One of my Japanese maples has died, however the rootstock which is very pretty, has sprouted. If I plant it out, is it likely to be very vigorous?

My Trachycarpus fortunei died in winter of 2010/11. This month I have discovered new leaves growing around the butt of the old truck. It looks like 4 individual new plants are growing from the old root system. Can I separate and transplant these new trachy? If so when n how is best method. Would not … read more

I have 2 hazelnut trees in my garden, there are small shoots growing at the bottom of the trees, could i use these shoots to grow more hazelnut trees and if so what would i need to do.

I have a lovely large shrub of Daphne bholua “Jacqueline Postill” which has sent up suckers all around for the first time this year. I would like to pot up some and would like to know when I should do this? Also should I remove the rest? The mother plant is ringed with them, all … read more

I have a small tree which produces beautiful copper coloured leaves in autumn……. I think the common name for it is Stags Horn and it appears to self seed. Just in the past few weeks, several little seedlings / small plants have appeared around the lawn having come from this tree and I’m wondering can … read more

I have a Stags Horn approx 5feet, it has no growth to bottom of plant, how can i prune back to keep at same height

i put in goja berry s in march they have grown very strongly they now have a lot of branches up to one and half meters but are very thin with lots of leaves should i prune these back now or let them grow on at what age should they start to fruit?

We are trying to clear a bank to replant it. however are fighting a battle against lilac roots which are right through the bank. Is there a way to kill them or remove them in a easy way. so far digging, chain saw and pick axe are not the way.

roots exposed & travelling above lawn surface, how do we control them ?

I’ve tried shop bought preparation to rot stumps, which I applied in September, no effect, Someone mentioned a root grinder. Are these easy to use and are they available to rent, would you know?

My 12 year old Cornus has been sending up suckers for years now under the base of the tree. The leaves of the suckers are different and grow straight up so maybe they’re coming from the original graft.I keep cutting them but more grow in their place and are spreading right out under the tree. … read more

I have suckers under a Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’. How would you suggest getting rid of them? I have cut them down to ground level. Is this the best procedure?

Last year I planted Cordyline ‘Red Star’ which had been growing in a container for two years and when new growth started from the base, I removed them cleanly, but new ones keep growing and the tree itself is not. Should I give up on it?

Diesel for the removal of tree stumps, does it work?I have just cut down two flowering cherries from my lawn and need to get rid of the stumps and roots without digging up half the lawn!

Wild Clematis or :old man,s beard: rampant for say 8 years growing through and over shruberry at entrance of our road .Not the responsibility of local Council.How to kill permanently please.Suggestion re easy maintenance shrubs for that position,to create a hedge and prevent youths from hanging out there. 8 ft x 6 approx

Golden King and Silver Queen hollies are planted very close together. I have shaped them into one large lollipop with two trunks. I have dozens of dark green holly suckers in a radius of about six feet around them. How do I deal with the suckers?

Hi Gerry, I have a weeping willow, very woody branches, not producing leaves, ‘suckers’ now growing all parts of lower tree. Is it worthkeeping to see if it comes back to life.

my lawson cypress seems to have a root growing in side the bark which has split to accomodate the growth the only plants near it are small shrubs so i know its not one of them invading could this be a fungus of some sort i have a photo many thanks

I have a lilac tree given to me as a slip some 30 years ago and my children would like to take slips from it. When and how should take them? Soft or hard cuttings? Hope you can help? .

I have tried four times to grow an embothrium from a rooted cutting. The new leaves come fine but soon become yellow and drop off. The whole thing never gets that healthy vigour. Mostly I do them in multi purpose compost, and have tried the greenhouse, outside, and now in a cool hallway. What conditions … read more