How to care strawberry plant in winter?

Never one to put down a healthy plant I willing took some strawberry plants from my friend. He grew them from runners. Its September!! what can I do with them? Will they survive, will they grow, is there any chance of getting fruit from them and if so how should I plant? I don’t have … read more

I have strawberry plants in the tunnel (2nd year). they have been out over winter, will they fruit this year? and when will i start to feet them. can these plants be sown outside and what time of year? can outdoor strawberries be mulched with well rotted farmyard manure?

Strawberries growing in ground since last year. If I cover them in straw now (march) will that help to keep the slugs away as well as protecting them from soil damage. Do have to use something for the slugs also. I have eggshells kept all winter and was going to use these with my brassicas.

I bought some strawberries last year at the garden centre and two growing bags. We didn’t get much fruit and i was wondering if I can put them in containers this year to increase the yield. I left them hanging outside over winter and most of them seem to have survived. What size containers should … read more

Planting some strawberry runners this spring, I have read its better to remove the flowers this year in order to get better yield next year,is this a good pratice?also can runners be propagated from newly planted strawberries this year? and finally is it necessary to prune this years runners in August if flowers were removed … read more

I have for some time heard of the virtues of seaweed as a fertilser and/or Nutrient booster. I am fortunate in that I live minutes from the seas shore and an abundant supply of West of Ireland Seaweed. I was wondering is it safe to bring some fresh and unwashed seaweed directly over my strawberry, … read more

I intend to sow strawberry plants in the ground where I harvested my potatoes. Is this ok?

I was wondering if anyone could help with some advise as to how to over-winter strawberries that are in hanging baskets? I have heard mixed reports of where to store them – I only have a shed, no greenhouse.

I have young strawberry plants growing indoors in pots.

I had dug up the back of my shed to plant some fruit and veg and 1 of the things i had planted was strawberries.. i had planted them over two months now.. they still haven’t grown.. they are still only the tiny size they come like.. i have other strawberries in a green house … read more

I’ve noticed numerous tiny insects on my strawberry plants. The plants are in a sunroom. I’ve tried wiping the leaves. Didnt want to spray anything and ruin the strawberries. Any ideas what I can do?

I potted some strawberry runners about 3weeks ago and just wondering how long to leave them before sniping off from main plant.there is definitly growth in the runners but i dont want to take them to early.

White powdery coating on leaves of 12 fairly strong strawberry plants. The little small fruit have disappeared off about half the plants and the fruit on the remainder are scabby and misshapen and now appear to be infected with the dust like coating as well. Am trying to keep vegetables and fruit organic. What is … read more

We are after obtaining alot of greenfly in our school greenhouse, especially on our strawberry plants and our apple seedlings. What is the best and safest way to remove them.

My strawberry plants are just starting to bear fruit but on some of the plants the ends of the leaves are curling in and some of the fruits are not properly formed. There in a well ventilated glasshouse and are watered well. It looks as if i may loose a lot of fruit.

what can i do with shoots that grow from the base of strawberry plants

I brought in last year strawberry runners into my conservatory and now they are begining to flower. Do I have to put them out daily for pollination?

would Strawberries grow ok in hanging baskets?

Where can i purchase these types of strawberry in ireland. Cannot import plants from UK.

I have strawberries growing in containers outdoors and I want to transfer them to a raised bed outdoors.Question: When is the best time to transfer strawberries from outdoor containers to raised beds outside.

I planted runners from my strawberry plants and planted them outside.I also have a polytunnel and I was wondering if I could put the new runners into hanging baskets now and leave them for next year?I have cut the foliage off this years strawberrys, do i let them dry out completely or continue to water … read more

I would like to re use the compost i used last year made up of potting compost and soil in which i grew strawberry s and flowers and other veg i would like to re use to grow more strawberrys in containers and if it would be ok to add some 10 10 20 and … read more

I have my strawberry plants set out in a raised bed, for the Winter should i pot up plants and keep them in tunnel till spring time setting them in another raised bed?

We had some strawberry plants out this year but none of the fruit developed. Is it possible to store them over the winter and re use them next year or would you recommend we buy new plants? We were very disappointed as there were some fruits but they neither ripened nor developed.

Last year I set a new crop (my first year) of strawberries and the crop was good. However this year crop is poor, some of the berries are getting rotten before ripening and the fruit is small. I left the plants in the bed over the winter and this year I did not lift them … read more

got strawberry plants in april in our local garden center we have very small garden so we just put them in bigger pots we had them in a mini green house until 3 weeks ago when we took them out of it we are feeding them as well as watering them but while they are … read more

We’ve never grown strawberries before and are thinking of getting the elsanta variety. I’m wondering if they could be grown with success in containers or grow bags or would they be better off in the ground.

Would you know where I might be able to buy Sovereign strawberry plants? We had them when I was a child and they tasted much sweeter than any around now.

I recently purchased some strawberries and have since repotted them in to soil which has some fertiliser and worm castings to it. Should I1. Feed them before they start to flower in the summer or will they be ok without any feeding2. If they do need to be fed, how often should i feed them3. … read more

i am finding plenty of 2/3 inch (possibly black millipedes) on my garden walls . very thin and they curl up and are hard to kill.are they pests or do they do good in a garden?

I’ve recently planted strawberry seeds into individual pots on the inside on the window still over the radiator with no cover.Their planted around 5 days and nothing seems to be growing, I also haven’t got the pots covered allowing fresh air to hit them?

I have bought Fragaria strawberrys, these are for pots for someone who does not have a garden, Is it ok to plant them in pots and leave on window sil, Will these fruit without been on the out side in the open, How much water would they need when planted indoors, it is possible to … read more

I want to grow strawberrys in a tunnel, like i see on tv but i dont know what to grow them in do i hang them off the tunnel or from containers on the ground, i want nice strawberrys this year.

How do I maintain my strawberry patch which I have in a polytunnel – the plants are in a mess – lots of dead leaves – do I discard the original plants and replant the runners?

Q1: i have cut back and dug up as much of the bramble roots as i can in new fruit patch. If i spray roots with Round up now how soon can I plant raspberry canes? or is it better to snip off as much root as possible?Q2: how do you get new strawberry plants … read more

Our garden is recently becoming infested with clusters of tiny, slim black worms (12mm max) feeding on tunnel strawberries, fallen apples, tunnel and outside lettuces – any soft fruit/vegetable in contact with ground. Are these a kind of eelworm and how can they be controlled.

How many times do strawberries produce fruit in the year in a polytunnel,when is the right to cut them back.also is it advisable to put plastic around them or straw. also what manure is required?

Of late I have noticed my strawberry fruits to be of poor condition. The fruit have all cracks on them.Why is that?I also noticed this year a few of the fruits to be of abnormal shape, is that okay?

Should I cut strawberry plants right back after taking off runners?

When my stawbwerry plants have finished for the season and they start to dry up & wither, is it ok to leave the pots as they are out in the open for the winter OR, do they need to be in a shed/ sheltered area? If it’s the latter, when can I take them out … read more

do i leave strawberry plants as they are once they have fruited and can i grow new plants from the runners for next year

I have strawberries plants which i orignally bought in hanging baskets, i moved them to half barrels and while the plants are bigger and stronger than ever, they have finished flowering and ther is no sign of any fruit, any ideas, sorry do not know their name, they are 3 years old.

I was at the Bloom festival and heard Dermot O’Neill talking about strawberries. He recommended a variety Royal Soverign – I ordered 6 plants of this over the internet and am waiting on their delivery. Now I am wondering1- is it too late to sow them ? 2 – if not, can I grow them … read more

I want to try growing strawberries in a pot. Do they grow like peas, upright and clinging to sticks.

Strawberry leaves look like they have been shredded, torn , or “flittered”Initially I thought this might be due to severe hailstones, but now am not sure. Some leaves on rose bush affected also. Peas look to be affected also.Hailstones did lodge for some time on peas.

I have been growing strawberries for about 12 years but have moved house 2 years ago and i have had serious problems with vine weevil. The first year i noticed the weevil i hand picked all the grubs from the pots and repotted all the plants but the crop was still poor. I have tried … read more

Would it be advisable to grow strawberries in containers to allow the runners to trail. I was recently told to use a barrel or something similiar so that the insects and slugs don’t affect the crop when the runners are on the ground.Please advise Clare

Hi Gerry, I have been composting my garden waste regularly but wonder if I am using it properly. I used 6 month-old compost for young strawberries last year but with very poor results. I wonder if the compost was too strong ?. Should I mix it with soil, sand etc.. before use ?.

Hi Gerry i have 5 hanging strawberry plants in my garden my question is do i live them outside or in the garage. Thanks PAUL

I have just laid a patio and i would love to grow fruit in tubs/containers…i am thinking specifically strawberries,gooseberries,blackberries, more what I call the old fashioned fruits. Problem is i am a total novice. Am I being unrealistic as i have never done anything like this before or is it a relatively easy undertaking

Gerry, how long can I keep my strawberry plants going, should I discard them after x years?Can I keep them in the same spot or should I practice rotation, and after x years?

HiI’ve noticed a substance like a spiders web along the edges of the leaves on my strawberry leaves. I did get some strawberries but only a couple, and that was a while ago. No more have appeared. I’m growing the plants in my conseratory along with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Is this something that could … read more

Is it OK to use grass cuttings around strawberries, or am I providing a happy haven for slugs to eat up my fruit. In the absence of straw which is not readily available, what would you suggest to keep the fruit off the ground? I tried shredded paper last year, but it melted away too … read more