When can I harvest my pumpkin? Is it too early to take it up now? I attach a photo. I have another pumpkin growing which is smaller than this one? I would like to take up the pumpkins as I need the space for winter planting.

I’m hoping to sow a lot of pumpkins for Halloween next year. Can you tell me where I can buy pumpkin seeds in bulk rather than the small 10-15 seed packets that are available in shops and online.

We hope to try and plant a pumpkin patch, but are new to this with great intentions. The back of the seeds say need 90 growing days, which is 3 months, planting indoors for 4 weeks july the out for aug & sept. This site says plant indoors late april may for 4 weeks, then … read more

I sowed pumpkins seeds and was able to plant two very healthy plants outside in well manured soil. They are now growing extremely well and and have produced about ten fruit around the size of a golfball. Should I leave them all grow away or reduce the numbers to increase the size of a few. … read more

Can I grow butternut squash in Ireland and when would I plant it.

Pumpkin grew great but the fruit is very small. Can it still be used at halloween? there’s 3 weeks left

My pumpkins are growing very well. however the foliage was severely affected by the frost yesterday morning. will the pumpkins themselves be ok?

Last year my butternut squash hardly germinated. this year they grew fairly well but then suddenly died off. is it a weather issue?

I have grown Butternut Squash for the first time this year. How do I know when they are ready? Do they turn yellow once they get picked or do I have to wait for them to turn yellow before picking? Any advice would be appreciated.

I want to spray for Potato blight but would like to use the bluestone & washing soda remedy. How effective is this in comparison to newer remedies such as Ditane and do you know what the proportions of each (bluestone & washing soda)should be used?Many thanks

Hi Please can you tell me whether the Ornamental Gourds (which I have grown from seeds) namely SPERLING’S Lohengrin, are edible?If they are, am I correct in assuming that they are cooked as for courgettes/marrows?Kind Regards Kathy Jukes