I have cosmos planted in trays in greenhouse that are now approx 2 inch tall but just two leaves on top and tall and string looking. What should I do next?

I had this gorgeous plant – as per attachment – until it died recently. I dont know the name of it – can you help and identify this plant please and can you guide where i would be able to purchase it please.

photo attached is one of my tuber begonias which I want to keep for next year. Can I overwinter it in an unheated greenhouse as a green plant or do I have to store it as a tuber (like a dahlia)? Will pelargoniums overwinter as green plants in an unheated greenhouse successfully or should I … read more

Yesterday I planted new geranium plants from branches of old plant dipped into rooting powder and planted in small pots , just wondering should I keep them outside and how many days it would take to have roots .

can i buy a small quantity (40-50) of annual bedding flowers for pots and baskets (lobelia,trailing surfinia,etc.)in plug form anywhere in ireland.i want to finish growing them in my glasshouse

see photo enclosed that are growing in a hanging basket Can you tell me what they areI know one is a geraniums but the not sure what they are

I have some calibrachoa planted in window boxes with good quality compost along with a bit of vermiculite, swell gel and slow release feeding. I have them planted up for about a month or more but have noticed where the leaves of some of them are turning yellow and wonder what could this be. They … read more

I have 3 types of Molimba which done really well throughout the summer. They are now looking very hard done by over the last month and wonder if they should be cut back and if so when would be the best time to do so. I am new to gardening so not sure of these … read more

what is the best time to lift geraniums to store for winter

My bedding dahlias have formed tubers.Is it possible to sow these tubers next April?

I have some hanging. basket plants which I would like to save – Dichondra Silver Falls & Trailing Verbena Lanai Early Scarlet. I think they’re perennial in warmer climates but is there anything I can do to safely overwinter them here ?

I have pots filled with marigolds and violas. Some insect is eating the buds of the violas, can you suggest a spray to prevent this happening. I keep slug pellets around the edge of the pot.

I planted several hanging baskets with Surfinas and Petunias. The plants were all growing well but in one basket plants suddenly started to die off one after the other. I replaced some of the dead plants but after a few weeks the replacements began to die off too. All other baskets seem to be doing … read more

I’ve just noticed that a healthy calibrachoa I have in a window box is quite limp and wilted. The culprit is probably the white fly I noticed at the base of the plant. I’m wondering what’s the best way to get rid of these pests and will the poor plant come back to itself again. … read more

Hi Gerry – I have panseys, alyssum and dwarf sunflowers growing in pots and they are suffering with purple leaves and are generally unhealthy looking. Same thing with window boxes: instead of full healthy growth I have scraggly plants with purpling leaves. Erin Premium Compost with added John Innes used in all cases. Watering every … read more

I have 2 wonderful pots filled with purple and white petunias. They are growing rapidly and over taking the small shrub I planted in the middle, which I dont miond for now as they look amazing. Whilst I can prun back now – how do I prepare them at the end of the summer when … read more

I have just done a Petunia Flower Ball and it turned out great. Now i am trying a Busy Lissie Flower Ball and it is just not taking off, have you got any suggestions as to what I can do.

I have some pansies in a tub but they have a something like black spot on them. I was told “Get rid of them, dump them”.I only moved the tub to an empty corner because the plants looked ok (except for the spots) and they were flowering really well. Should I dump the tub, do … read more

I’ll be planting up some window boxes and baskets shortly and will be adding some slow release granular feed to the compost. If I feed them later on in the summer with tomato plant food would they benefit any more from this or would it instead be too much feed for them? Best wishes and … read more

I seem to have a good flowering red geranium at present. The leaves of this geranium have turned red. What is it lacking?

Im wondering is it safe to plant out summer bedding or is there still a risk of frost. When will I know it is safe. I live in mid cork

Is there any truth that moth balls repel cats from your plants?

Every year I look forward to planting up window boxes, using mostly petunia, calibrachoa and lobelia and marigold. I’d really appreciate any tips you might have to get a really nice healthy and long lasting display. I wonder what might be the best type of compost to use. I’ve seen the ‘miracle grow’ brand which … read more

Just wondering if you could recommend some flowers that would be suited to potting. I am looking to fill three troughs roughly 150cm in length and am loking to display in partial shade. As much colour as possible is the aim as this is a rather glum area at the minute.

Where can I buy trailing “Happy face Mex”, “cascading red” and “balcony” geramiuns, they are available in UK as plug plants but they do not deliver to southern Ireland.

I want to plant some colourful flowers in my patiio that will flower most of the summer whick would be the best type that are full and hardy with lots of bloom, patio shade in morning and full sun by 2pm on one half and other half mostly shade.

my house is north facing what is the best plant for hanging baskets & window boxes.

I had a lovely colour verbina last year and i want to keep it how do i do it? How do i over winter verbina? Can it be propergated from the seeds? Or do i try mind the plant inside?

I like to start a small business selling windowboxes, containers(unusual or art type) and hanging baskets using recycled material, my question is who can i go to to find someone who can make these, or where can i find the material to make them myself.

My geraniums have contracted rust (brown spots on underside of leaves).I have taken off all the affected leaves. Can I overwinter these plants under glass or should I destroy them?

The bacopa in my baskets has become quite compacted and has stopped flowering, should it be repotted or cut back? I don’t remember it stopping flowering as early as this in years before.

What can I do about leaves of petunias in container going yellow?

Hanging baskets with trailing petunia, and lobelia were planted in late May (after frosts) and were thriving initially. In last few weeks leaves have gone pale green and flowers have a faded ‘washed out’ look, but are not falling off. Baskets have been kept watered and fed with tomato feed (maybe too much?) from the … read more

what flowers will colour now in pots?

I was rehoused due to disability, my place has a short avenue and i decided to put down bedding plants, some now dying off, tis rather a mess! all suggestions for plants now that will spread slightly and give a show for the remainder of the summer gratefully received.

I’m looking for some advice. We have a small family run hotel in Skerries. We are right in the harbour and can get very windy. We would love to have some window boxes or hanging basket but are worried whether they would last or not.We grow our own fruit -plums, apples and damsuns. We have … read more

At what stage do I begin to feed seedlings – hardy and half-hardy annuals? i.e. Calendula and Petunia Is it when the first true leaves appear? How do I know that they are “true” leaves?

My marigolds are eaten through half way up the stem but there is no sign of the insect. What is the cause please and the cure?

I have purchased this lovly plant, but unfortunately it did not come with a name as it was bought from an open day, and could it be grown again from seeds?

I have tried two years in a row to bring white and blue lobelia seeds i can grow lots of other seeds is there a knack to lobelia?

I need colour for this July, what do I grow?

Some leaves on my young salvia bedding plants are turning yellow,is it over/under watering,not enough ventilation, or some other cause?

With the very bad frost and snow i lost climbing geraniums i had belong to my dad and id love to get them i have seen geranium skyrocket in english magizene can i get them by mail here in ireland?

I planted busy lizzies outside in pots in mid April. The leaves have shrivelled and become discoloured and I fear that frost may have been the cause although I don’t remember any frosty nights since planting. I didn’t put any fertilizer in the pots,- just used the pots of potting compost which I used last … read more

Should I pinch out petunias as they grow from seed

Last year, I planted two outdoor impatiens(busy lizzie) plants inside as house plants, they grew fine. recently took 3 cuttings, they all grew. could i use these new plants for outdoor summer bedding for this year? Would they grow, should I aclimatise them first?

I have lots of germinated seeds, have moved them to unheated glasshouse but most have stopped developing they are exactly the same HELP i dont want to lose them now having succeeded this far.

I have just transplanted summer bedding seedlings, lobelia, viola and one other type. I currently have them in a sunny spare room as I dont have a greenhouse. Will this be too warm for them or could they go out into the garage?

starting up new tidy towns committee what would be best flowers to plant at roundabouts and also in large pots around town flowers that will last most of summer should we stick with same colours or not also when will be the best time to plant

I sowed seed in a tray a week ago the little shoots are appearing now i have lobilia petunia daisys i need to know how long do i leave them in this tray what is the next step i am a complete novice so if you could keep it simple please.

I replaced my outdoor Geranium which was killed by last years frost. My new ones thrived and bloomed all summer in a large pot outside my back patio door. In order to prevent a recurrance of last years disaster, I recently brought the pot into the kitchen and placed it beside the French Door window. … read more

I live in Bray co Wicklow and about a mile in from the beach. Our garden is quite sheltered and usually pelargoniums and fuchias and such like survive the winter very well. However this year Ihave taken some cuttings of fuchias, penstamon and abutilon and also have some other perennials in pots with a view … read more

A lot of what I think is called livermosses (Conocephalum con., Lunularia cruc. etc.) are growing between my bedding plants and covering large patches of soil. How bad is that? Should I remove them? How?

Is it too late now (mid-Sept) to take cuttings of geraniums and fuchsias to pot up for next year? When is the ideal time?

What uses, if any, can be made of spent potting compost, e.g that used to grow annual flowers in containers?

I have two Senetti plants whose leaves are covered in ugly, brown, wriggly lines. A look on the net tells me that this is leafminer fly, and most sites say that it is rarely that damaging to plants. However both senetti are now dying, and it looks like so many of the leaves are affected … read more

Im a total beginner & interested in changin a boring back lawn to colourful flower beds etc.,what flowers should i sow in June? I need kind of step by step please & thanks!!

Recently bought some begonia plants at a garden centre, if I cut these back at the end of the summer and store will they grow again next year?

I have built a container 8’x10″x10″ to hang on south facing wall in my yard which is the sunniest part of my yard but is shaded from 3pm. I have been advised not to drill holes for drainage in the wood as it would weaken the structure. Really it is a large hanging basketWhat drainage … read more

I received stock plug plants today 22/05/09. The are about two inches high and strong looking the cultivation info enclosed says to pot them on and then harden them off outside. could/should I just harden them off in their container andplantdirectly into bed? i feel that I am behind with my bedding plants.

how to prepare hanging baskets and types of summer plants for same

I have been having problems with growing seedings in my propagator. They all die, they flop over and they have very thin stems and don’t form their true leaves.

Gerry, I was wondering, is now the best time to sow summer bedding for seeds?

Hi Gerry, I planted a number of seeds trays two weeks ago today, and made the error of re-using some potting compost that I had in other trays that I used over winter, which had developted an algae/moss growth on top. As a result, a number of my trays contain the re-appearance of this alage … read more

Hi Gerry, I sowed seed in trays about 2 weeks ago.Lots have germinated but a good no. are falling over and dieing when about 15-20mm.high. I am keeping the compost damp. Any ideas?

which flowers to plant now for the summer

Hi Gerry, I am trying to source the seeds of a shrub called Kochia Scoparia Tricophylla.Is there any local seed supplier you can suggest or one in the UK .I would also consider getting some young plants from a nursery if available.Rgds, Greengrass

Gerry, as were in Autumn, I have a lot of geraniums in the green house, starting to develope mould. Do and should these be pruned back and if so how?Also, should I prune fushia and Rose trees now? If so, how far back?

Hi Gerry, I have attached a photo.Vanessa

Hi Gerry, I had a beautiful display from Begonia Bonfire this summer and wondered what is the best way to save it for next year? do i cut it back? lift it? it is in a pot. Thanks

Bronze foliage, same height as Bishop of Llandaff, single flower, white or almost white?Can you identify this, please? Many Thanks.

I have sunflowers blooming at the moment – the tallest of which is approx 10ft – what is the tallest they would normally grow in Ireland ?

HiI bought loads of new summer flowers a few weeks ago, i bought some window boxes and other colourful flowers but all the heads seem to be dying and loosing their colour, i water them and gave them miracle-grow but they are still dying can you give me any tips on what to do to … read more

Hello Gerry, I have notices yellow leaves with black spots on my Busy Lizzies. What is the cause of this and how can i treat it. I am using Phostrogen to feed them once a week.Ann Byrne

Busy lizzies are being eaten at the root and dying away. Any idea what might be causing this?

I have dried out lobelia due to lack of watering while I was recently away. Would it regrow if I cut it back – similar to pansies at this time of year? I am saturating it with water at the moment as best I can. Its in pots. Thanks Gerry

I’ve seen what I think is a geranium growing like clematis over a wall. Is there such a thing as a climbing geranium? And if so, what do I ask for at the garden centre and what care do they need? Cheers.

We have some white lobelia we would like to separate to replace some dead plants. How would you do this?

I want to sow some flowers in a channel and put down some topsoil first. Will the flowers grow if their is no moisture coming through. Is topsoil for sowing plants on concrete bottom

have planted begonia betulia out in bed.will it survive the winter and flower next year?

for the first time in ten years i have vineweevil. i have always used provado to control it but can no longer get it. where can i get my hands on it? i know they sell provado 2 in britain but where can i get it here?

I have bought four medium size patio pots and am wondering what plants are best suitable. The patio is an open area.

I have a family wedding on August 29th. Can you advise flowers or plants that would bring some colour to the garden at that time of year?