I have peace Lily for 25 years its leaves have started to turn yellow and die.

I got a present of an Orchid today. I don’t know its name. It is in a plastic container and it looks to be set in bark. There seems to be about 3 rings of root at the bottom. Since its bark, the water will just run through. How do I know when and how … read more

I potted up some houseplants in peat free compost last year. Now I can see tiny worms round the base of the pots, obviously coming out of the compost. Is there a way to get rid of them? I really don’t like having worms crawling around the floor!

I have a beautiful Cheese plant approx 4ft high and for the past few years grew leaves every day – it was so healthy. It is in a bright room, no direct sun but nicely warm and this week it has lost approx 4 leaves each day. Should I withhold water (its quite dry). Also … read more

I have a healthy Swiss cheese plant, but the leaves have started weeping. Looks like little drops of water, but when it falls on my wooden floor it leaves a permanent stain. I know the leaves are poisonous and I have a cat. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

I have a house plant and I slowly seem to be killing it but I cannot research how to feed it as I do not lknow its name (it was a present). I hope my description will help you figure out what it is.Plant is 1 foot tall with red/maroon leaves that rise upwards and … read more

I bought a Licuala palm at Bloom 2009. In the last couple of weeks, the leaves started turning brown and I’m afraid it will die. Can you help please? Thanks

I have just bought an Anigozanthus elegans (Kangaroo Paw) and I am curious as to how to look after it. Is it hardy in Ireland or should I leave it in a pot and take it in during the winter? Any relevant information on its care would be most welcome.

I have a Yucca tree 2yrs now, and its leaves are dead and looks scorched although i kept it indoors & watered when necessary. Is there any way i could bring it back to life again?

this phalaenopsis has had this unusual growth for the past two years. Instead of the usual arching stems the flowers (56 of them) seem bunched up. The plant is quite healthy otherwise and was not like this when bought several years ago.

Do I water the coconut part thats in the pot or leave it dry? Should it be covered up with peat?

i have 2 large house plants the ends of the leaves are gone brown i was told to water them once everyweek should i water them sooner and can i clip off the ends of the leaves that are gone brown