While walking by Carlingford Lough I came across this singular plant. It was growing in thick undergrowth and seemed out of place on its own. Could you please identify it for me? Picture attached.

I’m wondering what annuals to plant for the best cut flowers for an informal wedding.

I have grown 13 plants of Sweet Pea on two wigwams which became too small so I put extra canes down as well. My problem is that a lot of the flower stems are growing bent instead of straight upwards and so they are not suitable for cut flowers. What is the reason for this?

After numerous attempts to grow Morning Glory I’ve finally managed to get some growth – leaving it in a pot instead of the ground. However, something is attacking the leaves. I’ve spread salt around the base of the pot in case it’s slugs but I can’t actually see anything. No other plants seem to be … read more

I was given this plant as a present = the giver does not know its name!! It grows to about 5 ft and has a pink flower. Can you tell me its name please. Thank you Brian

Do sweet pea need to have their center tips removed to make them spread out more?

The plant in the picture grew from seed which I think fell from our bird feeder. It’s about 2ft tall and has just pridudes blue & white flowers. Any idea what it is? Last year we got some Nyger seed plants!

Need help identifying this plant. It came in a box of seeds that encourage butterflies. It is thriving along with other ones of the same type in my garden.

I am new in gardening and decided to plant Marigolds from seeds from shop. I know how it must look but what was grown from my planted seeds confused me a lot! I am not sure I am growing Marigolds. What do you think it could be?

Both last year and this year, my mother’s Sweet Pea has a small fly inside in the middle each Sweet Pea flower, and she does’t like giving small posies as gifts any more. What is the reason for these flies appearing and how should they be destroyed? Thanking you.

I have an Echium of about 1.20 metres in my garden which shall flower next year. How canI protect it from frost? It will only tolerate up to minus 3 Celsius as I read in one of my books. I heaped some earth around its base and popped a huge plastic bag over it as … read more

Photo enclosed Can you tell me if it a weed or a flower? It has blue bell type flowers and green rubbery leaves Francis Sean Donoghue

I have several trays of sweet pea in the green house at present, they are about 6 inches in height, i also have a polytunnell, and wonder should i transfer them there, will they keep growing ,and should i put them in to larger pots, i read about a trial being done , some sown … read more

I have had some good success this year with poppies and now have several withered stalks with seed heads. Should I collect the seeds and plant them or should I leave them to reseed naturally? If I should collect and plant, when should I do this?

I am involved with flower bed filling in Roundstone Co Galway. I want to plant native Irish plants, which provide lots of colour and are suitable for a coastal village in Connemara. Can you give some help? Shrubs and hedges could also be included.

Sunflowers – have sunflowers in a pot and they were flowering but now have closed up. Can you tell me why they might have closed and what to do with them?

can I save sunflower seeds for sowing next year?

My Sweet Pea have grown over 7ft tall and are difficult to manage, is it possible to cut them by 1/3 and will this encourage new growth

there is something eating my seedlings in the green house can you tell me what it might be,and how to control it

Where can I buy willow obelisk?

I am due our first baby in September and with loads of visitors etc to the house I want to have the garden looking very pretty (and get some of the work out of the way now) – any suggestions for a cottage garden look?

I forgot to store the packets of seeds that I purchased last Spring such as pansies, petunias and cosmos in a sealed container or bag. They are still in date? I sowed them indoors nearly three weeks ago with very poor germination rates apart from the Cosmos. Cosmos is a bigger seed. I do think … read more

Withering and dying after first flowering

I have planted quite a number of sun flowers in a propagatorI transferred them today. ( as shown 2 small pots ) When should i plant them outdoors.? 44being ambitious I planted more and when I watered the seeds in the bucket they all moved together. Now I have about 15 very closey spaced and … read more

I have grown sweet pea from seed, in pots, in the cold greenhouse over the winter. I have some healthy looking plants. When should I plant them outside? How should I prepare the soil?

It is early October and I have germinated Dianthus seeds indoors on a window sill. Should I keep the seedlings indoors over the winter or can I put them outside?

I would like to give flower seeds as wedding favours to my guests next September, and wonder what flowers would be good to plant at that time of year? The wedding is on the 10th Sept. I might even make plantable seed paper if the seeds are small enough.

August last year I sowed Hollyhocks fro a packet of Mr Fothergill seed labelled “Chaters mixed” The packet showed flowers in red. yellow, orange and white. They flowered this year, but all white flowers. Dis I get the wrong seed, or did I do something else wrong? If I sow more from the same packet, … read more

Does sunflower come back every year?

I was wondering if the seeds in pods that come on sweet peas when they finish flowering can be used to sow more sweet peas?

I would be very grateful if you could help me identify the pest that is damaging to my Calendula plant. See photo below. Nearly all the leaves have this damage.

how do i get rid of greenfly and earwigs on my sunflowers. the leaves are all holes

Where can I purchase the climbing plant “tropaelum” or can I order it from you?

I love common garden blue cornflowers. I would like to know if the flower heads are edible or should they be just used for decoration in a salad for instance.

I recently sowed sunflower seeds both dwarf and large sunflowers,they are coming on great. But can i put the into lagre pots and if so when do i do it?

My sister has just got a bee hive. The bees are coming in May/June I would like to plant a “bee bar”! ie flowers and other plants which entice bees in the garden. Appreciate if you could provide a list of suitable flowers/plants.

I have sweet pea in small pots that have been grown from seed. They’re only 2 inches high and I have them indoors. I haven’t grown from seed before and have no idea what do next. Nights here are still very frosty.

I have a group of 10 boys aged 10 – 13 years who are interested in gardening. I want to know what the best seeds/bulbs to pot at this time of the year. The pots will need to be kept indoors at all time. I would prefer something with a flower so they can see … read more

Please can you tell me if there is any reason why I cannot grow Sweet Pea in the same ground next year? Last year’s display was the best yet.

When would be the best time to put out wild flower seeds of e.g. poppies or teasel, now or in spring?

I grew giant sunflowers this year with great success even if the flowering was slow and then short lived.However I’m of the opinion that these flowers are just a one off and you must start from scratch again next year. Is this so ?

When is the best time to save nasturtim seedsis it when they are green and ripeor when they go brown?

I sowed cosmos from seed this year and succeeded in growing three plants! They were a reasonable height but didn’t flower. I had them in a planter not directly in the ground to try and keep the slugs away. Is that the reason? TaShirley

Can you tell me know what the tallest sunflower is in Ireland? i cant find an answer any where please.

Is this an unusual year for wild poppies. Most of the wild poppies in my garden are doubles. These are some in the from the front garden.

What flowers can I plant now that will flower and be 3 foot high by the last week of August?

I am concerned about the bee problem at the moment. And I was wondering what type of plants will flower all year round for them to find food.

I re-potted 3 small nasturtium plants into a large pot and they have been thriving – the leaves are huge! However I still see no sign of any buds or flowers despite the fact that I planted them about 2 months ago and they have clearly been growing well. I water regularly except during wet … read more

We have a new garden we have just finished clearing out (it was in a landfill state when we bought it) and have finally started to plant. Can you advise on what flowers and plants would be good for the less formal /wild flower look. Also there is a corner at the back which gets … read more

In seed packets with large amount of seeds ie 750 or 1250 .How do I sow seeds from packets of 1250The packet says sow thinly What does this mean ,Also the packet says ” Sow seeds in consecutive sowings ” for continuous flowering What does this mean ? Many Thanks

Hi Gerry, We are looking for flowers to grow for our school garden. We have conformations in March and were wondering is there anything we could plant with the kids in January that would flower by march? Kins Regards, Rachel.

Hi, I am helping with the gardening at my son’s school. They have a number of flower beds for the children to plant in and we want them to see their plants flower before the end of the school year, ie June 30th. Some beds will be used for spring bulbs and some for vegetables. … read more

Hi Gerry, the caterpillars in our garden have ate through most of our nasturtions. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop them, there wont be much of our garden left soon!! Thanks

I have been growing various varieties of nasturtiums from seed for the last few years, but they have never seeded themselves, I find myself having to get new seeds each year. Do you know of anywhere where I might be able to get hold of nasturtium seeds capable of producing fertile seeds themselves?

I planted a large number of sunflowers this year and they are about 1.5m high at the moment

I planted sweet pea plants in the end of May in a grow bag. they are growing well and are now nearly 5 ft supported by canes.I have fed and watered them and took out the weak shoots at the bottom.they are in a sunny part of the garden.I don’t know what pinching out means … read more

I recently acquired some lupin seed pods. Please advise re planting/caring etc. Do I have to open the pod and sow the seeds individually, or just sow the pod as a whole? Many thanks. Robin

This year I grew Nasturtiums having grown them previously from seed. I sowed approx thirty plants which all came up.My question is, in recent days/past week or so, I noticed that some of my plants are appearing to look a little weak and near their end, as you’d see in Autumn. While they have flowered, … read more

I have a sun flower growing in a pot. The leaves are starting to decay and the flower doe not look to be progressing well. The same issue happened to me last year and the flower eventually died. The flower is getting plenty of water. Anything i can use.

I planted some sweet peas in pots last autumn. I have them in a cold frame and they are doing well. Can I plant them in the ground now, or should I wait until the weather gets warmer? Thanks