If I re plant the swede thinnings will they mature and produce a normal vegetable ?

My turnips are brown in centre look perfect on outside .what causes this and how can I treat for next year .This is second year it has happened all other root veg perfect.

I seem to have a problem with getting my swedes to swell to any reasonable size, they have plenty water and rich soil.

we have planted swede in June. we checked one of the plants ,there does not seem any thing growing under the soil there is leaves on all the plants could the amount of rain be effecting the growth of them or is it to early for them to form.

My turnips are ready for harvest and rotten in the middle. The outside is perfect and no evidence of pest infestation. My soil could be on the dry side

how do i know when swede plants are ready to be harvested.

I planted swede turnips in April and some of them are growing a large stem with a yellow flower. Is this normal.also the turnips seem to be flat underneath unlike other types?

i have swede sown i need to thin them out can i replant the young plants i take out, will they grow as normal i did replant some last year but they just went to seed and i got no veg from them Thanking you for all your help

My Turnips for last two years have been hollow in center .look perfect untill you cut. I have been told to use boron on them when young .what is Boron ,Where can it be got and how do you apply it. My other root veg are perfect

I was reading an answer to a question about turnips I also have this problem (Hollow centers & bad centers) have tried different soils to no avail . Can you tell me what type of fertilizer is BORON would it be in 10-10-20?

Attempted to grow Turnips for the first time this year. Harvest two and found when i cut it down the middle there was a hole in the middle. It looked like it never developed. The looked fine from the outside.I did cut a smaller turnip in half and found the middle looked ok.I would have … read more

Are turnips also called swedes..and could you elaborate on the differences. Thanks