I found these seeds in the garden Could you please tell me what plant they are from and could I reset them?

when to harvest runner beans?

I think I picked up some unusual runner beans at an organic food festival in Bristol last year.I planted the seeds this year and the plants have produced some lovely beans which have a pale green base colour and are mottled with burgundy red squiggles. Do they have a known variety and are they eatable?

I have been growing runner beans for the past few years and have never had any problems. This year everthing was perfect until a couple of days ago when suddenly a whole lot of the leaves shriveled up as if they needed water. I watered them but the problem persists. Is this some kind of … read more

Because of this inclement weather i brought my two varieties of runner beans into my polytunnel.they have developed a pest which is making the pods mold. how can i treat this pest?

I planted runner bean seeds directly into the ground and 90% have come up quite strongly but all came up with yellowish leaves. Is this ok or is there a problem that I need to deal with.