After 35 years gardening I’m planning to make my first rose garden. I’m thinking of having a row of standards down the centre of a narrowing bed (1m wide by 10m), under- planted with other varities. Any suggestions on what to buy. I’m a complete rose novice!

I have 2 roses in a half barrel facing south. One is Dorothy Perkins and covered in mildew. It is growing slowly I have sprayed with Rose clear but no good?

Do any readers know of a home cure or preventative for blackspot on roses. I have been using a proprietary brand but this year the blackspot has been very bad. My New Dawn has now lost all its leaves. Many of the hybrid tea roses look pretty sparse and even roses which have never had … read more

My rose bush’s new leaves have what looks like a white powder on them. See attached picture. Can you please advise what this is and how I might correct it?

I have a yellow rose for about 25 to 30years which has produced lots of beautiful scented flowers every year. This year it did flower but not quite as much but now one large branch with leaves have turned a copper colour very quickly and the rest of it seems to be starting to go … read more

Please help. I have roses in containers in a tunnel an there is something eating the leaves it like you would take a snap out of an apple! What could it be? I know its not a snail!

I have mildew on most of my roses some gardeners say not enough water others say too much water can you tell me the cause?

Some of my tea roses seem to have been eaten or sawn across the leaves and stems and the stems have dropped off. It looks like the cut one would make with a scissors.I Live in a rural , wooded area. Can’t see any bugs etc around the plants.Can hares/rabbits do this?

why are some of my roses not thriving.. the leaves are small and disfigured and yellow. some time ago i did find loads of greenfly on the roses as they were coming into leaf and sprayed accordingly.

I bought four minatuare standard roses in octoberthe bad weather arrived i wrapped them in bubbleplastic and put them in shed they have gone limpleaves have become very soft to me their dyingi need your help one more thing iwatered them in early december they are still as wet as when i watered them i … read more

I noticed something is eating my roses and also i have escollonia goldbrian that it eating also it takes bites out of leaves like a half moon a complete bite i have tried spray for blackspot etc and slug pellets it dont seem to work help?

About two months ago the leaves on my roses turned pink. “Rememberence”was hit worst. They have recovered but still looking a bit miserable. I planted some new roses “Trumpeter” 2months ago and now I see the edge of a few of the leaves turning pink. They have been sprayed reg with rose clear and last … read more

My sister lives near me and showed me her rose bushes today – they are all very weak ie leaves pale and some not opening. There are about 20 like this. It is not black spot or rust. Any ideas? I seem to have read recently about a new virus. Is there one?

I live in the country. A deer appeared in our garden and ate all of the leaves off of 3 rose bushes and an arbutus plant. Apart from the obvious damage of all of the leaves being gone, Will these bushes recover? Do I need to prune or treat them? someone told me that the … read more

I have Rosa Albertine (15 yrs old) growing on a metal fence for last 2 yrs and it is not thriving. It was previously on a wooden fence which had to be replaced. The rose was not moved and is fed and given a good mulch of well rotted manure every year. Does it dislike … read more

My roses are prone to blackspot. I have heard that spraying Jeyes Fluid into the soil helps to prevent this problem. Is this true and, if so, when would be the best time and method of doing this?

I have nearly a dozen different rose bushes in my back garden this year i noticed a green caterpillar on the leaves. They have totally destroyed the foliage which turned yellow in places and died also they have eaten a lot of leaves was i right to prune down and remove all the diseased folliage … read more

I planted patio roses in my garden last year. There are lots of rose-buds on the top ready to open now. However the bottom branches are discoloured and not looking too healthy. I water regularly. Can you over-water, by chance?Is it possible that these small patio roses don’t do too well when planted in the … read more

While spraying off a large area to prepare for new garden I came across this wild rose with furry balls growing directly from the leaves and stem sides. Attached is photo. I sprayed this area over a year ago with Roundup but didn’t get back till now. The plant may have survived this spraying as … read more

Hi GerryI have a climbing rose (Golden showers) that has rust. Is there any thing that I can do? or is the variety prone to rust

Hi I recently purchased a standard rose (1 mth) which the garden centre assured me could remain in the pot for at least the summer, before either repotting or planting. While the buds are flourishing, the lower leaves are all exhibiting a problem – there are a lot of small holes developing on them. I … read more

Is there anything I can use to kill greenfly/whitefly on my roses other than Rose Clear? I have a lot of bees, butterflies and have just adopted 5 baby bunnies (increasing every few days!) and the mother and father and I am afraid that the Rose Clear will poison them all! Any help would be … read more

For a number of years, I have had a lot of trouble with blackspot on roses. I found the sprays did not work very well. Any solutions?