If you look at the picture I have on tomatoes you will see that the leaves are somewhat burnt .Is it a fungus?

greenhouse tomatoes(Shirley) very skinny and one fell over. all 3 have first flowers and about 20inches high .

I am growing cherry tomatoes in a grow bag. The top level of leaves have a discolouration in comparison to the leaves on the lower level. Is there something wrong here?

The flowers on the first truss of my tomato plant have begun to brown and wilt. Do I need to hand pollinate? I am growing in a greenhouse and watering pretty much daily.

I bought a plastic hanging basket preplanted with cherry tomatoes. They are just ripening but the plant appears to be dying and half the tomatoes are diseased looking . What is it and what can we do?

I bought chill pepper plants from Mr M. Mary St There are no flowers hence no peppers The plants are about 2 and a half feet high now

I have a problem with my tomatoes, the skin ‘s are splitting, Is there a recommended amount of water per plant or per square yard

As a first time tomato grower, what do I need to do to get best results?

I am growing some tomato plants in a polytunnel (first year) and one of them seems to have developed a problem. The leaves at the top have become rather crispy and shrivelled. The rest of the leaves seem to be fine albeit slightly leathery. None of the other plants have this problem and seem to … read more

Is it ok to use home made seaweed liquid feed on tomatoes?

I have 4 varieties of tomato plants – ‘Golden Sunrise’, ‘Red Cherry’, Gardeners Delight’ and ‘Moneymaker’. Whill any of these grow outside?

I have tomato seedlings that the leaves have started turning a whitish colour, they are also pale green in colour. They are about 3″ to 5″ tall. They are Money Maker, Alicante, Ailsa Craig and tumbling tom. I grew them from packet seed,as I do every year with very good results. There is about 300 … read more

I had always grown Shirley tomatoes very successfully in a tunnel but last year my sister grew Moneymaker tomatoes and they developed a disease whereby shoots became mouldy and died back. This year the shirley tomatoes had it as well and a lot of the shoots died back early. i don’t know what tis disease … read more

My greenhouse plum tomato plants leaves are going black, stretching from the outsides of the leaves into the centre, also they are curling, there are fruit on the plant but they are small yet. am i doing something wrong and when should i expect the fruit to ripen?

I am new to growing i planted tomatoes in plastic greengouse. i have just read that i should have pulled off some new growth is it to late to do so now ?

Just at the point of finishing a greenhouse, recycled products…frames and glass…. but behind schedule for this year… I have tomatoe plants in the sun room in large enough pots…2nd truss just set now.. n feedin 2*times a week… can i transplant them to the green house at this stage ??..Fairly big now..8 plants between … read more

Can you recommend a spray for the leaves, i think it is magnesium deficiency. Also can you recommend a compost or fertilizer to mix in to prevent this problem in future.

I am new to tomato growing and have grown both bush and vine types from seed. All plants are doing well. However I did not note which type was which, is there a way to recognize one from the other now?

why is the last time u should start growing tomato plants i have some that i planted a month ago coming up now from seed tray is it too late to let them grow?

I have 2 growbags in a polytunnel each with 2 tomato plants. The leaves on one of the plants is wilting. If I’m watering incorrectly surely both plants in this bag should be affected ? What am I doing wrong?

The leaves of my tomato plants are beginning to curl up at the edges.This happened the last couple of years but they always recovered fairly well.Is there some deficiency in the soil.I sow the tomato plants in well manured ground(well rotted horse manure) in the polytunnel.

Had tomato seedlings in plastic 3 tier greenhose for few days. Planned to pot on this weekend. Unfortunately i never took the plastic cover off the propagator and today (wednesday) when i checked them they had wilted badly after fine weather. Some actually had cracked stems. Should i start again or could they recover?

I’m planting heirloom tomatoes this year. i have a variety called ‘ Buffalo heart ‘, a beefsteak type. the seeds were a gift from Poland. do I grow them in the usual way? and can they be grown in a greenhouse?

Looking for information on growing tomato plants i.e best time to plant and where.

Just want to know if the tomatoes which are still growing on a plant which I have in a conservatory are ok to use as I had thought it would have died by now. Enter the detail of your question BRIEFLY (in up to 100 words). Please stay with ONE topic per question.

Are tomato plants perenial or annual? I got lots of new plants from those that self seeded but what if I don’t take out this year’s plants? Can they be treated as perenials. They are in a tunnel.

The leaves are truning yellow and falling off my tomato plants. Dont know what I am doing wrong. I am going to put some epsom salts down and water in. Any ideas please.

I bought 2 tomato plants money spinner & ailsa craig, planted outdoors in June in a shelltered sunny spot. Lots of big green fruit on both plants but no sign of them turning red, is it too late now for them to ripen and if so what did I do wrong?

Noticed today that a lot of the tomatoes in my greenhouse are developing clusters of white rings, slightly raised on the skin. They look very similar to pictures of tomatoes with ghost spot. What can I do? Can I prevent it spreading? Are affected tomatoes inedible? Will I be able to grow tomatoes in greenhouse … read more

Tomatoes been eaten and leaves the same

Should I be cutting of all the side leaves, without fruits, on my tomatoes plants, or shold I keep some on? Thanks, Maire

I have a plastic greenhouse and I am growing, aubergine, melon, cucumber, chillies and tomatoes (big boy, moneymaker) I bought some of the tomato plants from a garden centre and others I was given. The leaves on my tomatoes are beginning to go yellow at the ends, this gardaully creeps up the leaves to the … read more

I am growing 24 tomato plants in my tunnel. 7 varieties. Moneymaker, Big Boy, Brandywine, Gardeners delight, Red Cherry, Cristal and Roma VF. All grown from seed. problem with Roma: Pinched out side shoots, same as others, then found all Roma had stopped producing growing points at top. So next time a sideshoot appeared I … read more

Sun Gold tomatoes are supposed to be cherry type but they are growing much larger, bigger now than medium tomatoes. What’s the reason?

Can you tell me why tomato leaves are looking like rolled up cigarettes? Sun Gold variety.

What do you think are the tastiest tomatoes? Ive grown shirley this year and am disappointed with the taste.

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have 3 tomato plants that are growing quite well. I have them in my conservtory but over the last few days the leaves have become really limp and today yellow spots/edges have appeared. I am not sure what the problem is. Think they re dying as … read more

i am growing tomatoes for the first time i have noticed flower bulbs have appeared however the top leaves inc vines have all become tightly twisted downwards.! i have checked for any insects , all the leaves are a healthy green . the plant looks odd as the bottom larger leaves are normal and then … read more

My neighboring allotment has potato blight, I have tomatoes in bags in an open tunnel beside them. Should I spray immediately or wait until there is a warning, when the weather is damp? I keep the foliage as dry as possible but there is some humidity in the tunnel. No sign of blight on the … read more

I installed a greenhouse for the first time this year. I have tomato plants grown from seed and from purchased seedlings and they are all failing: the plants are small and the foliage is speckled and quite yellowed. I have tried feeding them tomato food with no success. I recently put in a cucumber plant … read more

Is it worthwhile cultivating seedlings from old fallen tomatoes. I have a few growing in greenhouse.or should I just grow from new seeds this year?

Last year I had a problem with my tomatos some sort of fungus appeared on the leaves. I brought one of my plants to the local garden centre and they were unsure what the problem was suspecting it was a fungus but not sure. They then gave me a spray for the tomatoes they thought … read more

I have a polytunnel, and have just discovered that my early potatoes look like they have been hit by what looks like blight – there are also some spots on my tomato plants – is this possible in early may – how do i get rid of it – can I plant new tomato plants … read more

I have tomato plants indoors. Im afraid to put them outside yet because of the frosts. But even though i have put them in a bigger pot they are looking a bit stressed. I have fed them tomato feed but the leaves are a little yellow and withered. What should i do? Plant them out … read more

I have sown tomato seeds twice (Thompsons Alicante) and they dont appear even after 3 or 4 weeks! My friend sowed the same seeds and he has the same problem. I even have put fleece over the trays!

leaves on plants are turning light brown, shrivelling up and crumble in the hand. I’ve planted Shirleys-36 plants-all are affected,they’re in glasshouse where tomatoes have been grown successfully for 30 yrs/never saw this before/no insects on the plants/grown from seed/it started suddenly over-night after germination and while they were under polythene before being planted out … read more

Is it possible to grow tomatoes and peppers without using a greenhouse ?

Do tomatoes like cow dung? I have recently sorted out my greenhouse and I am getting missed answers from people I know about whether or not to put cow dung in the soil before I plant my tomatoes.

My Mam lives in Kinsale where they have a lot of problems with whitefly. Her tomato plants (Moneymaker and Totem F1) were about 10cm high last weekend. Now, three of them have wilted off and the rest have whitefly. She has sprayed them with Bio Sprayday. Are the two problems related? Does the Sprayday go … read more

Im totally new to gardening so will be delighted if you can help. I’ve recently moved into a new house and now have space to grow plantsHow long do I wait to transfer Tomato seeds once they start to grow, from grow bags to plants.

As Girl Guide Leader I want to plant some tomatoes with 20 x 5-7yr olds. We will plant the seeds “tomato gardener’s delight” and then the children have to take them home to care for them. They will bring them back to transplant to pots and then home to grow on. Do you think this … read more

We recently invested in a tunnel. We have been studying lots of gardening books but we are now confused!! But thats easy! would you suggest growing the plants directly into the ground or grow in containers. would I set seeds now or wait until the end of February, I have a propagator.

Im doing agricultural science for the Leaving this year and for my project Im using potasium nitrate as my fertilizer. Im wondering where I can get it pure or almost pure or if there is a brand of it in garden centres.I have a fertilizer of NPK ratio 15-5-30. What percent potasium nitrate would that … read more

Is it correct to remove all leaves on tomato plants. I did this in July. What purpose does all this greenery serve. My tomatoes are all like cherry toms although they should be bigger. I’m just a novice in the greenhouse dept.

I have recently used b&q organic living tomato feed on my tomatoes and also on strawberries. my tomatoes died and Im not sure if its because of the feed as I know it has been withdrawn from the market. Is it safe to eat the strawberries?

I have been growing tomatoes for many years in a greenhouse. In the last few years I am loosing a lot of tomatoes in the early stages as they fall from the plant at the knuckle just before the truss. Not all are lost but certainly the majority fall as if they had been cut … read more

I planted some tomatos recently. Now they have what looks like chillies growing out of them. Any ideas how this would happen? I also have potatos with tomatos growing out of them??

I have plenty of green tomatoes in my green house .How can I ripen them.

I have two bush and five cordon tomatoes.The first time i have been successfull in gettng to the fruit stage. I have had them in and out my polytunnel. For several weeks now i notice some curling of lower leaves and yellowing of the odd leaf with a brown spot, am i going to fail … read more

My tomatoes are starting to ripen, but when you look underneath the tomato, they are starting to go black/grey at the bottom. What can i do to prevent this?

I have a few ‘Gardeners Delight’ tomato plants growing indoors and in garden. Can you advise how many trusses per plant and how to select?

My tomato plants in green house have whitefly. I have been useing Derris dust its not working, fruit has formed.

My dad & I have been growing tomatoes for years but this year, the leaves on some of his otherwise healthy plants have turned a kind of rust colour.Some of the leaves on my plants have turned whitish in the centre of the leave or often the leaf is speckled with this whitish colour. Are … read more

my 4 bush and 1 cordon tomatoes have been outside and done well to flowering stage. this night i have placed same in polytunnel as the rough winds may destroy them. can i bring them out again if the weather improves

My Sweet 100 tomato plants are stunted and the leaves are dying. I have grown them for 10+ years with no problems.See photos. Thanks . I have looked at photos online but can’t decide what is wrong.

I sowed patio-container type tomatoes, think they might be tumbling toms. I have them on my window sill and they are growing strongly. This weekend they have started to develop white spots on some leaves. I want to find out what this is and how to stop it. I haven’t started feeding them yet, will … read more


I would like to grow tomatoes in a polytunnel. What is the proper soil to use for this.?

My tomatoe plants grew all right, but didn’t produce any fruit. I think I confused trusses with leaves and cut off the wrong thing?