I bought a Philadelphus plant in Lidl about 5 years ago and planted it in garden but it never flowered all I get is plenty of leaves I include photo.

We’re planting an alder boundary behind a new beech & hornbeam hedge. The area is coastal & very windy & wet. How far apart do we space the bare root alder trees?

I am creating a native wood in my back garden. I have 4 x 4 m to play with I am wondering what density of trees and shrubs I can use for canopy and shrub layers. eg. Canopy trees 2m apart and shrubs in between at say 1m apart?

The sambucus nigra in the garden hasn’t been happy these past few years; we’ve tried pruning, then not pruning but nothing has helped. The leaves have some brown marks on, probably not distinguishable in the photo.

How far apart (maximum distance) can I put male and female skimmias to ensure the production of berries? I’m planning to put them at opposite ends of the garden (~7m). Is this ok?

I have an oil burner in the middle of my lawn and it can be seen from my kitchen window. I want to put in a small bed of shrubs or plants that will cover or hide the burner. Can you suggest some evergreen shrubs or give me some suggestions to disguise this burner. It … read more

When this tree was 24 ins in circumference(trunk) I cut it down c.5 years ago. 7 smaller branches have grown back and are c.30 ft. high. The tree is 12 feet from front wall of the house..1)..do you think the tree could pose a problem to house foundations? 2) Is it possible to take a … read more

Hi Gerry, I am about to purchase and plant trees in my new garden (approx 1 acre). It is my intention to plant Mountain Ash along the drive, and some other ornamental trees along the perimiter e.g., Cherries and Silver Birch (White Bark) etc. My question is how far apart should I plant these trees?

My 5 yr old Clematis (Armandi ?) is groing a bit too well on my back garden wall (South facing and approx 8 ft tall).I planted it to hide the unsightly plain block wall. I “pruned” it earlier this Spring ( ie I took the clippers to it because it had grown so rampantly and … read more

Hi Gerry, i purchased a tree at the new Lifestyle garden center at Clarenbridge Co Galway i liked it at now its my garden, now my question is could you tell me about it. The name is Acer Spaethii, its under leaves are of a puplish colour top is green a good tree for near … read more