I have I think a variety of Arbutus. it seems to be suffering in some way. im wondering if you can have a look at the pictures and see what you think, and if i can treat it.

My son in law has a Red Robin tree in the garden of his recently bought house in Swords, so we can’t tell how old it is. It is about 8 ft tall. He asked me about it today as it has black spot on the green leaves and the new red leaves are shrivelled … read more

My Magnolia wilsonii is sick, few leaves, dying branches, damaged buds, possibly due to cold weather after early good weather. What should I do to try to rescue this favourite of mine?

i have just cut down a very old ditch that has been there for i’m sure 30 odd years, i want to put in a hedge/ shelter belt as i’m putting up a polytunnel 48 foot long and 20 foot widethe garden is south facing and gets sun all day but i get severe frost … read more

My question is a very general one and I would imagine a lot of perople have noticed this and that is that the leaves of many deciduous trees are almost gone and we’re still in July. Sycamores and horsechestnuts for example are all looking the worst for wear. Some have observed that the west side … read more

I have a fatsia for several years but find that something always eats the leaves. I dont think it is slugs or snails. Have you any suggestions, Please

I have 3 evergreen tree in my front garden and over the last couple of weeks they come burnt or brown in colour. No all of the tree is brown only the SE Faceing section. What should i do to get these to recover, these are 6 ft in hight and about 5-6 years old

At least 80% of the leaves on my wisteria have withered and fallen off i have been watering it as normal, however the plant has had to endure strong winds for the last month, it is six years old any ideas best regards.

I have laurel hedge, planted about 4yrs ago, and I just noticed that the new leaves are turning brown/black and curling up and dying. There is plenty of new growth, but this just seems to have appeared lately. I have a LOT of hedge and it seems to have spread. Could you please advise?

I have flowering plum, camellia, and acer which seem to have withered away once new leaves came on it. Is this die back. what should I do. Will they get a new flush of leaves during summer, or as the term die back suggests are they dying?

I have bought two cissus striata but i am worried about the exposure and shelter thay have. They are planted on a west facing wall with little shelter. Have I planted them in the right place or shoul I be looking at getting a virginia creeper plant instead.

My brother recently bought a house with 4 beautiful palms in the front garden about 8 feet high. They have become very scorched and brown at the edges and generally unhealthy looking. He tried giving them a magnesium feed but it didn’t make much difference. The garden is quite sheltered and west facing.

I have noticed a lot of dieback on the branches of my Acers.

My dicksonia is in a pot the leaves have droped with the frost. Is it too late to cover the base with straw or hay now?

I am living outside Ennis in Co. Clare for a number of years and over that time I have lost several trees to the prevailing winds. I am wondering in the Lombardy Poplar would help create some shelter or what other Tree might suit. My soil is CLAY (very wet in winter and very dry … read more

Why are the leaves on my plant curling up and appear to be dying also on a second plant there appears to brown spotting on the leaves..what plant food should I be feeding them

We have Willow (Golden and Red flanders) planted on an exposed site in a heavy clay on a slope which are about 3 years old and have thrived to date. Recently, the leaves have started to wither and die from the top down. I saw your response re. canker in a contorted willow, but in … read more

Hello Gerry.I have two large hebes in the garden and both of them are looking awful. The branches are drooping heavilyy and the leaves are brown and shriveled. Could this be frost damage or is it something else? Thank you Alison

i have a witch hazel,Arnolds promise and it started off with about 5 fine branches which were full of leaves about 3 years ago. i’m now down to 2 main branches which have flowers but it doesnt strike me as being the healthiest. it is on good soil but the site is fairly exposed, though … read more

I have a large area of ground around my summer house. Space is not a problem! In order for me to develop a substantially large garden in the future (up to 2 acres) I have to firstly establish a good shelter belt. I have chosen (so far) pines with a mix of broadleaves such as … read more

Gerry, last October I planted a row of Beech hedge on my sloping front garden, it is a quite exposed and windy location. The hedges took very well and there was plenty of new growth this spring early summer. However, in the past month the leaves are turning brown almost as if autumn has come … read more

I have two 3 year old Ceanothus which unfortunately this year suffered severe wind damage to one side. They look unsightly at the moment with one side in full bloom and the other side nearly bare. Can I cut plants back after flowering or will I have to be more ruthless and get rid? Thanking … read more

Hi Gerry! We live on one of the small Clew Bay islands and, as part of a RSS scheme, want to plant some large tubs on top of our sea wall. We don’t want a “strctured” look – more natural & wild – but need plants that are wind (prev. s-se) & salt resistant. Box … read more

Hi looking for some recommendations on plants for long windy area between our house and next door. There is a fence and wall in place but but plants seem to still have quite some windburn…Thanks