I am in the process of preping the ground for seeding, part of which includes drawing in top soil to raise the level by 4″. I just have a few questions- • should I add sand to the soil prior to seeding? • should I roll the topsoil prior to seeding (I would presume so … read more

I’m having some problem in removing decorative bark from an area where I want to add about 10-20 cm top soil and sow a lawn from grass seeds. Can I just leave it and cover it with soil? The bark is Shamrock Decorative Bark Mini Chips.

We have only shale and builders’ rubble in our back garden but want to lay lawn. Would we need topsoil/clay if we want turf/sod which already has about 1″ soil backing to take?

I have used Gallop to kill grass and moss. If I just dig the garden over leaving all the dead moss and grass will it make matters worse?

I need to return my garden and I want to do it with roll on turf. Do I need to strip the grass or can I just roll theturf on top of old grass. Would I need to put weedkiller on it?

What would you recommend to restore a horse trodden lawn to its original condition as at 4th February. Basically two horses intruded on a lawn one night and left a lot of hoofprints. The lawn is an average square sub-urban back-garden lawn with no flower-beds. The soil is fairly soft and there are just imprints … read more

We have inherited an old bumpy (lethal for kids to fall on) porous tarmac tennis court and the cost of replacement with astroturf is too expensive. Therefore I’d like to replace with grass. Rather than completely dig up and re-seed, is it an option to simply put topsoil over the court and if so, how … read more

I had this misfortune of cattle getting on my lawn after i gave its its final mow, there is alot of hoof marks and sliding marks what can i do to repair the lawn especially at this time of the year, spade and repair the sod or sand /soil.

My lawn is 20 m x 20 m . On three sides there is a gravel path and on the fourth is a flower border . On the sides with the path, about 18 inches into the the lawn it starts to slope down to the gravel preventing me from getting a nice defined edge … read more

Part of my garden has concrete , only a few inches so it will be quite easy to remove so thinking of removing the concrete and digging up the existing grass and planting a whole new lawn. I was wondering when the best time to undertake a project like this is? and with winter approaching … read more

i had to dig up my lawn.how long will it take to grow back? and what type of seed could i use?

Our new home is apparently set on a ‘Bog’ it has been ploughed a year or longer ago and is terrible uneven including mossy puddles. Not save for our 2 year old to play in, nor can we mow it. Its that bad. How can we get a nice lawn and vegetable garden without spending … read more

im trying to figure out where to start a lawn. i have sprayed the lawn, dug it up, and turned it over. the soil doesnt look great, its very uneven with scattered stones. i have left it for 3weeks and any weeds are now gone. im stuck now on what to do. should i get … read more

We have recently moved to a house in Adamstown and have about 66SQ M back garden. It is shaded by apartments in the winter but we do get sunlight in the summer. The lawn is usually very soggy and wet and the soil seems to be quite compact and clay. The lawn also has a … read more

I srayed the garden with Roundup almost 3 months ago and again 10 days ago. I’ve now began digging it up but there’s lots and lots of weeds throughout the muck and even roots of rushes. The soil it self doesn’t look to bad to me. I’m just curious will rotivating the “dugup” garden be … read more

I set a large lawn (approx 1/2 acre) two years ago. Although the soil in surrounding fields seems dry, my lawn is constantly wet with poor grass growth and plenty of rushes growing throughout lawn. Will i need to re-seed lawn or can it be rescued?

New garden, have done some drainage work, grass seed planted in October, one area still very wet. Would it help to dry it up when we plant hedging – we are considering cornus (mix of red and yellow stemmed). What other plants or trees would you recommend to dry the place up a bit. I … read more

I set a lawn earlier this year and as it was coming up some large cattle broke in and did some damage. I filled the holeswith topsoil and reseeded but areas are indented. Yesterday same bunch broke in again and ran amok on my front lawn. How should I go about mending such damage? (other … read more

I have a site beside the house separated by a wallsize is about half an acre. Its currenlty full of scutch grass, and its a littli bumpyI want to utilise it, but it will be a project over the next 5 years or so, maybe put Fruit trees in and maybe some other trees.My question … read more

We are just about to ready our lawn and I am passionate about having a masterpiece of a lawn. I am willing to work hard with it so that it looks like a snooker table. I think there is nothing nicer than an impressive lawn eh? I’m sure you’ll agree. So, I want the best … read more

I live out in countryside on 1/2 arce site(massive front and back garden) and eventually now want to tackle the garden(a complete beginner). The front and back are uneven, and the grass is really thick and just takes away from the house we live in. What are the options? Kill it with roundup, level, and … read more

My lawn is now an indefinite roundish shape andi would like to make it a well-defined oval shape-do you have a formula that I could use?

I have a large wet area on my lawn and I am currently draining it and this morning after all the rain the trenches seem to be working although i have no pipe or stone in yet.All the grass is dead from water lying on the ground all winter.The problem is the soil is very … read more

I sowed my lawn last year, 1/2 acre, one side of the lawn grew but the other didnt, the side that did not grow is always quite wet . Is there any thing i can do on a budget to get my lawn going, also is there any plants,shrubs or trees that are really good … read more

where do i start, i’m wanting to relawn my garden. its already part lawned with lots of weeds in, then the other part is just weeds and mud where a large shed covered, my guess was to dig up the surface of the lawn, dig up the weeds, rotivate it, add top soil to level … read more

Gerry i have a problem with grass growth on my lawn it was seeded 2 years ago its good in some spots but brown and dead in places.I have fertilized it recently but to no avail.any ideas thanks

Hi Gerry! I have A dog and he has turned the lawn in to a muddy area and now i have no grass because of this.Is there anything i could buy to put down under the grass before i re sow it again?

Hi Gerry,Last summer i laid out my lawn using top soil that was onsite after building the house, but i did not plant any seeds or remove the stones,the lawn is now overgrown with a combination of Grass and Weeds. I want to seed the lawn this year,What steps should i do first.1.Use Round up … read more

we have just moved into a new build and I have leveled out, de-stoned and weeded the rear garden in preparation for sowing a lawn in the spring time.What is the best way of keeping the prepared site clear of weeds until such time as we sow the lawn once the weather turns in March/April? … read more

i had a lawn put in didnt turn out right now redoing lawn 1 acre of lawn, killed grass brought in 5 loads of top soil spread in all around, weather turned bad as you having seen grass and weeds growing again is it to late to put in new lawn as i have to … read more

My newly purchased house site sits on a flat square site 90m*90m approx. About 3/4 of this was used as cattle grazing up to 6 weeks ago. I want to start with approx 1/2 acre behind the house to turn it into a lawn. Do I need to kill/spray the grass that is there before … read more

I built a new lawn from seed on a sloping site last year and it has done really well. During the last year, as the ground settled, I have some dips in the lawn. I have access to some topsoil and am thinking about trying to fill some of these dips to get the lawn … read more

I recently saw on a gardening programme “super garden” a machine to remove the top layer of turf / lawn to prepare for ground work. It was not a rotavator……..can you help me with what this machine is called. THanks Teri

If I use weedkiller like Roundup how soon can I sow the lawn seed?