too … read more

I’d like to try growing a plum tree from pits but am getting so much different advice i’m confused. do i need to put the pits in the fridge for a while or can i just pot them?

How can i prevent wasps attacking my Victoria plums next year? I prefer not to use insecticides.

Is it too late to prune my plum tree.? Other websites suggest June .The tree is about three years old and is all over the place.I never did prune it at all as I was led to believe you did’nt need to.I did get a reasonable crop this year for the first time.

1.How should I store and bring on Plum stones to maximise their chances of germination? 2.What would cause carrots to grow like a bunch of gnarled up tree roots?

I have 3 plum trees. All have varying degrees of the following disease. These photos are the worst. What do they have?

I’m so upset at finding one of my beautiful Victoria plum trees with a large branch broken off, as it was totally weighed down with fuit. I sawed off the remainder of the branch, but the wound left on the tree is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. The wound is about 4ft … read more

What is happening to my plum tree?

M&S sold “Napoleon cherries” as a pack of fruit. They were the nicest cherries i ever tasted. I did a little research online and came across a cherry tree called “Bigarreau Napoleon”. Is this the only cherry tree with the Napoleon name? im trying to make sure i get the right tree.

I have two plum trees. One absolutely laden with fruit the other consistently around 4 or five plums. It is a blue black variety looks like Ile de Louvain but cant be sure and is in all other respects very healthy and grows/flowers vigorously. Could it be that it is not self fertile? Although I … read more

The questions relate to training these two plums trees to train against 6’ high concrete post and panel wall. (All wires not in place yet.) Pictures attached. The first is ’Opal’ and I would like to know if I should leave only it’s 2 lower laterals or could I use both these and two other … read more

We have a mature plum tree over 15 years old – it has never been pruned and has fruited really well over the years however it needs a good pruning the main trunk of the tree has grown very high can we cut this main trunk or will this be too much of a shock … read more

About three years ago our heavily fruited victoria plum tree split in two with the weight of the fruit and subsequently died. Maybe we should have tied it to support it? As it died some sort of fungus hit it. We would love to plant a similiar tree in the same spot as it was … read more

About 10 years ago I took a slip from a profuse fruiting damson tree in Nenagh. I now have a mature shrub in with no fruit. Not sure whether it flowered but if it did the birds or something got then. I have a conference pear tree in the vicinity which fruits – Does it … read more


My friend has a plum tree that fruited for the very first time this year. It seems to be growing very tall and she needs some advice on pruning. I think they should be pruned in early spring but there is so much different advice out there, I would be grateful if you could give … read more

We have fruit trees, plum, pear, apple, morello cherry and sweet cherry. The plum has had lots of fruit over the last 5 years but didn’t fruit this year and looks unwell, the pear hasn’t ever fruited (5 yrs old) the fruit arrives but is blown off, the cherrys are good as are the apples. … read more

I have some apple and plum trees in my garden. Every year the bees eat all the fruit. What can i do about this problem?

Can I pick plums while they are not fully ripe.? Every year my plums are destroyed with wasps so this year I thought I might beat them to the fruit. Would they ripen off the tree?

Leaves wrinkled & branches distorted-no fruit my plum tree OPAL. have it 4 yrs but dont know its age when bought- never got fruit but lots of blossom this yr & last yr– when the same thing occured-its in a large container–grafted on to “PIXIE” stock-sprayed it with “Combat” this yr at 1st of damage, … read more

This years crop of cherries is the best ever,though I’ve never picked them before. How can I tell if they are edible type?The tree is green leaved with white cherry blossom in Spring, as distinct from maroon leaf type tree.I’m keen to pick and use them if edible. Secondly, the same tree is c.14 ft … read more

I have 2 plum trees separated by about 10 feet. One of them has some type of disease. One of its two branches produced leaves which are falling off and have brown spots. The other branch has no leaves at all. The other tree is perfect and is producing fruit. Can you help with the … read more

I have a Stella fanned cherry tree against a wall. First year and have lots of cherries appearing. However this morning noticed lots of black tiny spots at the end of the branches and curled up leaves.I have just sprayed it with a malathion solution.should I take the pest ridden leaves off or not and … read more

Is it just our garden or is there a severe shortage of plum blossoms this year? Every other year our trees would be overlaiden with blossoms at this time of year, but this year there are very few. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

I have today discovered I have had brown rot on plum tree & have in error left dead fruit over winter. What spray is best to use having now removed dead wood around tree?

I have a plum tree in a large container, When can i move this to the ground, It is called Prunus Domestica, It is self pollinating, Where is the best position to plant it, I live in county Galway near loughrea

Every year some of my Victoria plums get a fungus like scab, shrival up and then fall off the tree. I know I’m too late for this yearI but I was wondering if you could tell me if there is anything I can do to avoid this problem next year.

Is it safe to use plums from a tree where some fruit have brown rot.

I purchased a young Victoria Plum tree last November and it is doing well. It is a good shape, “wine glass”, but is getting very leggy. Can I trim back the long spindly new growth now or must I wait until the autumn?

What’s happened? We have a small orchard with old fruit trees (in Cheshire) including plums and cherries (plus apples etc). Many trees, including some that have always had plums on them before and some that have always had cherries on are now full of ripe fruit that looks exactly like largish cherries (colour, shape, skin) … read more

I have a problem with my cherry tree. I have loads of blossems, lovely plump green cherries and then when it comes to ripening they just wither on the tree and fall off. This happens every year and I am very disappointed. I thought last year it was because they did not get enough water … read more

I have a 4 year old cherry tree, however I have noticed some of the leaves are covered with black bugs and the leaves are curling up. Can you recommend a treatment?

I notice that my Victoria plum trees have a very sticky substance on leaves and fruit. Could you please let me know what is causing this and if there is anything I can do now to remove it. There is a very heavy crop which I have already thinned.

About 6 weeks ago I planted a bare root Stella Cherry. I live in Central Scotland with a very sticky clay soil.There is no growth whatsoever but I rubbed off 1 bud, it was dead then another and it was green underneath, but still no signs of growth.Do you think I have lost it or … read more

I planted a plum tree seven years ago it only produced fruit last year only two. It is situated between apple trees that are flush with fruit every year. The plum tree produces blossoms but no fruit. Any help please

I have had a plum tree for about 4 years, and every year up to last year, there was a fantastic crop.Lat year, there were about 3 plums on the tree.This year (now its April 2nd) buds are just starting to flower and they look fine. Is there anything I need to do . Will … read more

I have a mature cherry tree inherited with the house 4 years ago. It has only produced 1 cherry in 3 summers. Blossom & leaves are fine and we get pea sized fruit on stems then suddenly they are all gone before they have a chance to ripen. 2 years ago some branches developed a … read more

This year we found our crop of damsons to be inedible due to the presence of maggots in the fruit. Is there something we can treat the tree with to prevent this happening again next year? Thanks.

My Plum Tree seems to have some sort of disease, towards the end of July, there seemed to be a lot of flies and wasps on the leaves, now all the leaves have little holes in them, the fruit have slits on them and there are flies and wasps eating them. Overall the tree looks … read more

Hi Gerry, I noticed earlier in the week the damsons are starting to ripen, but some of them seem to have what looks like rust spots – could this be the brown rot – or do i need to do a little more investigating of the damsons?The trees were in the garden when we moved … read more

Hi Gerry, I planted a cherry tree ” Stella” 4 years ago and it is very healthy. Every year it has a very good crop but then the fruits dry up, shrivel and fall of the tree. This year there were about 10 edible cherries but even then they were not as plump as they … read more

In our mature garden we both had our “set” chores. My partner, who died last year, was the “pruner” and sadly I was too busy with “my” chores to take a whole lot of notice of his! Last year armed with the pruning book and pruners I set too (carefully) and did what I thought … read more

I first notticed a lichen that developed on a Victoria Plum tree which seemed to cover the bark of the branches eventually killing them. I firstly cut off the affected branches but tree later died anyway.This same lichen has now spread to a number of other trees, including apple trees, ash and oak trees and … read more

the tree went in two years ago as a whip, had seven fruits last year and is very vigorous, with much blossom and beginnings of fruit this year. but now single branches have wilted and died, initially the lowest couple but now higher in the tree. i think it might be verticillium disease but can’t … read more