My cabbages are getting eaten and as i have seen earwigs at them assume they are the problem. i have put wet newspaper down in the evening to trap them without much sucess, any help would be great

1st time to get cabbage root fly, how do I get rid of it. I cant rotate my veg plot very much.

I have cabbage plants that are well established and have now the cabbage root fly symptoms. At this stage, what can I do?? Any sprays?? or alternative cure.

Is there anything you can do to kill the larve of cabbage root fly. Or is it just preventing the fly from laying its eggs in first place using netting or cabbage collars?

It is said that stable manure is principally a soil improver. Also that it is a fertilizer. For cabbages its is recommended not to fertilize their beds. So, what is it with stable manure, and should I or should I not apply it to cabbage beds?

When my cabbage seedlings grow to about 25-35mm in height they are very leggy & do not develop into sturdy plants. I use a good quality seedling compost & grow the seedlings in a greenhouse. Any suggestion on why they grow this way?

How do i control caterpillars on a crop of cabbage plants. They were planted about a month ago and were doing really well but have since being savaged by caterpillars. I don’t think these plants can be salvaged but if i plant another batch how do i protect them? They were planted outdoors and were … read more

This is a photo of the underleaf of one of my cabbage plants. Is this caterpillar damage or what is your opinion?

I was wondering if you could help me to find a sollution to keep caterpillars away from my cabbages and broccolis!

Just noticed that some of our cabbages, which are fairly well matured, have gone very limp and dying off. we lifted one to discover the root eaten by little white worms. What are these and are the rest of the cabbages likely to get infected? thank you

Just wondering if you have any tips on planting cabbages. I have planted 2 “Gortahork” cabbages and vatious magazine or books have suggested using felt collars. What is your opinion?

A large number of my cabbages seem to have lost all their roots and whats left have what looks like tiny maggots in them.Is this the cabbage root fly and if so how do i get rid of them?

We started a plot this year everything is going fine until I went to the ploy today and noticed cabbage plants which I planted about three weeks ago and to discover leaves on some plants and 5 or so complete plants were eaten. I scattered slug pellets on the ground when I discovered the … read more

i’ve been given a recipe for prevention of caterpillers on crops -.garlic clove boiled in water diluted 10/1. can you tell me when i use this ? can it sprayed or watered on when plants have just been planted out?

We were told not to use Basic Slag on our allotment as it can spread CLUB ROOT in the ground Thank you

I would like to plant some cabbage SEEDS in August, that will give me bare Root cabbage transplants for sale and planting next Spring.Is it possible to get the Traditional Early York Seeds and where ?Or what would be a suitable alternative that you would suggest ?

I am having trouble with small maggott type creatures that appear between the top and bottom surfaces of the leaves and leave white tracks along the leaves of cabbage, brussells sprouts, kale, brocoli and even geraniums and other plants. What is this and what can I do to get rid of them?

Cabbage grew to maturity. Within 2 weeks the centre of the heads burst and produced green shoots. What would have caused this and how can I prevent it?

My problem is that on the cabbage leaves there is like white or grey spots and the following morning they leave big holes in them,i have a net and slug control in place it also effects lettuce and turnip leaves,thes are like stains on the leaves,thanks.

I’m growing cabbage and having major problems with caterpillars, how do I kill them organically or without poisoning us all?! I’ve tried salt but thats not working?

as my cabbages etc are now maturing nicely is it safe to remove the netting covering the plants or are they still at risk?

Is there anything I can buy to protect the cabbages and brocolli leaves being eaten by pigeons?

I notice this year in particular that there is a scarcity of cabbage plants coming through for planting in the traditional method (i.e say bundles of 100 plants ready for sowing) What is the reason and when were these plants originally planted to be ready for Spring. Some say it’s the last week in July … read more

winter , summer etcthe method of when to sow and plant each type confuses me ie sow winter in spring etc

I have trawled through the web looking for York Cabbage seeds – the family favourite. We usually buy the young plants, but this year I was hoping to grow from seed, and save seed for following years. Is it possible to buy York Cabbage seeds, and where might I find them?