I have a bed of summer,mixed, and autumn fruiterer. Each year I prune my summer plants. I find there are berries unripe new on new green shoots. my question to you DO I REALLY HAVE SUMMER FRUITING RASBERRIES

Loganberries planted in good soil and growing very well on 4ft south-facing wall for 3 years producing abundant growth and flowers but not one fruit. I dont over-feed them. Have no problem with raspberries.

My raspberry canes are thriving but I’ve noticed some of the leaves on a few canes have begun to dry with a brown colour. Is it due to lower than normal rainfall or bad maintenance? I can water them from my rainwater butts if necessary.

We have a new house and new garden, half acre. Most of it is in lawn but I have a few special areas – like the Vivaldi Garden and the Via Augustino!! We will plant some fruit trees on Sunday next but we would also like to plant some soft fruits. Could you please advise … read more

I have Autumn bliss Raspberries growing on a west facing wall which I fed with chicken pellets in the Spring. The crop is plentiful and the leaves appear healthy but the fruit is very crumbly with white bits on the inside. Is this normal?

I want to lift this year’s raspberry canes to give to friends. I would normally do this in January, having cut the plants from about 1.5 metres to 0.5m. What’s the ideal month to lift them? The old canes have finished fruiting now, but I noticed some new fruit on one or two new green … read more

Is it too late to move new rasberry shoots that have grown near old plants? what time of year is the best for replanting?can i mulch rasberries with well mulched farm yard manure? when is the best time? can rasberries and strawberries be fed with liquid manure?

The books all tell us that we should cut down the canes of autumn fruiting raspberries (mine are “Autumn Bliss”) well into the winter and I’m wondering if it necessary to leave it so late? Do the plants need that lateness (like daffodils do in order to store food in the bulbs) or is it … read more

This year I had a poorish crop of summer raspberries. The canes for next year look small but to my surprise some of them have just fruited with good size fruits. Any ideas or suggestions?

Is it safe to plant fruit bushes along a creosote fence?

I have a raspberry bush also a redcurrant and blackcurrant bush, they are all beside each other in their own buckets but lately when i check on my raspberry bush the leaves look like they are being eaten away, my red and blackcurrant bushes are ok though. Could you tell me what it might be, … read more

Got 2 new raspberry bushes a while ago they were ok at first but now the leaves are curling and it looks like berries are going to be on it on it soon what should it do?

My raspberry bush is not showing any buds or leaves except a tiny amount at the base. What should i do?

When is the best time to prune autumn raspberries and blackberries?, and how much of the canes do i cut down ?

I need to repot my 3year old raspberries permanently are 50litre pots sufficient.

When do I cut back autumn fruiting rasberry canes?

We have had a huge infestation of fruit flies in our raspberries is south Co. Kilkenny. They cover the fruit and make it inedible. Is there anything we can do now (for Autumn Raspberries) or can we deal with the larvae somehow in the winter months ? This is the first time ever to happen.

my 4 year raspberries are fruiting fantasticly but each year I have an increasing number of yellow fruit, not just from one plant but randonly spread out, they still taste fantastic but can you tell me why is this happening ?

Raspberry leaves developed into small mosslike structures .No growth –plant still alive.Would like to know cause and cure?

I planted three raspberry, three blackcurrant and three redcurrant last year. All in neat rows. This year they are progressing well but I noticed new shoots popping up all over the place nowhere near the main canes. My question is do I dig these up and discard or leave them?

The fruit/veg garden has been neglected for the past few years, raspberry canes have suckered all over ( var. Glen Clova). We wish to clear unwanted canes, keep the good ones and renew the garden for veg. and fruit. Advice needed on clearing/spraying and re-fertilising.Starting early October.

Some raspberry canes have died back this year Can I dig up existing healthy canes & replant in spaces where canes have died -having replaced soil. Do I need to cut down new growth on replanted canes & can I transplant now.

In one of your answers about raspberries you say the plants should be replaced after 15 years. D.G.Hessayon (‘Fruit Expert’) says that would be 8 years. Can there be such avariance?

Three questions in one I’ll try to be brief.I planted summer raspberries in my allotment two years ago this summer. They grow but not to any great height and leaves curl no fruit to talk of. I have autumn raspberries beside them and they usually are fine.I have a coronet coxes pippin in a pot … read more

For two years we had amazing early Raspberries. thought they were supposed to be foolproof! Followed all books to the T. Third year they all turned brown and died after growing and leafing up wonderfully. Waterlogged? We re-dug and put on a mounded rows.(Slightly clay soil.) Year 4 Still not good – some canes grew … read more

I planted raspberry canes approx 4 years ago and in this time we have had 3 raspberries I have cut back when i should, in the spring they were sprouting & flowering well then nothing.

Just purchase Raspberries..variety on the packet said ‘MARAVILLA’. They were tasty, large and looked good. Can I grow this vaiety myself. Would I need a glass house/tunnel. How do I get this variety

I have raspberry canes for about 15 years, and have good crops each year . I never spray. But this year I have noticed a few canes with crinkled slightly yellowing ( at the edges ) leaves. The fruits are uaffected, but two canes have no leaves or fruits at all. And appear to have … read more

The leaves on some of my loganberries are shrivelled and yellowing. The berries are hard and not ripening. The remainder of the plants are ok but cropping poorly.Any ideas what might be causing it?

My rasberry plants were planted in rows (3) thatare too close together – 3 years ago. They did produce good fruit. If so, what time of year would be best for doing this please and should they be pruned back hard when doing so? Thank you Mary

While weeding raspberries this morning I found 2 beetles. Thye were approx 2.5 cm long , abrownish shell and on the undersurface they had a very distinctive black and white pattern towards their tail. Just wondering if they are dangerous!Many Thanks.