I purchased a mixture of roses, some climbers, eg. ARTHUR BELL and other non-climbing varieties. I aim to start a nice rose garden but am not sure if the climbing varieties can be planted alongside the other roses or do they need to be kept a certain distance apart?

I have a small sunny front dublin city garden and I want to plant trumpeter roses . I want to add in another colour probably white or yellow. What rose would be good in terms of height and flowering to complement trumpeter. Also where do you recommend to buy the roses. Many thanks Mary gallagher

can i move a florabunda rose to the front of a border to plant taller plants at the back

I have a climbing rose in a large pot under a roofed decking area. It is just flowering but I have noticed that some of the leaves have curled up and completely dried out. Is this a natural phenomenon or is there a problem with the plant? I water the pot regularly but the leaves … read more

I have a border with 3 rose bushes along it. james galway, constance spry and another white rose. Regards ,What would you suggest i plant alongside these roses ? or would you keep the border all roses and just add more of the same variety roses that is already there.

I am thinking about planting a bed of roses but am not sure which type to use. I want to plant red and yellow roses. Can you advise if it is better to plant florabunda or hybrid tea roses. Which of these would give better effect. What type of rose would you recommend as there … read more

I want to plant rose hedging around my garden which is fenced with ranch rail fencing. We have maple trees planted which are doing as well as we would like. I have two very large red rose beds and would love to plant rose hedging can you tell me the best to go for I … read more

My father has built a pergola of the following approx. dimensions:22m long, 1.5 m wide, 2.5 m high. The spine of the pergola faces an East – West direction, so that one side of the pergola is facing north and the other south.I’m searching for a repeat flowering, fragrant rose of a pale or pink … read more

In your opinion what is the best red rose for a border.I need to plant 15

I have a wooden arbor( 8ft (H) 5ft (W) 3 ft (L)) Could you suggest some Rose names to cover both the Top and Sides , that is heavily scented, and gets full repeating summer blooms.

I have an existing hedgerow a 100metres long comprising of beech, haw thorn, holly and a couple of copper beeches. There is also some kind of wild rose in it already that we just got cuttings put them in and hoped for the best.I was hoping to add some colour by adding a climbing rose … read more

Can you suggest climbing roses suitable for light shade?

I want to plant a new hedge. Would Rosa Ragusa grow on an exposed site on the NW coast. How high will it get eventually. Do I have any other flowering hedge options. I want it to be native, and beautiful and preferably evergreen and about 4 foot high. It is to be at the … read more