I have 2 varieties of main crop potatoes – Roosters and Records. The Roosters are doing beautifully and in flower. I though that the Records were also doing well but they have failed to flower!!

Most of my potato plants show only small slug damage to the leaves, but some (right beside seemingly healthy ones) are heavily stripped. I don’t wish to kill the slugs, but I wonder whether its safe to just let them finish eating what they started, as the other plants flourish?

I have grown potatoes from cuttings fairly successfully in the past. Reading about spacing, and hoping to improve the crop, I have cut back to soil level some plants (they are all just under a foot high) to give space to the others. However, as many of the stems are from the same cut pieces, … read more

Where can I get ‘Sharpe’s Express’ seed potatoes to grow my own?

Question concerning main crop potatoes . I simply cannot grow them as eelworm gets them or at least that’s what I believe it to be . They look fine until lifted and are then found rotten inside . No problem growing earlies though which is what I do the past ten years . Any suggestions … read more

I have a small amount of potatoes,grown successfully.I will be going away early September for 5 weeks,returning October 9.Should I lift all the potatoes before I go or leave them in the ground till Oct.?How should I store them?

Its my first time growing potatoes and the flowers are coming out on some of them. When do I harverst them? I planted them 11th and 28th March.(I have them growing in bags).

I bought too many seed potatoes in my local garden centre. I assumed they’d be OK to eat, but it was suggested by a friend that maybe they’d be sprayed/treated in some way.

Can I grow potatoes in the same ground 2 years running? Have grown them successfully but usually skipped a year.

I work in a school garden. Because the children get holidays at the end of June, we try to sow the chitted seed potatoes by mid March at latest. This year Easter hols are very early so we probably need to sow next week. With the bouts of frost and cold….Is this going to affect … read more

What’s likely cause? it occurred on the potatoes from just one plant. Plants either side are okay

I found wasps on my potato stalks today. They were on two different plants. They were grown from the fruit that formed on the stalks of sharpo axon is that l had growing last year. I was wondering what was the attraction. I have never seen it before.

can you grow new potatoes for Christmas?

I have sowed new potatoes and kerr’s pink potatoes in back Garden which has not been sown in years The new potatoes were perfect and clean, they turned out great big and floweryThe Pink potatoes are bit scabby but seem ok to eat, very flowery, What causes the skin to be scabby

I’ve just read nearly all the answers on spuds. I”m not sure any of them answersed mine. My potatoes are in various stages of dieback, some completely, some half way ect. My problem is, I have started to dig them and I”m finding good ones and rotten ones under each stalk, their Roosters, and I … read more

I’ve grown Nicola potatoes in the same ground for the last two seasons and wonder can they be put there again for the third season. I’ve heard where they should be moved to a different spot every couple of years. Nothing else has ever been grown in this particular bit of ground.

I am hoping for the first time to plant a vegetable garden and am in the planning stages. For a family size garden, what size areas chould I allow for say potatoes, carrot, parsnips, onions etc.

Can I plant potatoes next year in the plot i used this year?

Some of my ‘Record’ potatoes have purple flesh. What causes this and are they edible.

I have had a problem with premature die back of potatoes for a number of years resulting in reduced size of tubers. It is not blight as the tubers are not affected. This year I was growing Sarpo Axona and Orla. The same problem has effected my greenhouse tomatoes, grown in growbags, this year. My … read more

Round up was sprayed between Potato drills 2 weeks ago, are the potatoes safe to eat?

I dug some of my early potatoes (Leager) today and found some that were really soft and smelled. Do you know what this could be? There was no blight and stalk looked healthy if a little wind battered.

What potato seed can I plant and where can I get same?

I am growing potatoes in bags,since April they have just finished flowering, but there is greenfly on the leaves, what should I do?

I have what appears to be a good healthy crop of Record potatoes. However on closer inspection quite a few of the leaves have little holes in them and the outer tips of same are discoloured with a dark blue/purple tinge.I have already sprayed them with Dithane 945 approx. a couple of weeks ago and … read more

I planted potatoes in a potato growbag on 16th April,when will these be ready to dig and can the stalks be put on the compost heap. Stalks can go on the compost heap.

Can you please tell me if you have tried/had success with using horsetail mixture as a treatment for potato blight? I found the below while searchibg the internet: Thanks, Tom436 1. In a large glass or stainless steel pot, mix 1/8 cup of dried horsetail leaves in 4 1/2 litres of unchlorinated water 2. Bring … read more

Am worried about potatoes that I have fertilized with aged horse manure for the first time. Are they safe to eat after the german scare? Also have looked up that if horse on antibiotics or dewormer its not good to put on your veg even if ecoli isn’t there?Should manure only be used on flowers?I … read more

My potatoes were sown on 16/03/2011 comprising of the following varieties, Sharps express, British queens, Kerrs pinks and King edwards ,they are all new seed .i have full blossoms on the queens but no sign of blossoms on the sharps express but they are green and healthy looking ,there are blossoms starting to appear on … read more

I planted 2nd earlies (Maris Peer) in late Feb and early Mar 2011 into approx 14 tubs (2/3 plants in each tub). Most of the plants are still in flower but there 5/6 of them looking half withered and dying? The normally dark green leaf is now a very light green with brown spots. Am … read more

A couple of my potato plants are suffering from a mosaic virus. I’ve since been spraying all my spuds with garlic extract to hopefully keep the aphids from spreading it! Is this enough or will I have to remove the infected plants? Also if I dont have to remove the infected plants will they produce … read more

The recent high winds have bashed my potted potato plants foliage is really damaged have i lost my crop or can i save it

Why do potato seeds go soft? Is there anything I could have done to stop them going soft? Planted them at the end of April, will they be ok?

I’m growing potatos for the first time and I fear one of my stalks may have leaf roll virus! What should I do and is this disease common here in Ireland?

I’m growing potatoes (2nd earlies) in tubs (approx 18” in diameter and 24” high) and in each tub I have between 2 & 3 plants. I’m told I can start adding potash now but I have no idea in what quantity per tub above or indeed how often. Is a teaspoon once a week too … read more

I’m thinking of growing potatoes but i have not got a clue from start to finish. would be pleased if you could help me.

I had a bed of potatoes last year and only recently noticed that there are some fresh potato sprouts in the same bed this year – can they be left or should i get rid of them? they’re obviously growing from potatoes that were left in the ground last year. i had planned on growing … read more

I planted my potatoes just over 3 weeks ago but no sign of growth yet. They were chitted for 6 weeks in my garden shed in Feb & March but as there was a fairly heavy spell of frost during this period I am wondering if the crop may have been damaged by this? Should … read more

I want to grow some potatoes in containers and I want to know how many seed potatoes do I put in each container and will garden soil do or do I need to mix compost with it,if so could I use homemade compost or must it be bought compost.

Every year we try growing potatoes and before we get to dig them out they are attacked by this slug and are full of holes

Have chitted Orla potatoes in my conservatory which are beginning to go green, can I plant them or forfeit them and purchase others.

Can you tell me is Kilkenny suitable for sowing the blight resistant potatoe,variety Sarpo Mira as I have heard that they are only suitable for planting in the west of Ireland.

Last week I bought some Home Guard seed potatoes. When I opened them they are very soft with very long shoots already on them. I’m just wondering will these be okay to plant or should I take back and get others. I have other seed potatoes of British Queen chitting and these are much harder … read more

I am growing potatoes in tubs (2nd earlies) and the instructions state t I should put 6” of compost into a tub on top of which I then place the potato etc. It then states that I should cover the potato with compost etc. My question is simple in that ‘is it ok to use … read more

We have a large area in the garden which is used as a percolation for our biocycle system. this has been barren except for grass for 10 yrs now, last october we covered the complete area with plastic and left over the winter. We have now removed the plastic and all the grass has died … read more

I want to find out where to buy about 20kg of “Orla” “Sarpo Mira” and “Sarpo Axona” seed potatoes anywhere in ireland. I live near Belfast.

I leapt upon your piece re seed potatoes just now… I have been dreaming about them ever since I had the worst scab on my Duke of York last year. In 2009, I got the most wonderful variety, called Accent. And I have been searching for Accent ever since. Any idea where I can get … read more

My Sarpo potatoes produced enormous haulms this year together with an excellent crop.Can the haulms go on the compost or must they be burnt?

I sorted my potatoes before i pitted them. last week need to get some out, and found a few bad ones in the pit. what can i do to make sure all my potatoes dont go bad. will i be able to save them. there is enough potatoes in the pit to keep me going … read more

What causes the black marks in pototoes.When I peel some potatoes the have black marks in them. I cut these out and the cook the potatoesCould you please tell me what causes the black marks?

My British Queens & Kerrs Pinks have developed a scab, some covered 100%. The soil is dense stoneless riverbank clay. Would appreciate your opinion.

I have recently started collecting seed potatoes for storage. At the moment i am storing them in a paper potato sack.In a dark location.Is this ok and do you have any other advice as Regards storing seed potatoe and propagation? If blight is contracted how does this affect the seed potato?

My rooster potato leaves are holed and eaten badly and also my beetroot leaves have suffered a similar faith but the leaves of my sarpo mira potatoes next to the roosters are only barely touched . when i examine the leaves i cant see anything on them,no insects or caterpillars but always a couple of … read more

I have grown potatoes in containers this year and, unfortunately, they have blight. I have cut off the haulms and am eating the spuds as fast as I can!What should I do with the spent compost in these containers? Can it go on my garden compost heap or to the municipal composting site?

I have grown British Queen from certified seed i have a lot of small potatoes can I use these as seed next year and if yes how can I store them

I’d appreciate any advice on harvesting my onions and potatoes. Spuds are Duke of York, and they have profuse foliage but few blossoms. (I have just read they are prone to blight! Ick!)Onions are poking their “shoulders” up above the surface, and looking very healthy – they are Red Baron and Sturon. The books say … read more

If i mix the potatoes stalks with what i already have in the compost bin will it decompose or do i need to use chemicals to break it up?

I have a “potato bag” and wonder if I can still plant some and expect a crop later this yearI haveno real ground space (apartment living) and would get agreat thrill t get any sort of crop.Any suggestions?

My father has grown potatoes in the same plot for many years.In the last year or 2 the potatoes do not thrive as well as previously,we are wondering if the soil is lacking in minerals, any advice?

I planted early potatoes in march Home guard and British queens. I also planted Kerr pinks and Golden wonders as late potatoes. The late potatoes are all flowering but no sign of a flower on the earlies. Is there a problem ?

I have potatoes in tubs all in fresh multipurpose compost with added Osmocote, religiously watered. In the last 2 weeks some leaves have yellowed between the veins and turned brown. There is no sign of any mould. Dr Hessayon’s book (The Vegetable Expert) suggests it could be magnesium deficiency. If you think this is likely, … read more

I’m not sure of the brand but I bought 2nd early potatoes in Woodies and I planted them in the fold-up tubs that they sold (circa 60cm high). I brought the earth bit by bit to within 15cm of the rim of the tub. I now have 2 ft st green stalks coming out of … read more

all my potatos have their leaves curling up what be the problem and all my onions have died

I got some seed potatoes this week from a friend , is it too late to sow outdoors and if not how deep should I sow them.

My early potato tops have grown to 18 inches high, should I pinch out the tops and can I compost them?

I am growing 8 rows of potatoes about 12 feet long. A couple of the stalks in the middle of the rows are wilting. What could cause this? frances

i sowed some roosters about 4 weeks ago and they are not up yet, i also sowed records on thesame day and these are well up. Should i take out the roosters and could i put someother variety in or is it to late?

One of my early potato plants has black/brown bits on leaves, could this be blight? Its only one plant, the rest seem fine.

I have used a mixture of washing soda and blue stone on my potatoes to prevent blightbut i am not sure how often i should spray them

Potato plants have succumbed to frost in recent nights. Do they need to be lifted or will they come again. I have seed potatoes left and can replace if need be.

I am growing potatoes for the first time (2nd earlies) and they appear to be going well. When do I need to spray them (assuming I do) and what do you recommend?

potatos are up about 6 inchs when do i start to earth them and spray for blight?

As nemaslug contains microscopic eelworm will it cause a problem for my potato crop?

my early potatoes are up about 2 inches but the heavy frost on tuesday night has turned all the leaves black are the potatoes ok or do i need to start again?

i planted some potatoes for the first time and i think i may have not left enough room between the drills. it is roughly a foot between each drill. will this affect the quality badly? i am earthing up the drills as the shoots are now growing. i saw on gardening programme on BBC last … read more

As Nemaslug contains microscopic eelworm will it cause a problem with eelworm in my potato crop?

I have some main crop potatoes King Edward. Is it too late to plant them? There seems to be so much frost around and very little growth here in Kildare.

I want to grow potatoes and vegetables organically, whats the best way to do this and how do you fight potato blight with out using chemicals.

Is growing potatoes in barrells or bags a success and less streneous. Where can I obtain barrells or bags at reasonable price.

What type of spray can i use for weeds on potatoes planted about 3 weeks not up yet. I have 1/4 of an acre of them

I have been growing potatoes in this garden since 1978. I have got good tields for some time but recently the yield is down a lot. I have found that the stalks wilt at a time when the the potatoes would normally be good. I have rotated them every year and have sprayed them with … read more

which is the best layout when sowing potatoes – ridges or drills and why?

What yield do you get out of one potato haulm?

What is a good fertiliser for potatoes apart from farmyard manure?

An unusual problem. My cat has urinated on my seed potatoes. I have put them out in the air to dry. Is that ok or will I need to buy new seed potatoes?

I have early potatoes sprouting for the last three weeks. Is it to early to plant them due to the current cold weather

Am looking for some old fashioned seed potatoes, any suggestions?

We are going to be away for the months of June and July. Is there any point in planting early potatoes. What variety potato and time should we plant to have potatoes when we come back in August?

I grew four varieties of potatoes this year-sarpo mira

I put down a good few potatoes this year for myself and the rest of the family, about 550 metres of drills. It is completely planted with Roosters and they are excellent to eat. They got the blight after 4 months despite intensive spraying with Dithane and I was advised by a gent in Teagasc … read more

I have been told that RATTE potatoes are very very good. Where can I purchase some RATTE seed potatoes.

I’m a first time veg gardener and was wondering how long I have to keep spraying my potatoes with Dithane? There is some blight in the crop but I’ve been removing those plants as far as possible. Will the healthier plants give me bigger potatoes if I keep spraying? I’ve been getting conflicting advice from … read more

Potatoes(Queens) have been very small this year. some stalks have very little under them. need to dig a few stalks for dinner. potatoes are lovely and floury. 2nd year growing spuds here. put in farmyard manure before setting, then after few weeks added organic fertiliser. trying to use as little chemicals as possible. any suggestions … read more

My neighbour’s potatoes have been attacked by wireworm over the last couple of seasons and he has been told that growing mustard seed and ploughing it into the ground would get rid of them.He is keen to try it but would like more information before he does,also is mustard seed available in Ireland and are … read more

my sharps express potatoes are starting to turn green after two weeks in storage. they are in a dark house with little light and some are covered but they are also turning green. They are seed that I kept from last year.

I have a small allotment and I think I have blight .There are some good people on the site but all have different ideas one says yes another says no is there some place I can send a sample to confirm if I have same.

Surely by now someone has invented an efficient tool to dig up potatoes without damaging them? I feel so disappointed when I accidentally slice or prong a spud when I’m digging them up. Do you have any ideas re: a non-damaging way to dig up spuds? This question refers to small scale potato production in … read more

It is called that around these areas, but it enters the spud and eats it way thru. It can devestate a crop in no time. Tell tale signs is a hole in the spud and its hollowed out. probaly some fancy name on it but I don-t know it. Informed that I must cease to … read more

Some of the leaves of my potato plants are turning yellow, in fact one or two have shrivelled up and died. I dont think it’s blight because I’ve been spraying them with dithane regularly. Could it just be bad seed? Thanks M

What best to spray with used to use dithane, gone off market

We had a problem with green fly on our small patch of potatos so we sprayed them with Rose Clear. We later read that this should not be used on vegetables. Is that direct contact eg lettuce or should we discard these potatos now.

I have small tomato like fruits growing on potato stalkswhat does this mean?

On some of my potatoes the flower has developed into what looks like a green seed ball. does this mean i have to dig them up immediately, can i use the seeds for sowing and lastly what is the best way of storing potatoes once i’ve dug them up or should i leave them in … read more

Planted Sarpo miras over 8- 10 wks ago , first time on this soil. Have noticed yellow leaves onthem for the last 10 days or so. What has gone wrong , do you think? I have only used farmyard manure in very small doses.

I sprayed my earlies with Dithane once how soon can I harvest them after this spraying. It has not stopped the blight and I now want to harvets all the crop affected to prevent the blight getting to the roots.

I planted “early potatoes” in a potato barrell in late March. Looked after it, watered it etc. I have a lot of foliage but only one flower. Is this OK? Have not grown them before so am unsure if they are flourishing. Should I give them tomato feed? How often should they be watered? I … read more

I have been told this could be blight & if I cut away affected leaves I can save the potatoes I am an organic grower so what do you say ?

Last year some of my potato plants developed (what i can only describe as unripe tomatos green in colour) after flowering can you tell me what they were and was i right to throw them out.

My potato stalks have been eaten, leaves etc and just the stem left. I do not think it is slugs?

I’ve been spraying my potatoes with the bluestone mixture (copper sulphate & washing soda) but have noticed that the leaves near to the root of the plants are turning yellowish with brown scabs…is this blight? If so, is there anything further I should be doing?

just wondering how high up the stems do i earth and do i do it just once or a few times. first time growing spuds and want to get it right.

I planted potatoes on April 1st, about 10 drill, 50 m long, 100 kg of seed. I did not spray the ground before rotavating and drilling and now the drills are getting weeds. The potato plants have not yet surfaced. Can I spray these drills now and not kill the potatoes? With what should I … read more

I planted my potatoes over 2 weeks ago they are slow coming up will they be ok ?

How about using my compost for potato barrels ?. What kind of a mixture would you recommend ? I have sand and turf mould available . Richard

Hi again, what can you tell me about (sapro mira) potatoes, all I know is they are blight free or so I have been told, when is the right time to plant, and any other information you can give me please.

Hi Gerry, having ploughed part of my garden for potatoes mainly, would it be ok to spread used strawberry grow bags to mix into the soil, as a friend has told me to get as much as I want for free. Regards Bigfoot

Hello Gerry, I’m new to Ireland and I’m looking for suppliers of Rooster seed potatoes, either online or local. Could you also recommend a good Irish salad potato. Thanks.

Can you please tell me how to grow potatoes in a black bin liner or a tub? Thank you

Growing potatoes in a bin for Christmas, I forgot to protect against frost. The tops withered away, but there seems to be small potatoes still growing underneath.Can I let them grow on and can I eat them?

small black slug attacking potatoes this year it gets right into potatoe can i prevent it next year