April 10, 2020

Mr Middleton Flower Bulb Catalogue

The new Mr Middleton flower bulb catalogue is full of new and exciting bulbs and plants. Among the new additions are Calanthe orchids. These spectacular plants won a gold medal at Bloom 2019. Calanthe are hardy orchids that often boast a clove-like fragrance. Although you may be under the impression that hardy orchids are hard to grow, calanthe are not. Calanthe orchids prefer light shade and will flower best in slightly moist, rich garden soil but they also tolerate very dark dry shade. They are very easy-to-grow shade perennials that multiply into very large clumps clothed in small but plentiful long spikes that carry dozens of flowers in shades of yellow, pink, red and white. Calanthe’s retail for €20 each (Code: 170/SB262).

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