Do you know the name of the attached plant I purchased without card?

Could you please tell me the name of this plant. Are they outdoor or should they be treated as houseplants? There is another one with lavender floor flowers.I’ve had them out during the summer and they were very happy and flowered heavily. I’ve now taken them indoors and wonder will they last the winter. They … read more

I recently moved to a new house and found some of these plants in a shed, all dried out but flowering. The flowers look like yellow pins in a pin cushion. Could you tell me what they are please?

A tall Busy Lizzie with pale watery stems, can you give me a name for this plant please?

I have a 20 year old umbrella plant that has taken over an entire side of a bedroom! The top has now hit ceiling and bent over by about three feet. It has seven branches already coming out from the base. The main stem looks like the bark of a tree as it has turned … read more

I bought several cigar shaped 7 cm tubers at Bloom this year. They have produced great lush foliage but no flowers yet. Can you identify them for me please? Regards Michele

I have a lovely angel wings plant which is green and turns red as it get a lot of sun. it also has small pinks flowers. It is growing great but I think there are too many big leaves on it. Can I remove the bigger leaves so that small leaves can have room to … read more

The name of house plant which looks very like a primula or a geranium, please and thanks

I live in a small flat and would like to know where I can get effective and attractive air cleansing plants.

I’m trying to source the double flowered “apple-blossom” variety of pelargonium. They’re available as plugs or plants from Thompson & Morgan ( )but they don’t deliver to Irealnd. I can’t find seeds listed in any of the online catalogies. Are they available in Ireland?

I have a phalaeonopsis in a southern exposure window for about 8 months now that has done very well. After the first flowers wilted, I pruned the spike down and got two new offshoots from the spike, each of which carried a full load of blooms for several months. Throughout all this, the plant has … read more

My mother was given a slip of this plant and it has gown very well. Unfortunately we don’t know what it is. Can you help please?

I got present of cockatoo plant is it a house plant and what type of soil do i need for it can i use multip soil??

Cheese plant very large and beautiful, i moved this to my bedroom due to lack of space, but it appears to be giving off a musty/bad odour. i completely changed the soil/compost and also the planter, wiped the leaves and stems from base to tip but still the musty smell pervades, it is upsetting me … read more

With great interest I read Rachel Darlingtons article on Orchid Rescue but she didn’t tell me what to do with the plant when it has finished flowering. Please let me know do you re-pot? water? feed? . What temperature it needs etc.

I have a hosta growing in my garden which gets eaten by slugs every year before it gets a chance to grow. Could I expect it to do well indoors if I were to dig it up and pot it?

I have a 10ltr carboy (glass jar) that i want to make into a terrarium for the sun room, what plants would you reccomend?

what kind of plants can grow well with pathos plants in a terrarium

I have an indoor dwarf orange tree; recently a shoot has grown from it which is not normal compared with the others, its leaves are much larger and it has long thin thorns. The leaves also have winged petioles like a grapefruit. What is the cause of this unusual growth and should it be removed?