I want to put a little science project together for school children to test which of the advertised garden “growth products” on sale have the best results. I want to set up the experiment in multiple yoghurt sized pots and get results in hopefully 2-3 weeks. It doesn’t matter what a plant I use, just … read more

My sweetcorn have black flies all over the sliks – what do i do?

I have been growing sweetcorn for a few months now!they are growing very slow but the stalks are very strong and healthy looking!what can i do to help them grow better or whats the problem!

I have sweetcocrn growing in a raised bed under a plastic tunnel. it shooted up at first, bout a month or so ago but it seems to have stopped growing at about 2 inches. any advice. also sowed scallions next to them with a no show. looking forward to hearing from you

Can sweetcorn be grown in pots as I am running out of space in my veg garden?

I have started some sweetcorn off in small pots in greenhouse now are 4″ tall can i put them in bigger pots and how many can I put in?