I have a clear gel like substance on the stalks of my rhubarb. Can you suggest what this might be?

I enclose a photo of rhubarb plants which are being eaten. I’m wondering what could be attacking them at this time of year and what remedy you would recommend. The variety is ‘Timperly Early’. I have applied slug pellets to no avail.

What should I put on rhurbarb now to feed it for next year. I cannot get old horse manure. I was wondering if “sea mun gus” (fish-seaweed-humic acid. would suffice.

I’m very pleaaed with my rhubarb as it’s been very plentiful this year. I am now wondering when I should stop pulling it?

Can you eat rhubarb the first year of planting?

I had bought a rhubarb plant to grow at the back of my shed about two months ago.. in the first few weeks it was doing great the leaves were growing.. then a few weeks later the plant just died all of a sudden? what may have caused it to die.? please help as i … read more

When does rhubarb stop growing? I have had a very short season of it this year and now it seems to have some disease like the stems have a guey spit on it and when i cut it the rhubarb seems brown in places inside.

When is the best time to divide rhubarb?

We have a small garden, and we have a variety of Rhubarb called “Pink Champagne”, the garden is over run with weeds and we are trying to sort the garden. Some of the rhubarb is dead and some is alive. We were going to dig it all up and re-sow it. We were just wondering … read more

I would appear to have an infestion of shiny green (metalic looking) beetles eating my rhubarb leaves, just spotted them on Saturday and they are going mad for the leaves. I’m afraid they will spread to nearby strawberry beds, how do I get rid of them and what are they?

For a second year flowers have appeared on rhubarb plants, have cut them out but wonder what conditions are causing flowers to appear in the first place. I understand the plant wastes energy flowering at the expense of the fruit.

Went down to check on rhubarb and found the older tubers had round heads coming up the centre. They have a few stalks but then a thick centre stalk with the round head. What do I do? and what is the problem please

I have read all the posts relating to growing rhubarb and wonder if it’s possible to grow rhubarb in a container as there are very limited sunny spaces in my garden.

I read the piece on how to grow rhubarb – I would like to bring a stool of rhubarb from one house to another. Is now the time to do it. How do you know where to cut it and what does “crown” mean?. I have a small garden to put the new rhubarb in … read more

I have loads of rhurarb in the garden can it be stewed and put in the freezer.

Shiny green beetle eating rhubarb leaves. How do you get rid of it?

The attached photo shows a mettalic green and/or gold beetle of about 5mm, that I cannot identify, which is destroying my Victoria rhubarb. What is the name of the beetle and how can I control it?

Can you compost rhubarb leaves?

I know they are poisonous to humans but are there any good reasons why I should not spread rhubarb leaves around the foot of other plants to prevent weeds from coming up?

Don’t know whether you can help me with this one want to make rhubarb jam with my surplus and as its low in natural pectin I wondered if you knew where I can buy it in Dublin. Have googled but nothing comes up.

I planted rhubarb in a shady patch of my garden last year, but moved it in spring to a sunny position once I learnt it needs a sunny location. There is a lot of growth on the plant now (end April) but all the stalks are green, and the centre stalk has gone to flower … read more

I bought some rhubard which was red in the advert but it is very green. What can I do to make it red?

I have had my rhubarb under pots for the winter to get them to come up early..there is signs of shoots now..would it be ok 2 take covers off now or should i wait til frosts are completely gone?

Is it a good time to move rhubarb now to different location? Read somewhere that its good to leave crowns/roots exposed to frost for more tender, red stalks. Is this true?

Is it safe to keep using rhubarb after july ? or is this an old wives tail! mine is just 2 years old but has exploded in the last 2 weeks? seems a shame to waste it.

I have great rhubarb stalks on first year rhubarb…about one inch thick…large leaves. can I use these as I heard they are not to be eaten until the second year. Also, can I cut it back due to the size at the moment ?

I planted my rhurbarb in a sunny/shady site in my garden,a few weeks now the leaves are being eaten away and the plant is wilting. What could cause this and is there any cures???

Rhubarb was growing o.k. Put organic compost around it 2 weeks ago and the leaves are turning yellow and stems are withering

This years Rhubarb has gone very thin and it was well manured with horse/household compost as it is every year. It was also split about 3 years ago. What can be done to improve it?

We have a small garden. We would like to plant strawberries as before. Every year Rhubarb that was planted by the previous homeowner over grows out of hand. How do I terminate the rhubarb from growing?

Can I do anything to restore this bitter, red, very dry rhubarb.It’s been like this since I moved it from another part of the garden. I’ve added lots of manure but it,s still the same.

Gerry,Hello again. I have a number of questions so will send separately.My uncle currently wishes to rotate/turnover his back soil patch now the rubob is nearing the end of its growing season.He has a problem with running climbing weed. Basically an ivy type weed that grow on to anything it attaches itself to, with rampent … read more