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High walls (1.8m), ground slopes towards house (fall 1 in 50), faces east, overlooked to rear.


Case Study No. 5
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Hard landscaping:


An area of 40 cm square concrete paving slabs, laid diamond pattern, joins the back of the house and is bounded by a low retaining wall (10 cm), the earth from the paved area being banked up. Some pots ‘break up’ the paved area.

A paved path links this area to a second small paved area hidden from view behind a hedge that divides the garden at an angle. One piece of sculpture is placed in the angle of the hedge, a second in the hidden part of the garden. Lamps dramatically light the sculpture at night.




Three trees with clear stems, and the hedge, provide privacy. Borders on either side of the hedge are planted with shrubs, perennial flowers and bulbs for year-round interest. A small lawn is a foil for plants and sculpture. No strong colour is used, and mostly green plants are placed near the sculpture.


Garden style:


A semi-formal style with the paving in diamond pattern and the hedge picking up that line. The hedge (1.5 m) causes enclosure in a small garden, but adds mystery and variety. The pieces of sculpture distract from the feeling of enclosure, adding powerful interest in a small space.


Maintenance and cost:


Moderate maintenance; tiny lawn, weeding, tidying. Expensive; sculpture, paving, lighting. Semi-mature trees might be used for quick effect.