do I need to put this in bigger pot or leave it same for sometime . This is a 9cm pot size.

I have an orchid which I pruned when it finished flowering it now has a stem of about 16 inches with another growth of about 5 leaves at the top where the flowers used to be, these leaves look so healthy would it be possible to get this new this new growth to root or … read more

This cacti plant produces lovely orange flowers. It has never been re-potted and the roots are beginning to come through the end of the pot. Can you tell me how to do this without breaking the plant?

I have 3 beautiful amaryllis all different one small and scaelet red, one white with a red inside and the third a huge not so scarlet red flower and all flower around the same time. I am wondering can I plant all of them in the one big pot even though they are all different

Two year old peace lily – I imagine should be re-potted. Straightforward re-potting or any specifics to be careful abot?

Gerry, Could you please advise on the attached picture of my cactus it is so tall it is tipping the roof of my conservatory…. Thanks a million, Poppy

Should I divide a large Clivia? Bloomed well but has baby plants at the base ..Thought I read somewhere that they like to be pot-bound?

have this plant for about 3 years now it flowers about3 times a year can you tell me what is the best time to re pot

Hello Gerry, I am a new member and would like your advice about how and when to prune some indoor Abutilons as they are very leggy. Thankyou.

Is it possible to cut down a rubber plant that has grown too tall or would it look bad?